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    Roofing Business School Guide: Interview With Dmitry Lipinskiy

    If you’re a roofing contractor looking for a way to scale and grow your business, then the Roofing Business School is a great resource.

    The goal of this post is to be a roofing business school guide. We want to help you get the most out of our platform.

    Founded by Dmitry Lipinskiy in 2019, the Roofing Business School has helped contractors all across North America take their companies to new heights. Through engaging and creative content, the lessons in the Roofing Business School offers contractors insights into how to effectively market their company, build a sales team, design a wrap for their company vehicles, and so much more!

    “I have been a roofing contractor for over seven years,”

    says Lipinskiy in a recent video that explains everything the Roofing Business School has to offer.

    “Recently I sold my roofing business to dedicate my life to teaching and connecting homeowners with contractors. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to teach. I went to a teacher training college, graduated, went to university, and after two years of majoring in history, I decided to move to the United States and become a contractor. The rest is history.”

    That history includes starting Roofing Insights, a YouTube channel that has amassed nearly 40,000 subscribers in just a few short years.

    It also includes Lipinskiy founding Directorii, the only homeowner-contractor connection platform on the market to offer homeowners the safety and security of a $20,000 guarantee on every home improvement project.

    Plus, this December 9-10, Lipinskiy and Roofing Insights will host the third annual Roofing Process Conference in Orlando, Florida.

    All of this has brought Lipinskiy to now, a point where he is excited to share his knowledge of the roofing industry with the next generation of roofers.

    “Today, I’m living the American Dream. I love what I do. I love teaching other contractors. I travel almost every week and the best content I have you will find in the Roofing Business School,”

    Lipinskiy explains.

    The Roofing Business School contains three tiers, and none of them have signup or cancellation fees

    “You can try the Roofing Business School for a month and see if it fits you,”

    Lipinskiy says.

    “If it doesn’t, no hard feelings. We are not money or profit driven. We are driven by our results, and contractors are our results. I talk to my students on a regular basis, and if you’re successful, I will be successful as well.”

    Plan #1 – Apprentice: $197/month

    This plan is perfect for new companies or even individuals who have not yet started their own roofing business.

    Explains Lipinskiy:

    “It’s for those who are brand new to the business or maybe are not sure what exactly they are going to be doing in business. Maybe you’re still subcontracting for someone else. Maybe you’re a sales rep and are thinking about opening a business, or you’re looking for some education and you’re trying to understand what you have to do, like how to budget for your future roofing business.”

    “If that’s the case, this is the perfect plan for you. You’re going to see ninety percent of our content inside the school. You’ll see a lot of the videos from our company tours, conferences, classes, and visits to other businesses. Hopefully you will learn and get answers to your questions about the roofing business.”

    Plan #2 – Journeyman: $497/month

    According to Lipinskiy, this is the BEST value plan in the Roofing Business School.

    Not only do you have access to all of the content in the school, but you also have the ability to learn Xactimate from Alena Wilson, at a price that is much less than what her course typically costs.

    “It’s over twenty hours of content from professional Xactimate teachers. Alena Wilson and her father Todd have been doing Xactimate for over eight years. They’ve been selling this course for thousands of dollars, but with the Roofing Business School, you can have it for $497 per month, and you can give it to one of your employees and have them learn Xactimate and how to supplement for your roofing business,”

    says Lipinskiy.

    The Journeyman plan also comes with unlimited graphic design services, meaning your company will have access to the same designers who do all of Roofing Insight’s artwork on their YouTube channel, magazine, and website.

    “We have two full-time graphic designers on staff. You can send us your presentations, flyers, and marketing materials, or we can just design them for you. We will show you the best ideas for marketing materials for roofing businesses from the biggest players in the country. If you like something that you see in our videos, you can take that idea and we can implement it into your designs,”

    says Lipinskiy.

    Beyond that, the Journeyman plan includes weekly phone calls with either Dmitry Lipinskiy, Sales Guru Ben Menchaca, Business Process Consultant Elizabeth Calzadilla, or Alena Wilson.

    “You can schedule a call with them and ask specific questions about the troubles you’re currently having with your business,”

    says Lipinskiy.

    “This plan is perfect for brand new startup companies or for seasoned roofing business owners.”

    “Maybe you’ve been in business for ten or twenty years, but you’ve hit that wall and you don’t know how to grow beyond that point. I’ve taken companies from one million dollars to five million dollars in just two years. Let me look into your business model and suggest where you can improve the very next year.”

    Plan #3 – Master: $1,497/month (please note: this tier is limited to about 30 companies)

    Lastly, the Master plan is great for businesses who have been in business for many years and are well-established.

    With the higher price comes the opportunity to leverage Directorii’s platform to showcase your roofing company to homeowners and other businesses across the entire continent.

    Says Lipinskiy:

    “You will have access to our lawyers, and we will pay for your lawyer fees, so if you get sued or someone comes after you, our lawyers will be available to you. You can contact them. You can contact me on a regular basis. You will still get unlimited graphic design, but you also get the creative package. Now you can advertise with Roofing Insights.”

    “For $1,497 we offer a full marketing package with Roofing Insights. We guarantee that we will come to your business within a calendar year. If you sign up today, within a couple months you can expect us at your doorstep. We will come with our team. We will shoot videos for your needs and your YouTube channel, but we will also feature you on our channels and help you advertise our way. We know advertising and branding. I have never door knocked in my life. I believe that if you run a good solid business and you brand yourself well, you will always be busy just through people calling and coming to you.”

    All things considered, enrolling in the Roofing Business School is just the start of a partnership that Lipinskiy hopes will enable both the school and the companies in attendance to elevate and prosper.

    “We’re looking for solid local companies and we’ll help those companies grow,”

    he says.

    “We don’t care which plan fits you best. We want to earn your business, we want you in our community, and we want to help you.”

    To join the Roofing Business School, visit their website today!

    And if you’re a contractor who would like to receive more qualified leads while being backed up by a $20,000 guarantee, sign up for Directorii today!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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