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    Pabco® Premier vs. Prestige: Which Is Best For Your Roof (Pros & Cons)

    Comparing shingles can sometimes be like comparing apples to oranges. But some people will always prefer apples, and others will always prefer oranges. Today we’re taking a closer look at the pros and cons of two premium shingle options from Pabco®: Premier vs Prestige.

    Which shingle line offers better protection for the price? And ultimately, which choice is best for your home?

    pabco premier vs prestige woman comparing two shingle styles in front of home

    Pabco Premier vs Prestige Similarities

    As you’ll discover throughout this article, Pabco Premier and Prestige shingles are more similar than they are different. Coming from the same luxury line at the same brand, these shingle options both meet the standard that Pabco sets.

    To start, Pabco Prestige and Premier shingles are both architectural shingles, also referred to as laminated or dimensional shingles. Laminated architectural shingles are a step above standard 3-tab asphalt shingles because they’re made from a more refined asphalt, have multiple material layers, and have more dimensional color options.

    Architectural shingles are a luxury or premium roof material option. The color designs replicate more expensive materials like cedar shakes or slate, at a more affordable price point for most homeowners.

    Typically, you can expect a good 30 years out of architectural shingles like the Pabco Premier and Prestige options, with proper maintenance.

    Overall, the similarities between the Premier and Prestige lines are:

    • Laminated fiberglass architectural shingles
    • Multi-dimensional color options
    • Impressive protective features

    Premier vs. Prestige: How They Compare

    Even though the Premier and Prestige lines are very similar, these roofing products do have some differences. Think of the Premier line as Pabco’s first luxury laminated shingle and Prestige as an upgraded traditional laminated shingle.

    Pabco Premier is the original architectural shingle offered by Pabco, and it’s also the most popular asphalt shingle from this brand. Pabco Prestige, on the other hand, is an even newer, heavyweight architectural shingle that fits into a higher-end category.

    Let’s explore how the two lines compare in the following categories:

    Color Options

    pabco premier vs prestige comparison of four shingle color options - blue, brown, black, and green.

    Color options are one of the biggest defining characteristics between the two shingle lines. While both lines offer multiple stunning, dimensional colors, the Prestige line offers the most.

    Pabco Prestige comes in 16 beautiful colors, while Pabco Premier comes in 12.

    The colors of architectural shingles are made to replicate natural wood or stone patterns. That’s why you’ll find most color options to be earth-toned with some blue and gray options to mimic natural appearances.

    Some of the most popular color options from Pabco Premier and Prestige are:

    • Weathered Wood
    • Pewter Gray
    • Antique Black
    • Oakwood
    • Harvest Brown

    Winner: Prestige

    Manufacturers’ Warranty

    Manufacturers’ warranties are incredibly important when you get a new roof. You need to feel confident that your money is protected in case the product fails for a reason that’s not your fault.

    Manufacturers’ warranties cover defective materials, but not labor. Individual roofing companies may offer separate workmanship (labor) warranties in addition to the manufacturers’ warranty that comes included with the shingles.

    Pabco Premier and Prestige shingles both come with manufacturers’ warranties. The Premier line comes with a 30-year fully-transferable warranty, while the Prestige line comes with a 50-year fully-transferable warranty (on single-family homes).

    That added peace of mind and resale value is enough for some homeowners. But if you don’t plan to be in your home for more than 30 years, the Premier line may suit you just fine.

    Winner: Prestige

    Fire Resistance

    One great perk of architectural shingles is that they mimic the desired aesthetics of wood shingles (cedar shakes) without the fire hazard. If you live in a wildfire-prone region, or simply don’t want to deal with the hazard of wood shingles no matter the area, architectural shingles are a great option.

    Both Prestige and Premier shingles have a UL 790 Class A Fire Resistance Standard. There are four roof fire ratings, and class A is the best possible rating. A class A fire rating proves that the materials can:

    • Experience a maximum flame spread of 6 feet
    • Last 2-4 hours before ignition
    • Resis 15 cycles of a glass flame turned on and off
    • Withstand a burning brand at 12’x12′, weighing 2,000 grams

    Class A shingles are preferred for any home, but especially for structures in wildfire-prone regions. You can feel confident that both Prestige and Premier shingles stand up to fire threats.

