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    Insurance Companies Using A.I. to Scan Roofs + Traveling Conmen

    What’s going on in the roofing industry this week?

    • Did you know that Texas used more solar than coal power this last month? Solar in Texas is just good business!
    • Traveling con-men are doing damage and trying to cash in.
    • These are just a few of the roofing industry news stories you can learn about in this video or by reading on:

    Badger’s Corner: A Call for Stricter Standards in the Public Adjusting Industry

    This week’s episode of “The Roofing Report” opens with an impactful discussion led by Steve Badger on the urgent need for higher standards within the public adjusting sector. After two public adjusters were caught committing fraud—forging homeowner signatures and pocketing insurance payments—Steve argues for stricter entry requirements into the profession. Citing the minimal barriers to entry, he questions the adequacy of current licensing practices that allow individuals with little to no training or experience to handle significant financial transactions. This segment calls on the audience to weigh in: should the threshold for becoming a public adjuster be raised?

    Key Takeaways:

    • Public adjusters currently face minimal barriers to entry.
    • The lack of stringent requirements may lead to more frequent instances of fraud.
    • Audience engagement is encouraged to discuss potential reforms.

    Texas Embraces Solar: A Sustainable Shift in Energy Consumption

    In a major environmental shift, Texas has now begun to derive more of its electricity from solar energy than from coal. This remarkable transition highlights not only the growing affordability and efficiency of solar technology but also the state’s commitment to diversifying its energy sources. Despite the lack of local incentives that states like California offer, Texas has surged ahead, becoming a leader in solar installations and job creation within the industry. The trend away from coal and towards renewable energy sources is expected to continue, marking a significant step towards sustainability.

    Key Highlights:

    • Solar energy in Texas surpassed coal in powering the state.
    • The state ranks high nationally in solar installations and job creation.
    • Texas achieved this without the extensive incentives found in other states.

    Innovation at Your Rooftop: How AI is Transforming Roof Inspections

    The episode also delves into the technological advances transforming the insurance industry, specifically through the use of AI in roof inspections. Companies like Nearmap and Zesty AI are at the forefront, employing AI to analyze aerial images of roofs more efficiently and accurately than human inspectors. This not only speeds up the insurance process but also enhances the accuracy of data on roof conditions, potentially leading to better policy pricing and preventive roof maintenance.


    • AI tools analyze roof conditions faster and more accurately than traditional methods.
    • This technology could lead to more tailored insurance policies and proactive roof maintenance.
    • The integration of AI in inspections is likely to expand across the insurance industry.

    Roofing Insights: Upcoming Events and Opportunities for Industry Engagement

    Lastly, the episode spotlights an upcoming event hosted by Roofing Insights, inviting contractors, social media influencers, and manufacturers to a product test and review day. This gathering not only offers a chance to witness the effectiveness of roofing products firsthand but also provides networking opportunities within the industry. Events like these underscore the community aspect of the roofing business and encourage active participation and knowledge-sharing among professionals.

    Opportunities for Engagement:

    • Open invitation to a product review day, emphasizing community and learning.
    • A platform for networking and firsthand product testing and demonstrations.
    • Encourages interaction between contractors, manufacturers, and content creators.
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