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    Catch All Roofing System: Review & Give Away

    You might remember that last week, Roofing Insights was down in Tyler, Texas to speak with Heath Hicks, owner of AVCO Roofing.

    One of the many topics discussed was Hicks’ patented CATCH ALL roofing system. The CATCH ALL is just like the name sounds. It snatches all the loose nails and debris that come off roofs during a job.

    Any contractor will tell you that despite a quality cleaning effort, nails and other small items get lost in the grass and small crevices along the side of the house.

    Most contractors will also tell you that customers HATE when they find these miscellaneous items, so much so that they usually ask the roofer to make amends.

    “I was a sales guy in people’s front yards for seven years,”

    Hicks explains.

    “I dealt with disappointed or frustrated customers so many times about things I thought were small details,”

    he says, referring to the leftover debris he figured was inevitable on a jobsite.

    “I was tired of people who wouldn’t give referrals, or who would want to give negative reviews,”

    he adds.

    Annoyed by customer complaints, Hicks decided to no longer dismiss their gripes. Instead, he decided to seek a solution.

    For the next few years, he experimented with a number of different ways to keep debris off people’s properties. He tried tarps, bought

    $750 magnets, and even invested in a few metal detectors.

    Unfortunately, none of his ideas remedied the situation.

    “I’ve never heard any roofing business owner talk so passionately about a nail problem,”

    Dmitry chirps as the two of them sit across from each other.

    Yet Hicks knew he was onto something. He calculated that finding a reliable way to keep debris off lawns and flower beds could save his crews up to 3 hours in cleanup time.

    But success wouldn’t come easy.

    “Every time I tried something that didn’t work, I got more determined to solve the problem,”

    Hicks says, although this type of persistency would soon pay off for Hicks.

    A breakthrough serendipitously arrived one afternoon when a member of his crew saw how upset a customer had become over fallen debris in their yard.

    Interested in finding a solution, the employee pulled Hicks aside afterwards and showed him how a net on the back of his trailer could keep nails and other pesky nuisances contained.

    The timing was lucky. Usually crews never see or have to deal with a dissatisfied customer, mostly because customers don’t see any problems until after the roof is completed.

    But the employee’s idea proved to be correct, and now him and Hicks had a way to keep debris in check.

    They named their new invention the CATCH ALL.

    Over time, they developed over 13 patents on the product, and now they sell CATCH ALL’s to other roofers. Additionally, many customers clamor for the CATCH ALL because they know how beneficial it is to their lawn and home.

    As the CATCH ALL slogan goes: save time, save money, happy homeowners.

    Hicks has developed the formula to ensuring all 3 components of his slogan play out.

    Remember, guys, it’s not always the roof that customers are concerned about.

    In the past, Roofing Insights has discovered 3 common complaints customers have, and they have nothing to do with what’s being installed on the tops of their homes. They are:

    1. Not cleaning up a jobsite well
    2. Not returning phone calls
    3. Speeding in neighborhoods

    All 3 of these issues are easily preventable, and they can put thousands of dollars in your pockets.

    Before you go, Roofing Insights is teaming up with ARCO Roofing to give away 1 FREE CATCH ALL to a lucky subscriber.

    All you have to do is comment on the YouTube video associated with this post, detailing your best selling point for why the CATCH ALL would help your business.

    Heath Hicks will choose his favorite, and the winner will then receive a free CATCH ALL system.

    That’s a $3,000 value, at no cost to you!

    Not a lucky person? Don’t worry!

    If you’re interested in purchasing a CATCH ALL system, you can use the promo code “Insights500” to receive $500 off your own CATCH ALL system.

    Thank you for reading this article, and don’t forget to subscribe to all our social media platforms here at Roofing Insights!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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