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    12 Promises from Roofing Insights Business School

    Leading Roofing Expert Launches Online Educational Program

    Entrepreneur and Popular YouTube Content Creator Fulfils Dream of Teaching, Revolutionizes Online Business Instruction

    MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. — It was not always Dmitry Lipinskiy’s intention to own a roofing company. At the age of 13 the future entrepreneur wished to become a teacher, so he went on to study history at university with the goal of one day teaching his favorite subject. After further earning his educator’s credentials, Lipinskiy immigrated from Russia to America with the dream of teaching here.

    But in addition to his dream, Lipinskiy had only $220 to his name when he moved. He began working as a contractor shortly after his arrival, and ultimately founded several construction businesses including Storm Group Roofing in Orlando and the Twin Cities.

    Lipinskiy’s passion for teaching never faded, although over the course of a decade he had gained more knowledge on the roofing business than he ever had on history. Lipinskiy finally determined to become the teacher he had always meant to, and started the Roofing Insights channel on YouTube in 2017. It has gained more than 23 thousand subscribers as of 2020, with 25 more subscribing daily.

    “There is an old joke in the roofing business,” said Lipinskiy. “When someone does something wrong, you ask them ‘Where did you learn that? Roofing school?’ The joke being that there is no school where you go to learn roofing. But this joke got me thinking — why isn’t there one?”

    In his ongoing series of candid videos, Lipinskiy delves into virtually any subject an aspiring roofer could hope to learn about. A topic so seemingly simple as gutter guards has earned more than 300 thousand views; the top reviewed ladder on Amazon, 225 thousand.

    Encouraged by his newfound audience and social media presence, Lipinskiy launched Roofing Insights’ online school on December 15th, 2019. The educational program teaches novice professional roofers everything there is to know about administration, accounting, marketing, production, sales, and more. Students receive access to far more than a series of videos, however, as Lipinskiy’s program may further include weekly phone calls, hands-on budget management, financial assistance with attorney’s fees, and even his own sensitive proprietary secrets.

    “Roofing Insights’ online school is a revolutionary program,” said Lipinskiy. “Educators are not too uncommon, but an actual ally in business can save a roofer who is just starting out with big goals but little experience.”

    “I believe I’m doing more than offering roofers a plan to succeed. I’m also reinventing the way that people start businesses as a whole. In the future, new entrepreneurs won’t have to do guesswork or learn from their mistakes on their paths to success. They will seek out a program modeled after Roofing Insights’, where everything they could need right down to their website design is provided by an industry leader. It will prove too great a competitive advantage to do without.”

    Will Roofing Insights revolutionize the business education industry? Time will tell, but it’s well on its way. With many students already enrolled countrywide and an ever growing online presence, Lipinskiy’s dream of teaching is fast coming to fruition.

    Roofing Insights is a locally owned and operated roofing business educational platform founded by Dmitry Lipinskiy. Headquartered in Brooklyn Park, Roofing Insights is comprised of a full-time staff devoted to supporting students for all of their educational and operational needs. You can learn more about Roofing Insights on YouTube or their official website, as well as the online school’s official website.

    If you would like more information about this topic, please call Amber Honeycutt at (612) 558-4881, or email at amber@roofinginsights.com.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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