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    How to install metal roof – Tilcor Roof System

    There is no disputing that metal roofs outshine asphalt shingle-laden roofs in virtually every category. Learning how to install a metal roof is another thing entirely though.

    On top of the installation, the reason more homeowners don’t purchase metal roofs for their homes is often the hefty price tag that comes with them.

    Despite the fact that metal roofs are nearly double the cost of asphalt shingle roofs, Austin Davis, president of The Roofing Center, says his company is still able to service many homeowners.

    “Right now, we do about eight roofs per month,”

    Davis says.

    “We have a full-time in-house crew that does nothing but install these types of roofs for us. They go from job to job and we run a smaller crew so that we can really focus on quality.”

    The Roofing Center operates primarily in the intermountain west, working in states like Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana, because in those markets, metal roofs are much more common than in southern or Midwestern states.

    And since metal roofs are more expensive, Davis has had to spend a lot of time educating his sales team on the value they bring.

    “The biggest thing we find for a new sales rep is to get their head around the fact that metal roofs are more expensive. But the second they see how efficient they are, then they understand the value and are able to go out and sell that to the homeowner,”

    he explains.

    Another way Davis and The Roofing Center generate business is by focusing on marketing to their target audience in unique ways that vary from those of their competitors in the asphalt shingle business.

    They also don’t waste time marketing to homeowners who likely would find the price tag of a metal roof to be too steep.

    “We advertise to a husband and wife,”

    Davis says in explaining their target audience.

    We target the husband who wants metal because he never wants to touch the roof again, and the wife who doesn’t want her house to look like a barn. That combo, that’s our ideal customer.

    “We find that 90% of the roofs that we do are for homeowners who are getting older, and they just don’t want to deal with getting another roof in another fifteen to twenty years. The people we sell to every day are typically between the ages of 45-60.”

    Still, reaching their target audience isn’t easy, and since Davis mentions that his company does very little door-knocking, they have to use alternative approaches.

    The Roofing Center does this by generating leads through three different avenues:

    1. Home shows

    “Home shows are great because they have the target market we sell to. Even if customers are not looking for a new roof, they’ll take literature and call us later.”

    2. Online marketing

    “We do a lot of Facebook marketing, specifically around metal roofing with upgraded looks. We do a lot of videos showing the products because people are visual. They want something to look nice.”

    3. Direct mail

    “It’s been very effective. We’ll door-hang 6-10 doors around the neighborhood. We don’t door-knock, but homeowners see a different install process, they start asking around, and that generates a lot of business as well.”

    What do you think? Is a metal roof right for your home?

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    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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    1. We had our Tilcor stone coated roof installed here in northern Michigan in late January. We had done our research and decided that this was the way that we were going. Quite by chance, a lead generating person stopped by with a flyer advertising 10% off. We scheduled an appointment to meet with a salesperson.

      We had met with a different contractor a few months prior that did NOT want to do our roofing project because there were repairs involved.

      When we met with our Tilcor sales representative (All Weather Seal) we pointed out all of the repairs needed. He built that into the quote with no problem.

      When the installation crew arrived and began the tearing off of the original roof (three layers of shingles!!!!) they found three other problem areas. They informed us of the additional costs involved and upon given approval commenced to do the proper job.

      Five man crew, two days in northern Michigan weather in January. Did a fantastic job! Clean up was great. I have recommended this roofing system to friends and co workers.

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