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    Zack of All Trades is a hack

    There is no denying this fact:

    Zack of All Trades is a hack.

    The channel’s author, an Indianapolis-based roofer, has seen his YouTube channel soar over the last year as he documents shoddy roofing techniques that have appealed to new contractors looking for a quick way to make money.

    Not only is Zack causing damage to the entire roofing industry by proudly showcasing his unproven and unlicensed exploits for everyone to see, he’s also begun taking aim at Dmitry and Roofing Insights over our perceived lack of experience.

    “He needs to shut his f****** mouth,”

    Zack says of Dmitry in one video, adding disgrace to his already reprehensible behavior that included spitting on an image of Dmitry, as well as driving staples into a photo of Dmitry’s head.

    Zack’s words and deplorable behavior are another reminder that consumers have to be careful who they hire. Not every contractor in the roofing industry is an honest person who exemplifies good ethics.

    In a recent video on Zack’s YouTube channel, he chronicles a $1,000 job he was doing for a woman, the whole time exhibiting horrible workmanship and potentially fatal safety procedures that surely will draw a substantial fine from OSHA if they ever are made aware of his missteps.

    Zack’s hack job begins at 2:53 of Roofing Insights’ video up above, as Zack tells viewers of his intention to secure GAF sponsorship, a laughable statement considering GAF would never sponsor someone like him, who later in the video can be seen improperly opening a bundle of shingles. Zack then begins to add different brands of shingles to the roof, even going as far as to reuse old shingles from the previous roof.

    “How good is technology if you don’t apply it?”

    a narrating Dmitry rhetorically asks as Zack executes another inexcusable blunder.

    Later in the video, Zack instructs his viewers to avoid using too many nails on a starter shingle, which completely goes against GAF’s instructions that are listed right there on the bundle of shingles, and is also supplemented by an instructional video on the GAF website.

    Then, once the roof is finished, Zack has the audacity to leave the roof looking like a game of Tetris, different parts of the roof shaded in different colors.

    “The perfect match won’t always match perfectly,”

    Zack tells viewers, his words as cringe-worthy as his craftsmanship.

    Zack later goes on to reveal that he doesn’t know which brand of shingles are on the roof, a laughable admission because any contractor with basic training can tell you the brand of shingles they are using on a roof.

    To counter Zack’s ineptitude, Roofing Insights is currently seeking to contact the recipient of this dreadful roof.

    “On my own dollar, I will replace the entire roof for free,”

    Dmitry calls out to the unfortunate owner of Zack’s eyesore.

    Zack’s customer shouldn’t have to live under something this subpar, nor should anyone else.

    “A roof is the biggest asset you have, the biggest purchase. Make it right,”

    Dmitry advises.

    Do you think Zack of All Trades is a quality contractor? Should homeowners be willing to accept this level of workmanship?

    Comment below with your thoughts and opinions, and don’t forget to follow and subscribe to all of Roofing Insights’ social media platforms.

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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