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    Roof it Right – Roofing Company: Sergei Churbanov Story

    When homeowners hire a roofing contractor, they expect to receive quality service from a professional who knows what they’re doing.

    For Sergei Churbanov, the owner of Roof It Right in Louisville, Kentucky, exceptional customer service is a trait his company has embodied since its inception in 2008.

    “Of course, the main policy is to do your roof right,”

    says the well-travelled Churbanov, who has seen firsthand the consequences of contractors around the country who did not prioritize their customers.

    “I’ve been in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and then in Springfield, Illinois. When we moved here, [to Louisville] we had some uncertain feelings at the beginning,”

    he says, but Churbanov’s worries had nothing to do with servicing customers.

    Instead, Churbanov says the first thing he noticed about homes in Kentucky is that they were much smaller than those in other states.

    “My first roofing jobs were twelve to fifteen squares,”

    he recalls.

    Fortunately, even though the roofs were smaller, Churbanov knew he could still help homeowners by focusing on customer service.

    “My first impression was that customer service was a little bit behind in Kentucky,”

    Churbanov notes.

    “There is an extreme demand and homeowners are expecting to find some customer-oriented services, especially in roofing. I felt like that was the niche that I needed to satisfy.”

    A potential cause of this substandard customer service in Kentucky could be linked to contractors in the Bluegrass State not needing a license in order to own a roofing business.

    This means that virtually anyone can stake claim to being a roofing contractor.

    “Kentucky is not a licensed state for roofers, so if you have a truck, you can be a roofer,”

    explains Churbanov.

    Despite the challenges that come with being a roofing contractor in Kentucky, Churbanov says there is nothing else he would rather do than oversee the daily operations at Roof It Right.

    “Running a roofing business is definitely challenging, but it gives me a good feeling going to a home, doing dangerous work, and helping people with something as important as their roof. Everybody needs a roof,”

    he says.

    At Roof It Right, Churbanov and his team excel at installing flat roofs and have earned certification from GenFlex. Additionally, Roof It Right is well-respected in Louisville for their work on metal roofs.

    “I absolutely love metal roofing because when you’re living under a metal roof, you feel good. Metal roofs protect you from UV rays because they can’t penetrate all the way through like they do with asphalt shingle roofs,”

    explains Churbanov.

    “Also, metal roofs last much longer. On average, homeowners must replace asphalt shingles every fifteen to twenty years, but a metal roof, if installed properly, can last over fifty years.”

    At present, Roof It Right has developed such a stellar reputation that they are currently installing a roof on a conference center in the city of Shelbyville.

    “A general contractor hired us for roofing, siding, gutters, lower screens, ACM panels (rain screens), and snow guards,”

    says Churbanov.

    Another reason why Churbanov is such an active proponent of metal roofs is because back in his home country of Russia, metal roofs are extremely popular.

    “In our harsh climate back in Russia, we have a lot of metal roofs, and it’s even cheaper than asphalt shingles,”

    notes Churbanov.

    As mentioned, Roof It Right aims to please their customers, which is why Churbanov and his team have put an enormous emphasis on properly handling insurance claims so that their customers receive the roof replacement they deserve.

    “I’m trying to help homeowners process their claims and get proper compensation instead of settling with a cheap estimate that the insurance companies come up with,”

    says Churbanov, who adds that meeting with insurance companies is not always a painless endeavor.

    “Working with insurance companies here in Kentucky is challenging because it’s not regulated by code. The local authorities are not really enforcing certain codes that are there for the homeowner’s protection.”

    Recently, the residents of Kentucky were drilled with an ice storm, resulting in hail-damaged roofs. This meant that Roof It Right needed to work overtime with insurance companies to ensure that the needs of their customers were properly addressed.

    “We found a way to assist our customers and help them acquire all the items they needed from their insurance carrier,”

    Churbanov mentions, and while Churbanov admits that the ice storm brought upon unexpected challenges, it also left him feeling accomplished because of the way Roof It Right was able to service the Louisville community.

    “Any company is challenging because sometimes you’re not just dealing with shingles. You’re dealing with people on a daily basis. You’re dealing with codes, regulations, taxes, insurance, and marketing. It comes at you from so many angles and it’s one thing after another, but that gives you a sense of accomplishment,”

    says Churbanov.

    It’s then fair to say that no matter what happens, Churbanov and Roof It Right are prepared to take care of homeowners.

    For Churbanov, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

    “This is the American Dream, to own a business and have a home and a family,”

    he says.

    “I’m not against hard work. Hard work brings satisfaction. Maybe I’m a bit unbalanced and maybe I work too much, but this is the American Dream.”

    Remember: if you’re going to roof it, Roof it Right!

    To learn more about Sergei Churbanov and Roof It Right, watch the video above!

    Also, if you’re a homeowner looking for a trusted company like Roof It Right, visit Directorii to find a local roofing contractor in your area!

    All contractors on the website are backed up by a $20,000 guarantee, which protects homeowners from contractor abandonment, shoddy workmanship, and much more!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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