5 Reasons to Offer Financing for Home Improvements

Minneapolis Winters are never easy. Not on people who live here. Not on cars. And not on houses. The Winter of 2017 was especially brutal in Minnesota. There were long days and nights that many people choose to stay inside as often as possible. But what happens when your roof develops a problem and the cold starts pouring in from the top down? That is what happened to one customer in 2017. When you have a problem like this, there is no amount of patience that will substitute for a fixed roof. After, an ice storm caused a large branch to snap off, it hit a home owner's roof with such force a hole the size of a ping pong table was left. Even though they had insurance, it was going to take a couple of weeks for the money to come in to pay for the roof to get repaired. It is cases like this when a financing service offered by www.gethearth.com can come to the rescue. Instead of waiting for an insurance company check to go through the system, we are able to get almost immediate full financing for a homeowner. If you are a roofing contractor and do not have a...

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