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    Finding The Best Telescopic Ladder: Who Makes It, Why is It The Best?

    Never Compromise Safety With Your Gear

    Safety is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing which telescopic ladder is the best. A telescopic ladder is one of the most important roofing tools. Roofing Insights strongly advises never to compromise safety. Research shows that over 164,000 emergency cases and about 300 deaths occur due to a fall from a weak ladder, even with professional workers doing insurance work. Telescopic ladder accidents do happen and unsafe telescopic ladders are often recalled. Recently, Dmitry, Founder of Roofing Insights tested popular construction ladders in the market to help shed light on which ones can be considered the best quality telescopic ladders. No roofing marketing should qualify a ladder that is unsafe, and you won’t be reading about these on other roofing directories.

    Dmitry weighs about 200Ib, so he added another 100Ib to climb the ladders. “I was looking at how they would hold up at the sixth step on the ladder” he said. Most of them break up or bend even before the sixth step. Based on the results, Dmitry makes the following picks.

    Best Telescopic Ladder Reviews:

    1. The Xtend & Climb 758P Professional Series:

    The first pick after the extreme exposure to 300Ib is the Telescopic ladder, Xtend & Climb the 785P ladder. It is a professional series of 15.5 feet tall with a maximum weight of 250Ib. It cost $223.77 with free shipping on Amazon. During the Test Season, the 785P Xtend & Climb professional series stood out. At the sixth step, it remained steady and strong while others were breaking at the sixth step. The Xtend & Climb professional series has red and green color indicator to know when it is in lock position or not. The lock indicator tab is strictly for safety reasons even as it doubles as beautiful design. Interestingly, 785P Xtend & climb series are built with aerospace engineered alloy, very reliable and sturdy yet light to carry. Although it is 15.5 feet high, it folds back down in seconds to make it compact. Roofing Insights recommends the Xtend & Climb 758P professional series to contractors for everyday use. It is a pride to own one, but you won’t be able to include it in your roof financing.

    2. The 2.6m Portable Telescopic Ladder:

    The second pick is the 2.6m Portable Telescopic ladder made of aluminum alloy. Though 8.5ft high, it has a strong bearing capacity. It is ultra-lightweight, easy to fold and easy to carry around. Unlike most other ones, the portable Telescopic Ladder (SKU 86023686) stands strong in extreme use. It comes in two common colors, black and gray and weighs 15.65Ibs. The cost is not an issue for users; it is only $49.99. This portable option is great for DIY Roofers.

    3. Telesteps 1800EP Ladder:

    The third pick is the Telesteps 1800EP ladder. It weighs 30.5 Ib with 20 x 4 x36 inches step dimension. The dimension offers stability and comfort for users. It is made of a high-quality aluminum material and usually comes in aluminum color. Though it is only 14.5 feet tall, it retracts to just about 33 inches by one touch release mechanism. The 1800EP Telesteps ladder is OSHA certified and trusted by the US Military. It is one of the best and reliable ladders Dmitry tested with a 300Ibs weight. Price will not be an issue here considering the safety measures and reliability. The current market price is $427.59 on Amazon. From a Type A contractor perspective, Roofing Insights recommends it to get your roofing job done right.

    4. The Ohuhu Telescopic Ladder:

    Ohuhu Y17-80100-02 Telescopic ladder is another high pick. It is an aluminum alloy of 16.15Ibs, a step dimension of 34.5 x 19.25 x 3.15 inches and offers 330Ibs. An interesting feature about Ohuhu telescopic extension ladder is the rubber stopper fitting on each rung of the step. The feature helps to reduce the risk of trapping your fingers during collapsing process. If for any reason the steps could not slip down, Ohuhu builds a release button as a safety measure to avoid accidental collapse. Besides, the ladder has non-slip end cap and anti-pinch design on the steps. Ohuhu extension ladder passed the extreme test. Roofing Insights recommends it to everyone who wants an 8.5ft tall ladder, whether for professional use or not. The price, $64.99 compensates for the height, and you get free shipping on Amazon.

    5. The OxGord 12.5ft Heavy Duty Expandable Ladder:

    Amongst ladders in the same category of 12.5ft tall and 330Ibs capacity, OxGord ladder LDL-TS02-12 stands tall in competition. It is a multi-purpose ladder that falls within any budget. The price, $84.95 is affordable with free shipping on Amazon. The ladder has two steel pins that lock automatically on every step for added safety measures. Interestingly, OxGord ladder offers a 75-degree angle position, a feature any user can use for difficult spots. It is a lightweight of 24.2Ibs and a balance dimension of 41x20x4 inches. Contractors and regular users looking for 12.5ft tall ladder will find it user-friendly and reliable.

    For more reading check out our post on roofing certification classes, or roofing scams.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a telescopic ladder?

    data-preserver-spaces=”true”>A telescopic or telescoping ladder can extend or compress to make transportation easier. They are popular among roofing contractors for their ease of transportation.

    Are telescopic ladders easily portable?

    The purpose of telescopic ladders is to make transportation significantly easier. Some brands compress better than others, but yes in general telescopic ladders are more portable than an ordinary ladder.

    How should you choose a telescopic ladder?

    Choosing a telescopic ladder comes down to your personal needs. What is your budget? How tall of a ladder do you need? How small do you need it to compress? And most importantly, is it safe and backed up by reviews?

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel CEO of Storm Group Roofing Founder of Roofing Business School

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    Roofing Online Business School
    Our school will teach you everything you need
    to know about the roofing business
    Roofing Process Conference
    December 9th - 10th, 2021
    Rosen Centre
    9840 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

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