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    What is Content Marketing?

    7 steps to promote your company

    Everyone knows social media is important for a business in 2021, but not everyone is aware of how to actively use different platforms to generate business.

    In this video, Dmitry goes over the 7 steps you can take as a business owner to promote your company and eventually put more money in your pocket.

    1. Find Your Mediums

    There are so many avenues for you to create content. Whether it’s videos, blogging, or Snapchat, you as a business owner have the chance to turn people onto your company, even if they’re not immediately ready to buy from you or are in need of a service.

    Even if you’re not the creative type, you still have to create content people want to watch, listen, or read.

    Hire freelancers or new employees to help you with blogs and videos.

    In other words, outsource your weaknesses!

    2. Only Create Content You Love

    This is fairly obvious, but don’t create content that you yourself don’t love.

    Subjecting your audience to subpar content is not a good way to build your brand.

    Some companies create content just so people don’t forget about them.

    Don’t be like them.

    Even if it means creating less content, ensure that the quality of what you put out never suffers.

    Don’t create so that people don’t forget you. Create content so that people CAN’T forget you!

    3. Once You Pick Your Passion, Show Off Your Expertise

    Offer your audience something they don’t already know. By establishing yourself as an expert in your field, people are that much more likely to trust you, and later to buy from you.

    If you’ve been in the roofing industry for ten years, you’ve probably learned a thing or two.

    Show the world what you know by creating content that caters to your background and insights.

    4. You Have to Produce Content Regularly

    Uploading a video or pumping out one blog a month is NOT the way to build your subscriber base. You need to constantly be innovating and creating content that people can’t wait to watch.

    Hugely popular YouTube channels premiere their videos almost as if they are events or blockbuster movies. Generate buzz by cross-promoting your content on all social media platforms.


    5. You Have to Optimize Your Content to the Fullest

    Tags on your blogs, or even the titles of your YouTube videos can have a huge effect on whether your content is being seen by viewers.

    YouTube and other major platforms have algorithms that promote videos based on the traffic they generate, but also by what keywords are in videos or blog titles.

    Learn these formulas so that you can properly attract an audience, but don’t change your content to pander to the audience. People love authenticity and transparency just as much as they love validation and affection.

    It’s not necessarily WHAT your content says. It’s more about HOW you deliver information.

    This is important to keep in mind because you never know who is watching your content.

    6. Promote Your Content Regularly

    Even if you’re struggling to gain followers or recognition, that’s fine. If you’re regularly creating content, you’re two steps ahead of your competitors who rarely post, or gulp, never use social media at all.

    You don’t need to create something new every day, but you do need to market yourself every day. Posting on social media is a great way to do this.

    Drive people to the content you want them to see.

    For example, after posting a YouTube video, post that video on Instagram and Facebook so that your followers there can see that you’ve posted.

    7. Make Sure You Offer a Service You Can Monetize

    Your content is an easy way to build a following, and this is where you need to capitalize. Have links and phone numbers that people can click on and call.

    Drive them to what it is you offer.

    Free content is great, but it also has to serve a purpose.

    At Roofing Insights, we tackle many different topics, the purpose being to establish ourselves as industry leaders.

    We do this because then when someone has a leaky roof, we are the first company they call because we have established ourselves in the marketplace not only through our quality service, but also through our online presence.

    And that’s your 7 steps for how to effectively create content that will reach audiences!

    Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog and follow us on all social media so that you never miss a post or video!

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel CEO of Storm Group Roofing Founder of Roofing Business School

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    Roofing Online Business School
    Our school will teach you everything you need
    to know about the roofing business
    Roofing Process Conference 2022
    December 1 -2
    Paris, Las Vegas
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