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    Class 4 Rubber Roofing Shingles: Which Option Is Best?

    Class 4 rating-rubber roofing shingles

    The most recent innovative alternative and technology on the roofing sheet is probably the Class 4 rating-rubber roofing shingles. Roofing Insights observes that homeowners, contractors, sales representatives, and manufacturers seem to like rubber roofing shingles more than ceramic tiles, cedar shake, slates, metal shingles, asphalt, or membrane roofing. We pride ourselves on releasing more valuable information than most roofing directories.

    It is an eco-friendly material that has challenged conventional roofing technology with superior performance and durability, and it’s no roofing scam. It features resistance to pests, cracks, breaking, discoloration, moisture, and fire eruption while providing insulation and waterproofing options.

    Perhaps, the greatest benefit of rubber roofing shingles is their capacity to resist impact, fire eruption, and harsh weather such as heat, hail, wind, and snow. Besides, rubber roofing shingles are more affordable than most shingles out there just as the installation is faster and easier which reduces installation cost. Most manufacturers offer up to 50 years of warranty which is nice for DIY roofers. But there is an even better reason to invest in rubber shingles today. Homeowners can choose to repaint the rubber shingle with acrylic paint once every ten years to make it new again. If you aren’t able to purchase these outright, you should look into roof financing options.

    rubber roofing shingles installed on new family home

    The Making of Class 4 Rubber Roofing Shingles

    Rubber roofing shingles are produced from recycled rubber and plastic materials that are flexible, sustainable, and environmentally approved. It is not surprising that they are more energy-efficient than other shingles on the market. It comes in sheets or rolls which make it favorable to installers. Though the manufacturers produce them from used tires and plastics, they design them in a variety of architectural ways to look exactly like slates, cedar shake, tiles, or asphalt shingles. Some companies use up to 75% or 80% of recycled tires and composite of sawdust or other materials to define the architectural look and durability. Manufacturers make them in a variety of thicknesses from 45mm to 90mm. The thickness depends on the size of the building, the pitch of the roofing, and its location.

    A good sales representative should be able to advise what is best for what building and area. Many brand names on the market claim Class 4 rated Rubber Roofing Shingle. Making a choice and identifying which company has a reputation can be confusing and daunting. If you want to retain the warranty and qualify for your insurance discounts, credit, or rebate, Roofing Insights encourages you to check out the approved Class 4 impact resistance rubber shingles that are on the market. In fact, American Family, State Farm, and other insurance companies have an approved list of the eligible name brands that pass through Class 4 in Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 2218 and FM Approvals 4473.

    New roof covered with rubber roofing shingles

    Best Class 4 Impact Resistance Rubber Roofing Shingle Companies

    Atlas Roofing Corporation

    Atlas Roofing Corporation is a famous company specializing in the manufacturing of rubber roofing shingles and other types of shingles. The company started with one facility and has grown to a total of 19 facilities worldwide. It is known for its innovations and new technologies that challenge existing methods and traditional roofing. Roofing Insights picks Atlas as one of the best rubber shingle companies on the market. Atlas also exceeds the laboratory test for impact resistance rubber shingles to become a Class 4 rated company. Insurance companies such as American Family Insurance endorse it for a discount, credit, and warranty claim.

    Malarkey Roofing Products

    Malarkey Roofing focuses on improving quality roofing sheet products for both homeowners and commercial grades. The company stands tall in the competitive market since its arrival in the rubber roofing shingles competitive market. It offers a full line of residential and advanced commercial rubber roofing shingles. Steep slope-roofing technology is the main focus of the company. It designs and redesigns shingles technology to look like traditional roofing such as slate or asphalt roofing. Roofing Insights recognizes Malarkey roofing products as one of the best in the industry. Malarkey Roofing Products excelled through the Underwriters Laboratories and FM approvals for impact-resistant shingles. Looking for the real deal, Malarkey is a name to behold in the rubber shingle market.

    CertainTeed Corporation

    Roofing Insights associates with the success of CertainTeed products on the market. It is an innovative firm focused on sustainable building products and environmentally friendly materials. It is not surprising that it launched rubber roofing shingles in a unique style and qualifies for a Class 4 impact resistance laboratory test. Founded in 1904 and a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, it is a leading brand covering the North American market. CertainTeed passes through the (UL) 2218 and FM Approvals 4473. Insurance companies recommend its rubber roofing shingles products as one of the eligible products that qualify for credits and warranties.

    Enviroshake Inc

    A pilot in the composite roofing market, Enviroshake makes rubber roofing shingles with about 95% recycled materials and yet retains its physical appeal. Most companies do not use up to 95%. The recycled materials include plastics, tires, and cellulosic fiber materials. The company is environmentally friendly, focusing on the property of materials that sustain our environments, such as rubber roofing shingles that have UV protection, pest, mildew, wind, and hail resistance. The company offers 50 years warranty on its rubber shingles and has passed the rigorous (UL) 2218 and FM Approvals 4473. Roofing Insights votes Enviroshake as one of the best rubber shingles on the market.


    Euroshield is another product that qualifies for Class 4 impact resistance requirement rating. A smart choice for the roofing business, Euroshield recently upgraded its warranty for rubber roofing shingles to 100% coverage against up to two inches of hail damage. Roofing Insights sees this as an effective roofing marketing strategy, raising the standard in the industry. If you are searching for reliable rubber shingles for repairs, new building projects, or total replacement of your roof, Euroshield is great a name in the industry. American Family insurance also endorsed it for discounts and credits. When looking to install these shingles, make sure you have the roofing tools to get the job done.

    For more reading, check out our post on roofing certification classes, or how to spot a bad roofing job!

    couple looking at newly installed rubber roofing shingles on home

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are class 4 shingles?

    data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Class 4 shingles are labeled to be impact resistant. It means they passed the industry’s toughest impact tests by showing no evidence of cracking or rupture on the front or back right after impact.

    How Are Rubber Shingles Made?

    Rubber shingles are made of recycled rubber and plastic materials that are flexible, sustainable, and environmentally approved. Nearly 80% of rubber shingles are composed of repurposed material.

    Why are rubber shingles better than other materials like asphalt?

    On top of being impact resistant, rubber shingles tend to be more energy-efficient than other shingle materials. It does boil down to the needs of each homeowner, but rubber shingles are always a great option.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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      • Euroshield Roofing is a shingle made in Calgary from 70% recycled tires. We see that your question is from 3 years ago. At that time it was exclusively installed by one Lower Mainland contractor but is now widely available. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    1. Stuart/ Try the common sense approach. Go to the website of the 5 companies website and look for a tab for installers near you.

    2. As great as all of this information sounds, sometimes class four impact resistant shingles are not the best choice. Why do I say this? Well, the reason for this is since class four shingles are able to withstand a higher-level impact or higher wind speed, the damage is not always considered functional. After a hail storm, you might see granule loss or slight damage across your roof, well insurance adjusters work daily with cosmetic vs functional damage and as you might have read in a previous blog post, damage is only considered functional if it affects the lifespan of the roof itself, or if the damage reduces the water shedding capability to the roof’s eaves. If the damage is not functional, it is merely cosmetic and not likely to be bought by the adjuster or your insurance company. So unfortunately, your roof might look like it’s been through “hail and back,” but it might not be enough to warrant an insurance claim.

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