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    9 Trade Show Booth Ideas That Win Business In 2022

    Figuring out how to market your roofing company is not easy. Not because there are limited options—quite the opposite, actually. There are plenty of ways in which you can successfully get your roofing brand out there and in front of your target audience. One such way is through trade shows.

    Trade show marketing is a staple of the roofing community. Participating in a trade show isn’t just a great way to learn more about the industry from businesses similar to your own. It is also a fantastic way to boost your awareness and even land some new business.

    However, showing up and going through the motions isn’t enough. You need to go into a trade show with the intention of standing out and attracting new audiences. Trade show attendees are continuously walking around the event area, looking for whatever catches their eye. For this reason, creating a booth experience that not only entices people to come and see what’s up, but also actively engages them once they are there is crucial.

    To ensure that your next tradeshow goes smoothly and is actually worth the initial investment, here are 9 trade show booth ideas that will help you win business. We’ll also discuss some other key ways you can market your roofing company, such as Google Ads and Facebook.

    trade show infographic

    Offer Value With a Free Item For Stopping By

    trade booth ideas

    Okay, so giving away free stuff seems like a cheap gimmick at first. However, if you actually invest in branded merchandise that offers value, then it can be a great way to create a memorable experience as well as grow your brand awareness.

    For example, giving out t-shirts or reusable water bottles with your logo is better than giving out a pen that will inevitably get lost. People actually use free water bottles and actually wear free t-shirts. By spending a little more on your branded merchandise that you give away for free at your next trade show, you can offer value and improve your brand image.

    Make it Easy For Show Attendees to Sign Up

    trade booth ideas

    If you’re looking to generate new business through your trade show booth, then it needs to be crafted for conversions. You should have a laptop or tablet ready to capture emails and other important information to make sure that you can keep tabs on potential new clients. You should make signing up for emails or requesting a quote as easy as possible. You want to avoid long sign-up lines which can deter people from coming to your booth.

    Make Sure Your Logo and What You Do is Clear For Those Walking By

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make at a trade show is failing to make it clear what company you are and what your product or service is. Many attendees go to a trade show looking for a specific product or service and seeing which company best fits their needs. If you don’t make it clear who you are and what you do, you could miss out on those conversations with potential customers.

    Create an Environment That Allows People to Relax

    trade booth ideas

    Walking around a trade show all day can be tiring for attendees. If you create a space at your trade booth that gives people a chance to sit down and take a break, you can not only attract more people over to your booth, but you can boost your brand image as well. While this may require you to purchase a bigger lot, it will be well worth the investment (more on that later).

    Find the “One Thing” You Want All Attendees to Know When They Leave Your Booth

    Creating a clear and concise “one thing” for booth attendees to know when they leave is the key to creating a lasting, memorable impression. Is your shingle the most sturdy, strongest on the market? Are your roof gutters the most economically friendly among your competitors, without compromising quality? Are you one of the highest-rated roofers in your area?

    Having one big takeaway lined up prior to the big day will ensure that attendees leave your booth knowing exactly what your value proposition is and where you fit in among the other trade show booths.

    Make a Portion of Your Booth Interactive

    People like to be entertained. They go to trade shows because they are looking to be engaged, learn something new, and overall have a good time while leaving with some valuable insight. One way to accomplish this at your booth is by incorporating an interactive activity. For example, in the video above, you’ll see from the International Roofing Expo, the Owens Corning booth had a shingle pull-test setup. This was a fantastic way to bring in an audience and put their products to the test. This also shows that you’re confident in your product and not afraid to test it in front of potential customers, or even rivals.

    Invest in More Space (Bigger Sometimes Does Equal Better)

    trade booth ideas

    Investing in more space and a bigger booth is a great way to attract more people to your booth. However, you can’t just take up more space and hope attendees flock to you and call it a day. No, you actually have to utilize that extra booth space and offer something of value. We already mentioned using some of it for seating. You could also offer charging ports for phones, as well as using it to showcase more of your products or services.

    The bottom line is be creative when it comes to your extra space. Sure, having a larger booth will likely attract more people in general, but you want them to actually stick around once they arrive. Make sure that if you have to have a larger booth that you have enough representatives there to deal with an influx in trade show attendees.

    If You’re Selling Products, Bring in Plenty of Physical Examples

    trade booth ideas

    This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s not uncommon for companies attending trade shows to forget specific products or to think that they don’t need to bring a specific product. A good rule of thumb: if you have multiple types of products, bring more examples for your more popular products. But, at the very least, have a couple on hand of your less popular products as well.

