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text us: (612) 380-5285


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    Introducing the Roofing Insights Directory

    The Best Resource For Finding Reputable Contractors

    Here at Roofing Insights, we are all about guarantees.

    The contracting landscape is filled with dishonest sales tactics and marketing that aims to mislead. When deciding on a new roof, it can be difficult—if not impossible—to figure out who you can trust.

    We guarantee homeowners that when they come to us with questions, they’ll receive honest answers that aren’t muddled with sales jargon.

    Since our inception, Roofing Insights has worked tirelessly to cut the bullshit out of roofing and provide homeowners with clarity. Whether it’s the materials roofers are using, the total project cost, or the quality of their workmanship, our goal is to ensure that you have complete transparency for what you’re paying for.

    We’re not afraid to fight for the little guy, and our video portfolio illustrates this. Our videos break down the differences between roofing materials and warranties, as well as call out billion-dollar companies when they spread lies at your expense.

    We’ll tell you the truth—no matter how ugly it is. We want to save you headaches and money with your roofing project by offering educational information that isn’t from a salesperson or commercial.

    Recently, we decided to add-on to our educational services by connecting homeowners to high-quality roofing contractors through an online directory.

    Introducing the Roofing Insights Directory

    We’re excited to announce that the Roofing Insights Directory is officially up and running!

    The goal of our directory? To connect you with the most knowledgeable and reputable roofers in your area.

    We’ve done the research and due diligence to find the highest-quality contractors, so you don’t have to. We don’t just let any roofing contractor onto our directory—they have to prove that they are a trustworthy and reputable option beforehand.

    We are so confident in the roofers on our directory that we back up our projects with a $20,000 guarantee that covers full replacement if the roofing style does not match the manufacturing specifications or is not up to local building code standards. If you believe the contractor on our directory did a lousy job, we’ll investigate and make it right.

    So, for your next roofing project, make sure to check out our directory to ensure you’re working with the best roofers around.

    Are You a Trustworthy Roofing Contractor? Contact Us to Get Featured on Our Directory

    If you think your company has what it takes to be listed on our directory, then reach out to us today.

    We’re stringent in who we accept, so make sure that you’re up-to-snuff before contacting us. If you have a history of satisfied customers, excellent customer reviews, and high-quality craftsmanship, then text “DIRECTORY” to 612-254-9849.

    We’re looking forward to hearing about your roofing business!

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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    1. Hello, I’ve received a quote for my roofing project, but I’m not sure who to go with (everybody is “talking” a good game). Can you help me with selecting the best choice? Please let me know and thanks so much.

    2. Was quoted $19,600 to do a roof replacement on a duplex, only the one side. The square feet on my one side is 1,025 square feet. I believe this quote is too high. I live in northern California.

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