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    XM8 Mastery – Xactimate Training with Alena Wilson


    The Roofing Business School has just upgraded our program to offer all our students even more value.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy and Roofing Insights are partnering with Alena Wilson to now offer all our $499-level students her XM8 Mastery course, at no extra charge!

    XM8 Mastery was designed by Wilson to help contractors learn how to supplement and put hundreds of thousands of dollars right into their pockets! Unsure what exactly Xactimate is?

    Keep reading to learn more about Alena Wilson and how XM8 Mastery can turn your business into a highly profitable machine.


    For those who aren’t sure how Xactimate works, it’s simple:

    Xactimate is an app that helps contractors supplement their jobs by billing insurance for all the required tasks and labor that are needed on a particular jobsite.

    You may be asking, isn’t that what insurance already does? Why do I need to supplement each job?

    Well, unfortunately, insurance companies rarely properly assess the cost of a job.

    Wilson estimates that most insurance companies undervalue roofing jobs between 25-40%. In addition to that number, Wilson also says that insurance companies account for supplementing when they create their estimates, but of course, they don’t share this information with homeowners or contractors.

    It’s a rigged game that has left countless homeowners fuming over the years, but it’s also the reason people like Wilson exist.

    After ten years of working to hold insurance companies accountable, Wilson has seen it all, including ridiculous claim denials from insurers who will do and say anything to avoid compensating their customers.

    A few of the most popular explanations from disagreeable insurance companies, according to Wilson:

    1. We won’t be paying for flashing because “we already have this included in another line item.”
    2. “You’re the first contractor to ever ask for this.”
    3. “I have five other contractors right now who would be willing to do it for our price.”

    As a contractor, it’s important not to be discouraged when an insurance company’s adjuster feeds you these preconceived lines. This irritating repartee is simply part of the game you have to play in order to be successful in this business.

    As mentioned earlier, contractors who don’t supplement lose money.

    Just how much money are they losing?

    Please consider that if you’re a million-dollar company and you’re not supplementing, you’re leaving about $250,000 on the table.

    And if you’re not supplementing, now is the perfect time to change that by taking advantage of Roofing Insights’ recent integration with Alena Wilson and XM8 Mastery.

    Wilson says learning Xactimate is not a long process, so if you want to hire an in-house adjuster, or learn the software yourself, you won’t have to wait long to see immediate results.

    “After a good solid two weeks, they should be able to write a really tight, wonderful estimate,”

    Wilson says of newcomers, adding that after another month or two, you or your adjuster will also have learned how to communicate with the pesky adjusters over at the insurance company.

    The XM8 Mastery course itself is only twenty hours, meaning if someone is willing to devote an hour a day to learning Xactimate, within a few weeks they will be ready to make money.

    “It’s twenty hours of training,”

    Wilson says.

    “I bake in a lot of exercises and hands-on content. They [students] are not just going to sit there and watch a long webinar that I cut up. I create an actual course that is hands-on learning, so that learning sticks, and they’re actually writing real-world estimates.”

    Think XM8 Mastery is for you?

    Click here to join our Roofing Business School!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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