    Trade show attendees like to see physical examples of products that they can feel and touch themselves. It allows for a more engaging experience and will help them remember your product long after they leave the show. It’s not likely you get new business right away at the trade show. The key is to stay in the minds of those who interact with your booth, and physical product examples can help you do just that.

    Become Familiar With the Event as a Whole to Help Attendees Navigate the Clutter

    If you want to leave a memorable experience, sometimes it helps to be a little unselfish. One way to offer value outside of pitching your business is to become familiar with the trade show beforehand so that you can help attendees navigate through the crowded field. Whether it’s to the nearest bathroom or food area, or another product category section, being able to point attendees in the right direction is a great way to show that you truly care about them. Heck, you should even be able to tell them where some of your competitors are. After all, if you’re truly one of the top players in your product or service category, you should have nothing to worry about.

    Other Ways to Market Your Roofing Business Outside of Trade Shows

    While trade shows are a solid way to market your roofing company, it shouldn’t be the only thing you do. Take a look at this video and blog post (2019 Roofing Marketing Guide: Best and Worst Advertising For Roofers) for an in-depth dive into the best platforms for marketing, as well as some other key marketing strategies for roofers.

    Some of the key takeaways: 

    • Facebook marketing is still one of the top ways to advertise your business
    • Google Adwords and Google SEO are a couple of reliable ways to make sure that your business is being seen by those searching online for roofers.
    • Yelp, HomeAdvisor, BBB advertisement, and Porch.com all rank poorly in terms of money spent on marketing.
    • Referral marketing is a great way to expand your audience, as people trust their neighbors, family, and friends’ recommendations.

    The Roofing Insights Directory is one of the top ways to market your roofing company. As a new directory that prides itself on quality over quantity, homeowners can use this resource to find the best, most professional roofers in their area. If you think you have what it takes to make it onto our directory, then contact us today.

    We’re extremely thorough in our vetting process, so make sure that you can pass our tests. This includes looking at reviews and past projects, as well as ensuring that you and your team are all properly licensed. We also make all directory members sign a code of ethics to ensure that they are doing things by the book and not cutting corners.

    Some Great Trade Show Booth Examples

    We’ve offered a number of different ways that you can make your trade show booth stand out. And, while all of those ideas will make a huge difference when it comes to your next booth, here are some examples of past successful booths.

    Mahan Slate Roofing Co.

    First up, we have this very simple and small booth from a slate and copper roofing company. This shows you don’t need much to get your name out there and give potential clients an opportunity to see what you’re all about. Notice the clear branding that’s displayed from several different sides and the picture examples of their quality work in several locations.

    They even list some of their qualifications on the small banner to the right of this picture. There’s a lot of good stuff to see here, and it’s why we really like this cost-effective and efficient roofing trade show booth.


    This next example isn’t specifically of a roofing booth. In fact, it’s a brand that we all have come to know somewhat well. YETI is a cooler manufacturer that started its journey with a cooler that could keep ice for 3+ days. Now the brand offers a number of different products and options for keeping drinks, snacks, and whatever else cool in their durable coolers. 

    We’re highlighting this booth as a great example of both branding “Lake Life” and showing off different products and options for their products. If you’re trying to be more creative, be sure to take a few notes from this booth. They definitely know what they’re doing.


    Most roofers know the brand IKO. As one of the biggest shingle manufacturers in the country, they’ve certified dozens of roofers and have their products installed on millions of homes throughout the United States and beyond.

    Some of the things we love about this booth include the clear messaging, branding, and continued use of the company motto and history used throughout. From the 1900s to today, they’ve been producing high-quality products and protecting homes from severe weather, and their booth says it all. Be sure to check out all of the great pictures on the website

    Greenstone Slate

    The slate roofing company, Greenstone Slate has a great booth here that helps highlight all of the great benefits slate can provide for your home and your roof. Simple branding and a great display make it easy to see what products they offer and whether or not you’d want to talk with them.

    Whether you’re a specialty roofer or you do it all, having displays of the products you offer like the display in this picture is a great way to engage your booth visitors over and over again. 

    Brava Roof Tile

    We mentioned it above, but having a number of your products highlighted and easy to see makes a huge difference for your roofing trade show booth. Having a bunch of products in easy-to-see places and available to touch and feel isn’t something that every company will do because it’s not easy. 

    Be the company that displays all of these options, and you’ll easily be the company that’s getting lots of visitors and people checking out all of the different options your company has to offer.

    While trade shows allow you to go to prospective customers and partners, directors allow them to come to you. By being active in both areas of your roofing company’s marketing, you can get the best of both worlds.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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