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    How Much Do Roofers Make? Average Roofing Salary (2022 Update)

    Before getting into any field, it’s a good idea to determine how much you can make within that profession. While it’s also essential that you actually enjoy the job, ensuring that you are adequately paid for your work is important for choosing the right occupation. You can have all the fun in the world at your job, but that job needs to help you pay the bills.

    For anyone who is considering going into roofing, you’ve come to the right place. But how much do roofers make?

    In this article, we’ll be breaking down the average salary for a roofer, why how much a roofer makes is heavily dependent on where they live, how you can make more money as a roofer, and finally, what the key benefits are for working in the roofing industry. 

    roofer installing clay tile shingles; how much do roofers make?

    How Much Do Roofers Make?

    So, when it comes to roofing, how much does the average roofer make? Well, the answer isn’t as straightforward as you may think.

    The Average Roofer Salary

    The salary of a roofer can range dramatically, perhaps more so than most other occupations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average roofer makes roughly $19 per hour, equating to about $38,500 per year.

    At the top end of that spectrum, a roofer can make upwards of $29 an hour, which comes out to just over $60,000 a year. On the low end, a roofer could make as little as $11 per hour, coming out to just over $22,000 per year. That’s quite the large gap between the high end and low end. Why exactly is that? Well, like many other trade jobs, the more experience you have, the more money you’ll make.

    two roofers nailing down shingles on roof; how much do roofers make?

    Roofers typically get their start through a formal apprenticeship that takes three years and includes some classroom instruction and some on-site work that they are compensated for. These programs usually require a minimum age of 18 and a high school diploma. However, that is not the only way to get started in roofing. Some folks go the route of starting as a roofer’s helper. There are pros and cons to starting off as a helper. One pro is that you should be getting paid right away (roughly $12 per hour). However, it may take a bit longer for you to work your way up to a higher salary, whereas going with a formal apprenticeship combined with some classroom work will allow you to make more money faster.

    According to Chron, where a roofer is located can also drastically affect their pay. For example, a Minnesota roofer can earn up to $24 an hour. Compare that with Florida, where you can make roughly $16 per hour. That’s quite the difference. There are even larger discrepancies when you break down a state by their cities. For example, Chicago roofers can expect to make nearly $51,000 per year. Meanwhile, Rockford, Illinois roofers average over $67,000 in yearly income.

    professional roofing contractor nailing down asphalt roof; how much do roofers make?

    How to Make More Money as a Roofer

    We already talked about one way to make more money as a roofer, which is to go through some schooling and a formal apprenticeship. But, there are other ways too. First, you could seek out a location that pays more for roofers. As we just mentioned, how much a roofer makes is highly dependent on the state and city they work in. So, if you’re able and willing, moving to an area with higher average salaries for roofers is one way to earn more income.

    However, that isn’t possible for many people. For those who don’t want to move, making more money comes with experience. It may take a few years to work your way up the totem pole, but by doing good work and being a good employee, you can get that raise you deserve.

    Another way to make more money as a roofer is to start your own company. Many roofing company owners once started off as part of a roofing team and then branched out to form their own company. It’s a lot of work, but it’s well worth the effort.

    The Benefits of Becoming a Roofer

    Still trying to decide if becoming a roofer is the right job for you? Here are some of the sweet benefits that come with being a professional roofer.

    High Demand

    Roofers are always in high demand, which means you should never have too much trouble finding a job. In addition, if you ever have to move and relocate, finding a new roofing company to take you on shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Once again, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth for roofers is 12% over the next 10 years. That is much higher than the average, which is 5%. This makes roofing one of the safest industries to enter because it isn’t going away anytime soon. People will always need roofing services.

    roofer with harness installing roof shingles; how much do roofers make

    Physical Labor

    You’re probably not interested in a career in roofing if you don’t like the idea of physical labor. There are also several key benefits that come with a job that requires physical labor. First, you get to exercise on the job! Working a regular 9-5 office job means you have to find time before or after work to work out, which can be difficult for many people who have other non-work obligations. But, as a roofer, your job literally requires you to exercise and get in a sweat.

    Next, there is the tangible results and pride that come with a job well done. For anyone who has ever completed a roofing project, few things make you feel more proud than seeing a new and improved roof in action once the final nail is hammered in. It’s a very rewarding feeling and one of the best parts about working in the roofing industry!

    Work Outside

    As Peter Gibbons comes to realize at the end of the cult classic Office Space, working outside is a pretty good gig. Especially when you compare it to working in an office cubicle every day. Sure, there’ll be some hot days and some cold days. But, at the end of the day, being able to work outside as opposed to being cooped up inside is a great advantage to roofing.

    professional roofer with hardhat drilling installing metal roof with drill; how much do roofers make?

    Interested In Becoming A Successful Roofer?

    Interested in learning more about what it takes to be a successful roofer in today’s world? Make sure to check out the rest of our blog, particularly the education section! We break down all sorts of important information that both aspiring and experienced roofers need to know! 

    And, if you’re serious about starting your own roofing company, sign up for the Roofing Insights Online Roofing School. We’ll break down marketing, administration, accounting, sales, supplements, and production. By the end of the school, you’ll know everything you need to make it in the roofing industry. 

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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