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    Solar News 2024, Malarkey’s New Plant + Badger vs. Bozo Adjuster

    Lot’s of roofing AND solar news this week – from Steve Badger taking on that one insurance claim guy we always talk about. PLUS – these 3 interesting solar stories:

    • Big shifts in net metering rules in California’s solar market.
    • Georgia enabling low-income homeowners to get into solar.
    • And BIG lawsuits for Vision solar from Connecticut to Florida.

    Read on for more!

    Steve Badger Exposes Insurance Claim Guy’s Dubious Tactics

    Hold onto your hard hats, folks! Steve Badger, a name synonymous with industry integrity, has just unearthed some unsettling truths about the “insurance claim guy.” It appears this TikTok personality’s program is more than meets the eye. Badger discovered that entry-level reps are being teamed up with experienced adjusters – sounds good, right? But here’s the kicker: the rookies only sign up clients, while the real deal – estimating and negotiating – is handled by the pros. This raises a big red flag in Texas law. And that’s not all. The program’s “profit share” system, promising $250 for mentorship even without direct involvement in claims, is skating on thin legal ice. Is this a cleverly disguised MLM scheme? Steve thinks so, and the original video’s disappearance only adds to the suspicion. We’re inviting public adjusters to weigh in – is this a scam dressed in professional garb?

    Malarkey’s Oregon Adventure: A Shingle Plant of Epic Proportions

    In manufacturing buzz, Malarkey isn’t just malarkey-ing around. They’re launching a monumental shingle plant in Oregon, spanning 300,000 square feet and costing a cool $200 million. Slated for 2026, it’s set to generate 200 jobs. But here’s the broader picture: Malarkey is riding a wave that’s lifting all boats in the industry. IKO, Atlas, GAF, and Certainteed are all expanding their American foothold. What’s fueling this shingle frenzy? We’re on the case to uncover the driving forces behind this industry-wide expansion.

    Florida’s Roofing Reforms: A Hurricane-Proof Success Story

    Moving to Florida, where the roofing scene has transformed dramatically post-2015 building code changes. FEMA’s latest report confirms what we hoped: the new codes are working wonders. Roofs are sturdier, and water intrusion is a thing of the past. This is a standing ovation moment for Florida contractors who’ve embraced these changes and are setting new benchmarks in roofing resilience. It’s not just about surviving storms; it’s about thriving through them.

    California’s Solar Shake-Up: Industry Turbulence Amid Policy Changes

    California’s solar sector is experiencing some serious upheaval. The culprit? A shift in net metering rules. This isn’t just policy talk – it’s having real-world impacts. A solar equipment company recently had to let go of 350 employees, a direct consequence of the new regulations aimed at balancing benefits for non-solar consumers. This policy pivot is reshaping the state’s solar landscape, and we’re tracking its ripple effects across the industry.

    Georgia’s Solar Revolution: Empowering Low-Income Homes

    But here’s a ray of hope from Georgia. Their BRIGHT program is illuminating a path for low-income households to embrace solar energy. The deal is sweet: zero upfront costs, gradually increasing lease payments matched with energy savings. What’s exciting is the role of federal tax credits, making solar installations more affordable and the benefits more accessible. This isn’t just a Georgia story; it’s a potential blueprint for nationwide solar adoption.

    Vision Solar’s Downfall: A Tale of Missteps and Bankruptcy

    Finally, a cautionary tale from Vision Solar

    The company, once a significant player in the national market, is now facing lawsuits in Connecticut and Florida. The allegations are serious – high-pressure sales tactics and misleading homeowners into unaffordable loans. The situation escalated to bankruptcy, with debts reported between $100 to $500 million. It’s a dramatic fall from grace, underscored by the emergence of a Facebook group titled “Victims of Vision Solar,” which has gathered over 1,000 members sharing grievances and seeking advice. This is a stark reminder to the industry: ethical practices and transparency aren’t just good virtues, they’re business essentials.

    Thank you for watching and reading this week’s news!

    That’s a wrap for this week! Don’t forget to hit like, subscribe, and tune in next Sunday for more roofing industry insights.

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