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    TAMKO Heritage Shingle Colors: 22 Color Options For Your Home

    Architectural shingles are taking the country by storm. As a more durable and stylish upgrade from traditional 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles are known for their eye-catching dimensional color options. So much so that you may hear these shingles be referred to as “dimensional” shingles.

    An architectural shingle line with many impressive colors is the TAMKO Heritage series. Let’s take a closer look at 22 TAMKO Heritage shingle colors from their two different color series:

    • America’s Natural Color Series
    • Classic Colors Series

    What to Expect With TAMKO Heritage Shingles

    With any architectural shingle, you can expect a higher level of protection against inclement weather, dimensional color combinations, and a slightly longer lifespan. These are premium shingle options that cost more than traditional 3-tab shingles but are still more affordable than many other roofing materials.

    With the TAMKO Heritage line specifically, you can expect decent coverage against hail and wind, plus a class A fire rating.

    Now, let’s explore their 22 color options! Keep in mind that color availability varies by location. You can find out what colors are available to you by reaching out to a local contractor or your local TAMKO distributor.

    America’s Natural Colors Series

    First up, we have TAMKO’s America’s Natural Colors Series. This collection of shingle colors emphasizes the natural beauty of the country with intense warmth and contrast plus eye-catching tones.

    This series is inspired by the hues found in nature, such as woodsy browns and stormy greys.

    tamko heritage shingle colors autumn brown

    1) Autumn Brown ?

    The Autumn Brown color has a background of deep browns and splashes of amber. These shingles add warmth and dimension by bringing out a home’s character.

    tamko heritage shingle colors black walnut

    2) Black Walnut ?

    Black Walnut is a striking, rich color full of complex dark undertones. If you thought a black roof couldn’t have dimension, you thought wrong. Industry professionals and homeowners alike love the elegant mix of blacks, browns, and red hues.

    tamko heritage shingle colors harvest gold

    3) Harvest Gold ?

    An ode to the rolling hills of the American midwest, Harvest Gold brings out the tans, light browns, and red hues of harvest time. This color scheme successfully mimics the look of natural cedar shakes roofs.

    tamko heritage shingle colors mountain slate

    4) Mountain Slate ?

    Perfect for homes nestled beneath the mountains, Moutain Slate has a beautiful combination of natural clay, rust, and stone colors that adds character to any home. This color option looks wonderful with brick or stone siding.

    tamko heritage shingle colors natural timber

    5) Natural Timber ?

    Natural Timber is a classic outdoorsy style that looks rugged and strong. Greys, light browns, and other earth tones are combined to mimic the natural rings of a tree.

    tamko heritage shingle colors painted desert

    6) Painted Desert ?

    For any home situated out West in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and more, Painted Desert is the perfect compliment to the natural beauty of the American West. Your roof will turn into a focal point with the red and terracotta earthy accents. Looking at this roof will remind you of beautiful sunsets or captivating canyons.

    tamko heritage shingle colors thunderstorm grey

    7) Thunderstorm Grey β›ˆ

    The only thing better than a grey roof is a dimensional grey roof. Thunderstorm Grey blends deep blacks and dark greys into an eye-catching roof that plays on dark and light. It’s a dynamic color that’s sure to turn heads in your neighborhood.

    Classic Colors Series

    Moving on to the Classic Colors Series, you can expect to find more traditional shades in this collection. From greys and blacks to reds and greens, you’ll still get impressive color dimensions with this series.

    tamko heritage shingle colors antique slate

    8) Antique Slate

    Antique Slate is an excellent substitute for the most expensive and long-lasting roofing materials: natural slate tiles. This dimensional color with rich blacks and pops of white makes for a premium classic look.

    tamko heritage shingle colors desert sand

    9) Desert Sand

    Desert Sand is a sneaky color because it looks like the same color from far away, but as you get closer you notice the complex, dimensional colors that make up the entire roof. Light tans are layered over a base of rich, deep brown.

    tamko heritage shingle colors glacier white

    10) Glacier White

    Perfect for regions with bright blue skies, Glacier White looks like a snow-capped mountain top. These fresh rocky greys and cool whites offer a unique color that refreshes the appearance of any roof.

    tamko heritage shingle colors olde english pewter

    11) Olde English Pewter

    Pewter is a metal alloy that’s malleable and easily sculpted into many exciting shapes and objects. The Olde English Pewter color mixes light greys and copper browns, just like how pewter is a mix of many other metals.

    tamko heritage shingle colors oxford grey

    12) Oxford Grey

    Oxford Grey mimics the character of one of the world’s oldest universities. This gothic, timeless charm brings out the personality of any home design.

    tamko heritage shingle colors rustic black

    13) Rustic Black

    Another dimensional black roof option is Rustic Black. The rich black base with dark grey highlights offers a welcoming appearance with a touch of luxury.

    tamko heritage shingle colors rustic cedar

    14) Rustic Cedar

    Just like natural cedar shakes, Rustic Cedar emulates real wood. This color is a smart choice for the nature lover who wants the look of cedar shakes with the fire-resistance and low-maintenance nature of architectural shingles.

    tamko heritage shingle colors rustic evergreen

    15) Rustic Evergreen

    As one of the most unique shingle colors you’ll ever find, Rustic Evergreen is perfect for outdoorsy homeowners and cabins in the woods. Pine-colored greens are highlighted over a dark black base to offer a multidimensional look.

    tamko heritage shingle colors rustic hickory

    16) Rustic Hickory

    The bark on a hickory tree is brought to life with the Rustic Hickory color. The deep browns, reds, and cinnamons are timeless and striking.

    tamko heritage shingle colors rustic redwood

    17) Rustic Redwood

    The Redwood forests are some of the most breathtaking natural sights in the entire country. Rustic Redwood brings out the same beautiful reds, browns, and rusty oranges to connect your home to nature.

    tamko heritage shingle colors rustic slate

    18) Rustic Slate

    Slate is a natural stone mined from the earth. The Rustic Slate color offers a similar look and feel with beautiful browns, blacks, and copper tones.

    tamko heritage shingle colors shadow grey

    19) Shadow Grey

    Shadow Grey offers a wonderful contrast against lighter home siding color pallets. The mix of blacks and greys present a timeless color taken up a notch.

    tamko heritage shingle colors slatestone grey

    20) Slatestone Grey

    Slatestone Grey is another classic color option that pulls inspiration from slate. Subtle bursts of crimson add an intriguing focal point to this black and grey base.

    tamko heritage shingle colors virginia slate

    21) Virginia Slate

    Rural Virginia has some of the country’s most bountiful slate mines. Virginia Slate presents an elegant, premium look with a jet-black base and lighter tones speckled throughout.

    tamko heritage shingle colors weathered wood

    22) Weathered Wood

    The Weathered Wood color is simply always in style. Deep browns accented with lighter browns and clay tones make for a rustic and cozy roof, perfect for just about any region across the country.

    Find a Qualified Roofing Contractor

    The best way to ensure you pick the perfect shingle color for your home is to work with a professional roofing contractor. Plus, you need a proper installation to feel confident that your roof will last for years to come.

    If you’re interested in getting one of these TAMKO Heritage colors installed on your home, use Directorii to find a vetted and qualified roofing contractor near you.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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