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    The Best Contractor Directories Online Today (Roofers, Home Builders, Remodelers, and Landscapers)

    Finding the perfect contractor on your own is like finding a needle in a haystack. But with the right help, you can quickly narrow your search to only the best, most reliable contractors out there. 

    Enter a new wave of contractor directories. They have already done the heavy lifting for you, ensuring that the contractor you choose is one that will do an excellent job. 

    Whether you need a roofer, home builder, remodeler, or landscaper, check out these directories for some much-needed assistance in your search. 

    For Roofers

    Roofing Insights Directory

    Sure, you might think that choosing our own directory for this list is arrogant, but here’s the thing: we are certain that no other roofing directory out there has the same standards for what it takes to get on our list. We investigate the roofing companies that apply for our directory to ensure that they have good reviews and a great reputation of delivering for their clients.

    Roofers that want to be on the Roofing Insights Directory must also be licensed (because you should never hire an unlicensed roofer). They also must sign a code of ethics to ensure that they do things by the book.

    While our directory is still pretty new, we already have an extensive list of roofers under our name. Check out your state here to see who is the cream of the crop in your neighborhood! And, if you don’t see any roofers in your state yet, make sure to check back often as we’re always adding more names. 

    Oh, and did we mention that we’re so confident in the contractors you’ll find on this list that we back up every project they do with a $20,000 guarantee? We trust them to do the job right, and you should too. 

    For Home Builders and Remodelers

    General Contractors – The Best General Contractors in the United States 

    General Contractors Magazine has some pretty reliable lists of, well, general contractors. This list features 25 of the most reliable general contractors in the business.

    Just like with roofers, there are a lot of general contractors (home builders, remodelers, etc.) out there. So, how do you separate the pretenders from the contenders? To trim the list down to 25, General Contractors Mag selected and ranked industry leaders from all over the country, then they ranked them based on awards, press, and, of course, reviews. After all, you can have all the awards you want, but if the homeowner isn’t satisfied at the end of the day, then your business is failing.  

    Building Homes and Living

    Unfortunately, Building Homes and Living doesn’t seem to explain where they got the contractors for their list. That’s a shame because it would be nice to have some transparency when it comes to learning where their contractors came from.  

    However, their contractors are included in this list because they did break down their directory by the following categories: 

    • Prefab and Modular Homes
    • Shipping Container Buildings 
    • Tiny Homes and Cabins
    • Log Homes
    • Houseboats
    • Sheds and Barns
    • Metal Buildings
    • Plans Only

    For Landscapers

    General Contractors – The Best Landscape Contractors in the US 

    Landscaping is just as important as the rest of your home. A great home can be ruined by a shoddy lawn. A beautiful landscaping job can create a beautiful, rich environment in which to grow a family and to get outside and enjoy the weather. 

    General Contractors once again did some of the dirty work for you, although instead of picking 25 of the best contractors throughout the country, this time they picked the best from each state.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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