    Winner: Tie


    At Roofing Insights, shingle weight is one of the most important quality classifications for shingle brands. We found in a detailed review of Pabco Premier shingles that their weight was 5/5 stars.

    Even though the Premier line offers a fantastic baseline of weight, the Prestige line is a heavyweight architectural shingle. Offering even more durability than the Premier line, the Prestige shingles set the standard and are considered a high-end shingle choice.

    Winner: Prestige

    Algae Defender

    Unfortunately, algae and mold growth can threaten residential shingle roofs, especially in wet, humid climates. The excess moisture can cause algae to grow, particularly if proper maintenance is avoided.

    Algae and mold growth on roofs can cause wood rot and threaten the health of your family if it infiltrates the air quality. Most commonly, algae growth greatly negatively affects the appearance of a roof. It causes unsightly black streaks, green mossy fuzz, and dark spots. These aesthetic defects can significantly decrease curb appeal and home value.

    Thankfully, both Prestige and Premier shingles come with Algae Defender® which protects your shingles from algae growth and black streaks. It can also help lessen moss and lichen growth. This feature is attractive for homeowners in all regions, but especially for those in humid, coastal areas.

    Winner: Tie


    The price point is what a lot of homeowners care deeply about when choosing a roofing material. Getting a new roof is a hefty investment in and of itself, so you want to make sure you get a high-quality product at a price you can afford.

    There’s no doubt that Pabco Premier and Prestige shingles both offer great quality as laminated architectural shingles. But which one is cheaper?

    According to the Pabco shingle comparison chart, the Premier line is very affordable with Prestige shingles coming in at a slightly higher price point. Ultimately, the price difference isn’t terribly dramatic. You can expect Pabco Premier shingles to cost around $79.09 per square. (1 roofing square is 100 square feet.) This is a great price point for luxury laminated shingles.

    Winner: Premier

    Pros & Cons of Both

    For a clear visual of how each shingle option performs in different categories, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of Pabco Prestige and Premier shingles.

    ✅ Pabco Prestige Pros

    • 50-year fully-transferable warranty + limited lifetime warranty for original homeowners
    • 16 fantastic colors
    • Heavyweight architectural shingle
    • Great for custom homes, demanding environments, and steep slope installations
    • Class A fire rating
    • Algae Defender®

    ❌ Pabco Prestige Cons

    • More expensive than Premier shingles
    • Even as a higher-end shingle, doesn’t last as long as some other roofing materials

    ✅ Pabco Premier Pros

    • Most popular Pabco asphalt shingle
    • 12 beautiful colors
    • Class A fire rating
    • Algae Defender®
    • 30-year fully-transferable warranty + limited lifetime warranty for original homeowners
    • Affordable price point

    ❌ Pabco Premier Cons

    • Not as many color options as Prestige
    • Not as long of a transferable warranty as Prestige
    • Not as heavy as Prestige

    Which Is Best for Your Roof?

    pabco premier vs prestige finished new roof installation close up view of roof corner

    Overall, you really can’t go wrong with either the Pabco Premier or Prestige shingle line if you’re looking for a reliable laminated architectural shingle roof. However, if cost is your biggest concern, you’ll get good value for the price if you go with the Premier line.

    If durability, color options, and an even longer transferable warranty are more important to you, then the Prestige line definitely takes the cake in those categories and is our winner overall.

    Find the Best Roofing Team to Help

    In the end, the best shingles in the world mean nothing if they aren’t installed properly. Too often, homeowners deal with unreliable roofing contractors who never answer their calls, charge more than their workmanship is worth, or show up late (or not at all) to their scheduled service date. When trusting someone with your home, you need to feel confident in the quality of work being performed and the customer service you’ll receive.

    That’s why Roofing Insights created Directorii— a service that connects homeowners with certified, high-quality roofing contractors. Each contractor in Directorii goes through an extensive evaluation and background check. We’re so confident in these contractors that we back up each one with a $20,000 guarantee. Use Directorii today to find a local roofing company that will install fabulous Pabco Premier or Prestige shingles on your home.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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