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    Roof Shingles Weight Analysis: Who Makes The Best Shingles By Weight?

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    Dmitry’s Take On Roof Shingles Weight

    Dmitry Lipinskiy, Founder, and CEO of Roofing Insights continue to review shingle manufacturers, refuting bogus claims, and bringing sanity to the roofing industry. In this edition, Dmitry examines the weight of shingles against the manufacturers’ claims. Most stakeholders and industry watchers do not think that roof shingles weight is a major issue when deciding what shingle is best for roofing. Maybe, they look at the overage fees of the disposal and recycling over the need for weight. But Dmitry looked beyond disposal cost to provide integrity of the manufacturers associated with the weight claims and the actual weight. For those looking to DIY their roof, shingle weight is not the only factor to consider.

    Analyzing The Weight Of 7 Popular Shingle Brands

    Among seven shingles, CertainTeed’s Landmark, Owens Corning’s Duration, Tamko’s Heritage, Cambridge True, Atlas’ Pinnacle Pristine, Malarkey’s Vista, and Pabco Premier on the market, the manufacturers have weight claims that vary with the actual weight per square.

    • Owens Corning’s Duration claimed 260Ibs  while the actual weight is 188.4Ibs (62.8 per bundle x 3).
    • Tamko’s Heritage claimed 260Ibs but weighs 220.5Ibs (73.5 x 3).
    • Malarkey’ Vista claimed 245Ibs while the actual weight is 224Ibs (56 x 4).
    • Cambridge True estimated 230Ibs, and the actual weight is 228.6, which comes very close to the claim.
    • CertainTeed’s Landmark gave a smart range from 229Ibs to 240Ibs, and the actual weight is 233.1 lower than the claim. In business, it is a thing of integrity when you promise less and do more. CertainTeed made a great impression, showing they control the process and what goes into it as well as the weight.
    • Atlas Pinnacle Pristine claimed 225Ibs, but it is a little more, 239.1Ibs. Besides, the Pinnacle Pristine is brighter and sturdier.
    • Pabco Premier claimed  290Ibs, but actually weighs 244.4Ibs. However, the heaviest does not mean it performs the best. The essence of the evaluation surrounds the integrity of the manufacturers.

    man checking roof shingles weight during installation

    Other Factors to Look at When Choosing Shingles

    While weight is an important factor for some roofers, it is not the only characteristic you should be looking at when deciding on a shingle, other factors play into spotting a bad roofing job.

    Here are nine other factors to consider when choosing a shingle:

    Nail Zone

    The best shingles will have clear nailing zones to make it easier to nail them into the roof. It’s also essential that nails are hammered through this zone because warranty claims may be rejected if they are not installed properly.

    Pull Test

    The pull test is tricky to do on your own if you don’t have the right tools, so make sure to check out our link at the bottom of this list to see which shingle brands have the best pull test numbers.

    Shingle Coverage

    Three bundles of shingles should equate to one square of the area of the roof. Sometimes this isn’t the case. Be wary of shingles that don’t follow this rule of thumb.

    stack of roof shingle bundles on roof; roof shingles weight

    Count Per Bundle/Consistency

    Bundle consistency is a huge part of the quality of the shingle, as a lack of consistency of shingles can cause delays in projects.

    Online Reputation

    Checking out the reviews for shingles is also wise. It’s best to look and see what actual homeowners have said of their experiences with a shingle before deciding on a shingle.

    Granule Loss

    A shingle with a lot of granule loss is not worth your time. Check out our ratings by clicking the link at the bottom of this section to learn more about which shingles limit their granule loss.

    close up view of granule loss on roof shingles; roof shingles weight

    Contractors’ Programs, Education, Resources

    It helps when manufacturers provide helpful information on how to use their products best. Look for brands that offer this information and are clear in their recommendations for best practices when installing their shingles.

    Sealant Test

    The sealant test is essential in determining what are quality shingles vs. cheap ones that do more harm than good.

    Warranty Issues, Class Actions

    Shingle manufacturers that don’t back up warranty claims and have had some class actions in their past are best to be avoided, they are scams.

    For a complete breakdown of some of the most popular asphalt shingles and how they stack up against one another in terms of the factors just listed, head over to our asphalt roofing shingles guide.

    If you’re interested in starting your roofing career, check out these roofing certification classes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which asphalt shingles weigh the most?

    data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Of the shingles we tested, the Owens Corning Duration weighed the most at 188.4lbs per bundle. Interestingly they are claimed to be 260lbs per bundle.

    Does shingle quality correlate with shingle weight?

    Shingle weight and shingle quality do not directly correlate. Quality has more to do with the materials used; weight is an indication of how difficult the shingles will be to work with.

    Why does the weight of a shingle matter?

    The primary reason we measure shingle weight is to check brand quality control. A brand that advertises 290lbs per bundle but actually weighs in at 244lbs has poor quality control measures.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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    1. I am so happy I found your blog and I absolutely love your information about who makes the best shingles by weight and the tips you have shared are awesome. I liked and it is wonderful to know about so many things that are useful for all of us! Thanks a lot for this amazing blog!!

    2. Best may be relevant to what is important to you. We have installed many different manufacturers. Owens Corning Duration has now added a 25 Year Streakguard algae protection. Atlas Pinnacle is lifetime 3M Scotchguard. Longer term the Pinnacle offers more algae protection. None of these protect against moss. For moss Copper Cat Strips work and also works against algae black streaks. Both offer 130 MPH Window Warranty (Owens Corning has patented Sure Nail nailing fabric) with only 4 nail fasteners but they are rated tp 150 MPH. Ugly black streaks are expensive to remove and will return in 3-5 years if you get them. A recent weight comparison by Dimitry Lipinsky showed Atlas to be much heavier than their specifications. Atlas is introducing Eco3 roof granules in their Sun Pinnacle that reduces smog. Check it out.

    3. Both good. Duration Sure Nail Technology gives Owens Corning the edge for wind. Lifetime Scotchguard Algae Protection gives Atlas the edge on long term black Algae Streak protection. Owens Corning does have 25 year algae protection pro rated after 15 years. Atlas Pinnacle is a little heaver. . Duration is metric 5 5/8″ exposure, Atlas Pinnacle 6″ exposure so it goes on a little faster and closer to 100 Square Feet Per Square. You can’t go wrong with either one. We have installed a lot of both brands with 0 call backs.

    4. I am a roofing contractor, for 36 years, and Atlas is last brand I would sell, based on Actual performance in dallas in hail storms. All brands have gotten better about wind damage, due to reinforcing the nail zone, like Tamko Titan and OC duration. Lots of factors in addition to weight. BC

      • Atlas Storm Master Shake and Slate are their hail resistant shingles. Our company has been in roofing 100 years. Atlas Pinnacle is very reliable in the Northeast. I have had 0 problems. Seldom get hail here. Algae discoloration is very widespread here. Some insurance companies want roofs cleaned of it to insure a property. Improvements in wind resistance by all manufacturers has reduced blowoffs considerably if installed properly. Proper installation is the key. Copper Cat strips make any shingle mold & moss resistant for years.

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