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    Dreamworx Roofing: How two roofers built their Dream Roofing Business

    In this Dreamworx Roofing interview, we got to speak with the owner’s Charlie Anderson & Steve Snyder.

    Dreamworx Roofing currently has a 4.8-star rating on Google, based on nearly 150 reviews, and they attribute much of their success to Roofing Insights and the invaluable information they learned through Dmitry Lipinskiy and the Roofing Business School.

    Recently, Roofing Insights paid a visit to Dreamworx Roofing to learn more about what has made them one of the most popular roofing contractors in their area.

    Keep reading to learn more about Charlie Anderson, Steve Snyder, and the entire Dreamworx Roofing operation!


    “I met Steve back in 2015,”

    says Charlie Anderson, the CEO of Dreamworx Roofing.

    “We said to each other that we wanted to create a great roofing company, and one that we as employees would actually want to work for. That’s what we embody in our company every day.”

    There is no doubt that over the years Dreamworx Roofing has created a company that attracts top local roofing talent. This has allowed them to grow into their spacious company headquarters, an office space that years ago they were not guaranteed of securing.

    “Actually, the story of getting our space is pretty funny,”

    says Anderson.

    Anderson describes getting into their office as a laborious affair, one that involved them being denied the space, which forced them to look into constructing a completely new building.

    “We were getting ready to build out a new place,”

    says Anderson.

    “We were going to put a deposit down to build a warehouse facility, and then the day we were getting ready to sign the contract, the guy from the original building called.”

    It was good timing for Dreamworx Roofing, especially once you consider that the tenant of the original building had leased the space for over twenty years.

    But once Anderson and Snyder became aware that their desired space was available, they quickly capitalized.

    “At that point, we couldn’t get down there fast enough,”

    says Anderson with a laugh.

    One unique aspect of Dreamworx Roofing is that after COVID-19 affected the way companies could do business, Dreamworx pivoted and installed mobile presentation stations in all of their vehicles.

    This is perfect for if a customer prefers to not have a roofing salesman come into their home.

    “If we get to a customer’s house and they don’t want us to go inside, we can just do the presentation from the vehicle,”

    says Snyder, who was also instrumental in developing his roofing company’s name.

    “We came up with Dreamworx Exteriors first, but we switched over to Dreamworx Roofing recently. A friend of mine said Dreamworx was a cool name. Charlie and I talked about it and we took it from there,”

    he explains.

    With roofing supplies already being limited in 2021, Dreamworx Roofing has decided to stockpile underlayment. Doing so not only helps them if there are shortages on supplies, but it also helps their production process run more smoothly.

    “If we stock underlayment, we can save a little bit on price and then run it to the job site,”

    says Snyder.

    “It also gets our guys there in the morning to meet with a customer. There is a reason for them to be there other than just to meet the homeowners. You can drop off materials, meet with a customer, and help the guys tarp the ground.”

    Right now, Dreamworx Roofing currently services central Pennsylvania, but they are also expanding their operation to cover more of the east coast.

    “We service the entire central Pennsylvania market, which includes Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Lebanon, and everything in between. We are also starting to get out toward the Philadelphia area,”

    says Anderson, who also notes how meaningful the state of Pennsylvania is to him.

    “I was originally born in this area. I moved around to all different parts of the country, but I ended up back here because it’s a great area. It’s small and it’s accessible. It’s not overpriced to live here and there are a lot of great people that live in this area as well,”

    he adds.

    Snyder echoes that sentiment.

    “It’s close to everything. We can get to Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and New York pretty quickly. We are also close to Hershey, Pennsylvania, which is really cool because that town smells like chocolate,”

    he says.

    “I love this area. It has a small-town vibe. It’s not a huge city area. I like it because it’s not so crazy.”

    That being said, living in central Pennsylvania does come with its fair share of challenges, but since Dreamworx Roofing has been in business since 2015, they are more than capable of assisting homeowners with everything from roof repairs to complicated insurance claims.

    “I’ve been doing roofing since 2001. It’s something I became good at and that’s why I love it. I enjoy being up on roofs, helping customers out, showing my knowledge to people, and being able to solve their issues with roof leaks and things like that,”

    says Snyder.

    Adds Anderson:

    “Roofing can be challenging in Pennsylvania, specifically when it comes to insurance claims because we do get a lot of wind, especially in the March and April months. That’s why they call it the March winds.”

    All of this contributes to Anderson and Snyder sharing a deep love and respect for the roofing industry, even when times are difficult and the various challenges test their collective mettle.

    “Roofing is definitely not an easy business, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world,”

    says Anderson.

    “My first year in business, we started in the middle of the winter. We were so slow. I was so far behind on my bills that I literally had a newborn baby daughter in my arms and my power got shut off. That only gave me more motivation to double down. Thoughts of doubt crept into my head, but I knew that there was more to it. Looking back on that moment, I realize I can’t be doing anything else. It’s awesome to be able to help somebody, especially with an insurance claim. Most people only buy one roof in their lifetime and that can cost around $15,000, so if I can help somebody navigate their insurance process and help them get a roof for 98% off, that’s what keeps me excited to go to work every single day.”

    Snyder is equally as passionate.

    “Last year we had a generous offer to buy our business out. Charlie and I went back-and-forth over the idea, but ultimately, we couldn’t do it. We couldn’t give up our baby. We love this industry too much to let it go and now we sleep well at night knowing we made the decision not to sell our company.”

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    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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