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    Trash Rocket Review: $50K roofing machine on par with Equipter

    By Ethen Kim Lieser

    Here at the exciting IRE in Dallas, Texas, Dmitry had the amazing opportunity to directly see a strong competitor to the Equipter. This $50K behemoth of a machine is called the Trash Rocket, and Dmitry got to speak with the manufacturer’s sales representative Tom Schroeder. Here’s what came out of the discussion.

    On display for first time at IRE

    Schroeder said the company is premiering this incredibly cool machine here at the IRE. Even with the hefty price tag, it has received plenty of interest from roofers and companies. In fact, the one on display has already been sold. Keep in mind that the company is able to make about eight of these Trash Rockets per month, and no financing is currently available. If you head over to their website, Schroeder said you can get a 10-percent discount.

    Gives Equipter run for its money

    Boasting a 32-foot arm, at the moment this 6,500-pound machine is the closest rival to the famed Equipter. The Trash Rocket’s telescoping roofing-debris chute helps hardworking roofers power through complex jobs quickly, all the while having the protection of sky-high safety standards.

    Easy setup and protects property

    According to Schroeder, one person can set up this machine in 10 to 15 minutes, and breaking it down is just as easy. Because of its long reach, the arm can be swung from side to side and can be parked away from landscaping, canopies and porches. This is something that the Equipter cannot do, as it needs to be parked relatively close to the roof you’re working on.

    Great for flexible use

    Manufactured in Omaha, Nebraska, the Trash Rocket is great for both residential and commercial roofs. Its aluminum and poly chute stays clear and clean, and it can easily handle asphalt shingles, tiles, insulation, etc. It even operates quite well when the arm is at just 18 degrees. The Trash Rocket uses hydraulic motors, which are driven by batteries with a built-in charger.

    Dmitry gives thumbs up

    Dmitry is personally impressed with the Trash Rocket. He thinks this machine will eventually become a game-changer within the roofing industry. The long arm will definitely come in handy when nearby parking isn’t available and you want to protect your landscaping and other structures. Dmitry still loves the Equipter, but the Trash Rocket does have some inherent advantages. Keep in mind that Roofing Insights is giving away an Equipter, so if you missed this huge announcement, check out the comments and take a look at Dmitry’s review of Equipter.

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    1. I like the look and application but still seems a little high priced. If they could get the price down closer to the Equipter I would be more interested in pulling the trigger

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