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    EAS Roofing, Pittsburgh, PA | Roofer who loves Certainteed shingles and their warranties!

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    Eugene Smith is the owner of EAS Roofing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Like many roofing companies in Pennsylvania, Smith has outfitted his roofing business with Equipters, a machine that roof crews use which assists in cleaning debris from homeowners’ roofs.

    Yet, unlike other roofing companies in Pennsylvania, EAS Roofing has a roomy company headquarters that helps them stand out in their local roofing market.

    EAS Roofing has operated out of their spacious headquarters for the last two-plus years, and while the building doesn’t directly generate new leads, it does help the company with visibility.

    The building also serves as a place of business between homeowners and the company.

    “I wouldn’t say that we get a lot of business from having our own building, but we definitely get a lot of people who recognize our brand because we have a visible storefront,”

    Smith says.

    “Plus, sometimes people do come to our office to sign contracts or to see the different kinds of shingles that we offer.”

    In addition to having a small showroom and comfortable office space for clients and employees, EAS Roofing also has their own warehouse onsite.

    “We stock roofing materials in there,” Smith says. “My brother also uses it to detail our company trucks and keep them clean.”

    Beyond storage and vehicle maintenance, the onsite warehouse also contains essential items like extra skylights, plywood, and the Catch-All system, another tool that helps roofers during roof installations.

    “I love the Catch-All system,” Smith remarks. “Most times, our crews are hanging the Catch-All from the gutters, or they’re nailing it up onto the roof and draping it down.”

    The Catch-All is just one way that EAS Roofing looks out for homeowners.

    Additionally, the roofing company also predominantly installs CertainTeed shingles because that shingle manufacturer has an excellent warranty program.

    Right now, EAS Roofing is part of the 5-Star Contractor Program at CertainTeed, but they are also Velux-certified when it comes to installing skylights.

    Plus, for homeowners who prefer a brand of shingles other than CertainTeed, Smith says his roofing company also offers Owens Corning shingles to customers.

    Moreover, in the years since their inception, EAS Roofing has established a solid reputation when it comes to workmanship.

    This alone helps generate leads for the roofing company, but as many contractors know, to remain profitable, a roofing company always has to be looking for ways to innovate.

    At EAS Roofing, they do this by optimizing their appointment center and allocating time and resources to consistently following up with homeowners.

    “The appointment center is one of the most important departments in our roofing company. They are the ones who are integral to our conversion rates because if you can increase your closing percentages, then everything else associated with the business increases,” Smith explains.

    One of the ways that EAS Roofing converts more leads involves utilizing cleverly devised methods for getting in touch with homeowners who have previously made contact with the roofing company.

    “We get leads that come in when we’re closed, so when we later call them back and the homeowner doesn’t immediately answer, we then call them again right away,”

    Smith says.

    “We do this because when someone sees the same phone number call twice, they understand it is important. This is one way we turn phone calls into appointments.”

    The strategy has thus far proved effective for EAS Roofing, considering every year they install hundreds of roofs for homeowners.

    “We do anywhere from 350-450 roof installs per year,” Smith says. “In 2018, we were ranked in the top-20 nationally with CertainTeed for their SureStart PLUS warranties because we register warranties on all of our jobs.”

    Seeing that Smith and EAS Roofing strive to accommodate homeowners with first-class customer service, it then comes as no surprise that what motivates Smith to operate a successful roofing business isn’t money or becoming the biggest contractor in Pittsburgh.

    Instead, Smith simply wants to make sure that everyone involved with his roofing company is able to live a good life.

    “I want to provide a better life for everyone who works at EAS Roofing,” he says. “I grew up in a low-income area, so I understand what it’s like to want to create a better life for yourself. At the same time, I want to get the best out of my employees, and I’m positive that working at EAS Roofing will give them the opportunity to realize their potential.”

    Another reason why EAS Roofing appears poised to maintain this level of success in the coming years is the fact that along with having a strong employee base, Smith is also willing to look outside his own doors in order to find ways to make his roofing company run more efficiently.

    Most recently, Smith added a few of the strategies that ACME Home Exteriors uses, including how to best optimize a production schedule.

    Smith says he made this decision after watching ACME Home Exteriors explain their production process in a recent Roofing Business School video.

    “I actually had my production manager come in and also watch that video. After watching it, she wanted to run our job schedule the same way because she loved everything about how ACME Home Exteriors managed their production schedule,” explains Smith.

    Smith also believes that being open to outside help will help his roofing company grow, and that it will also help his employees become better experts at their respective positions.

    “Having expertise is important, whether you’re a project manager or a sales guy,”

    Smith says.

    “My managers and my sales guys have to know what they’re talking about because I don’t want my homeowners to ever feel nervous about their roof. I want homeowners to feel confident at every point during the roof installation process.”

    To learn more about EAS Roofing, visit their website today or give them a call at 412-844-2171!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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