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    Roofing CRM’s | Roofing Business

    How to organize Construction Company CRM

    CRM for Roofing and construction company is all about the process.

    Do you know your company process?

    Having CRM is crucial for any company to grow/scale business.

    But the CRM is only reflection of your company processes. Do you know your process from the moment your prospects contact you initially to the moment you collect final payment?

    If not that’s where you should start: the white board.

    Write down every single step of your process:

    Sales process:

    Initial call, estimates, follow ups, how many times will your company follow up when lead is issued and appointment has been run? What’s next? After job is sold who is reviewing it?

    Production process:

    Who will order materials, apply for permits, schedule job with home owner, do final inspection, final walk?

    Accounting process:

    Who sends invoices, who follows up on open invoices, what’s the process for bad debt? Who will file lien etc?

    Each department should have its own process, but everyone should be able to see where job is right now, on who’s desk or who is accountable for current progress (sales, production, office or accounting).

    Dmitry explains how he organizes his process by dropping all jobs in buckets: folders in office constantly moving from one bucket to another, changing hands and people accountable for current state of the job.

    Magic number “50” or “comfort zone numbers”.

    We all humans and we can only handle so much at any given time. Know your comfort zone number. How many jobs your production manager can handle? Is it 20,30 or 50? When do you need to hire help? It can vary by departments. For example: sales manager can have pile of 80 jobs recently sold to approve and drop in production (making sure contracts signed, work orders created and down payment collected) and he can approve it in a day or two (let’s say if he is behind for any reasons or was out of office for few days).

    Production manager on the other side can’t handle that volume and maybe can only schedule 10 jobs per day (calling home owners, order materials, getting permit and dumpster etc), 80 files would take him 8 days and it’s not comfortable number for top

    Management, so you might have 25 is a number to watch for production, and higher number for sales. And once numbers are constantly above “comfort” number maybe it’s time to hire help to offload or help position that can’t catch up on work load.

    Without a good CRM it’s very hard to track numbers and to make informative decisions.

    The roofing industry has custom CRMs and roofing software programs designed specifically for roofing companies, and we highly recommend you check with some of them: Acculynx, JobNimbus are few at the top but there are few more that will do the job.

    Do your research and find solution that fits your needs but no matter what you do don’t go without CRMs!

    5 Best Roofing CRMs You Should Leverage In 2021

    weight: 400;”>How do roofing CRMs provide value?

    Well, they help to streamline critical business processes into a single system.

    Here the key ways in which a CRM can help your roofing business:

    Increased productivity – With productivity and organization tools built-in, a CRM can help streamline project planning, work order calendars, sales team management, and safety training documentation.

    Help maintain relationships with customers — I mean, there is a reason they call it a Customer Relationship Manager. It’s because they help you stay better connected with your customers. A good CRM will help you send out customer emails and surveys and record all project details.

    Enhanced Reporting and Analytics – Having reporting features that include success metrics allows you to know where your company stands in terms of your goals. Having this data will allow you and your team to make effective decisions that are informed by numbers to help grow your revenue.

    When it comes to choosing the right CRM for your contracting company, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that there is an expansive amount of CRMs available on the market today. This means that no matter which one you’ll choose, you’ll likely end up with a good product. The bad news is that this can lead to decision overload. But besides, you don’t want just a ‘good’ CRM. You want the perfect CRM!

    So, how do you go about finding the perfect CRM? Well, this is a great place to start. We’ve listed some of the best CRMs for contractors today, as well as brief descriptions. But, you’ll still need to do some more investigating based on the needs of your company.

    For example, your company’s size and how many locations you have will factor into which CRM you choose. What specific functionalities you need will also help you find the right option, in addition to your budget. The best way to find out if a roofing CRM is right for your contracting company is to reach out to the provider.

    With that all that being said, here are some of the top roofing CRMs on the market today.

    Top Roofing CRMs


    If you’re in the roofing industry, then you’ve no doubt heard of Acculynx, as they are easily one of the most well-known CRMs on the market. With their cutting-edge CRM solution, they promise that you’ll win more jobs, improve productivity, and save time by using their software.

    Learn more about Acculynx


    RoofSnap is another roofing application that is available on both computer and mobile devices. Their software allows you to create accurate aerial roof measurements, estimates, material orders, contracts, and more. They have all the main product lines in their system, including GAF, CertainTeed, and Tamko.

    Learn more about RoofSnap


    Similar to Acculynx, JobNimbus is also very well-known within the industry for providing top-tier CRM roofing software. JomNimbus was developed with the cooperation of leading industry experts. The software was specifically designed to be extremely simple and user-friendly but still provided plenty of features and functionality. For this reason, it’s a favorite of many roofers.

    Learn more about JobNimbus


    While some of these CRMs are specific to contractors, Jobber’s software services over 50+ industries. Jobber allows you to schedule jobs more efficiently, optimize processes, send quotes and invoices via text messages, and get paid on the spot. They offer a mobile app, as well as 1-on-1 training and a simple setup. So, once you get Jobber, it won’t be long before it’s fully operational and helping you improve your bottom line.

    Learn more about Jobber

    PlanSwift Construction Takeoff & Estimating Software

    PlanSwift is a fantastic CRM for contractors and can help in a variety of different ways. You can manage projects both large and small with calculations that are highly accurate. You can also easily adjust cost projects by simply changing the product cost and recalculating it. Overall, PlanSwift will allow you to bid on more jobs, manage your internal processes, and grow your business.

    Learn more about PlanSwiftConstrciton Takeoff & Estimating

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    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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