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    HomeAdvisor Charged By FTC, Sell-Outs: Consumer Affairs, BBB, Total Home Roofing

    HomeAdvisor has officially been challenged by a government agency. Click here for more details and our take.

    4 Best Roofing Trade Shows That Happen Every Year (Trade Show Guide) + Why You Should Attend

    When it comes to marketing your roofing company, there are many different avenues you can take. There is social media, SEO, your...

    Angie’s List vs. HomeAdvisor – Which Is Better And Are Either Good?

    If you're a homeowner, you've likely scoured the internet in search of the best contractors to work on your home. You've searched...

    6 Contractor Marketing Tips For Leveling Up Your Marketing Effectiveness (2022 Update)

    Marketing your roofing, siding, or remodeling business can be tough compared to some other industries. This is because there is a lot...

    Door Knocking sucks with Sam Taggart

    "Door-knocking sucks. Change my mind," says Roofing Insights CEO Dmitry Lipinskiy during a recent interview with D2D Experts owner Sam Taggart. "Iโ€™m never...

    Door to door Roofing sales with Ben Menchaca

    Roofing Insights typically does not endorse storm chasers. Door to door roofing sales, however, is not entirely synonymous with storm chasing. We believe...

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    AI in Roofing: Insurance Companies Cutting Rates + Other Stories

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKpt4AX2pMc Southers Construction Ponzi Scheme Allegations: New Hampshire Attorney General Sues The roofing world...

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    Welcome back to the pulse of the roofing industry including massive changes with Non-competes! This week,...

    Insurance Companies Using A.I. to Scan Roofs + Traveling Conmen

    What's going on in the roofing industry this week? Did you know that Texas used more solar...

    Miami Dade Approves GAF Solar Roof, Big Roofing Mergers & Acquisitions

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    $418 Million NAR Lawsuit, Louisiana Insurance Reforms and More

    The roofing industry is on the brink of transformation, thanks to a series of groundbreaking developments that could redefine how business is...

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