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    Tilcor Metal VS Asphalt Shingles with Chris Danielson

    Most homeowners choose to go with asphalt shingles for their home because of the cost and ease of installation that comes with purchasing that product.

    Fair enough.

    But when you compare tilcor metal vs asphalt shingles, it may not be as clear of a decision.

    In a society that is constantly clamoring for the next best thing, homeowners now are being tuned in to a new type of roofing system: metal.

    Metal roofing has been around for years and is considered by many to be the preeminent roofing system.

    Yet the reason metal roofs have never gained traction among homeowners is because of their hefty price tag.

    For context, an average asphalt shingle job may cost $20,000.

    Many homeowners pay for this with their insurance proceeds, which brings their cost down to whatever their deductible is.

    Metal roofs are a little trickier. They will run you about $45,000, and while insurance will cover a percentage of that cost (assuming a homeowner previously had an asphalt shingle roof), unfortunately, homeowners are typically the ones paying for this upgrade in roofing systems.

    You might be asking, why would anyone buy a metal roof?

    Well, if you crunch the numbers, a metal roof may actually save homeowners money over the lifespan of their home.

    This is because most asphalt shingle roofs only last 10-15 years and are covered by complex warranties filled with legalese that offers no real protection for the homeowner.

    Meanwhile, metal roofs are thought to last over 50 years, and most manufacturers actually honor their warranties.

    So, if your asphalt shingle roof costs $20,000 and you replace it 2-3 times over the course of your home’s lifespan, you’re potentially losing money by not opting for the $45,000 metal roof right away.

    Please note:

    Not every homeowner is a candidate for metal roofs

    According to Tilcor rep Chris Danielson, or Old Tin Man, as he’s known on social media, there are numerous factors that go into determining whether a metal roof is right for a homeowner.

    A few are price and how long a homeowner plans to live in the home, and how important a customer deems their roof to be.

    Despite its relative anonymity and lack of market share, metal roofs are still trending upward.

    “Metal roofing in general is definitely gaining steam,”

    Danielson says.

    “Within the metal roofing category, stone-coated is definitely growing in popularity.”

    This is in part due to the aforementioned warranties of metal roofs, which typically are honored for the full 50 years. Again, this a far cry from the warranties offered by asphalt shingle companies.

    “Warranties in general are not meant to be easy,”

    explains Danielson.

    “They’re written by attorneys, so I think in general, no matter what product you’re talking about, it’s tricky. Some people love to dig into warranties. Some people honestly could care less. When it comes to asphalt, there’s a lot of language in those warranties that truly doesn’t make them a 50-year warranty.”

    As far as roofing companies adapting to the small increase in demand for metal roofs, Danielson says it hasn’t happened yet, but that alone means there is a huge opportunity out there for any company who is willing to add metal roofs to their list of services.

    Additionally, there are good margins in metal roofing, and experienced crews often make double what they would on an asphalt job because of the extra time needed to install metal roofs.

    “There’s definitely good earning potential, and the amount of skilled guys, that’s crucial,”

    says Danielson, who also mentions that the best way for companies to get involved in metal roofing these days is to hire an experienced and reputable crew who specializes in metal roof installation.

    The next time you’re in the market for an upgraded roof, discuss with your roofing contractor whether a metal roof is right for you!

    To further help you make the right decision when choosing between asphalt shingles and metal roofing, here is a list of the pros and cons of each. To kick things off, let’s start with metal roofing materials.

    Metal Roofing Pros

    Metal roofs come with a slew of great pros. Here are some of the key ones to keep in mind when making your decision.

    Metal roofs are durable – As we mentioned earlier, metal roofs can be extremely durable. In a McGraw-Hill survey, nearly 50% of homeowners who opted for metal roofing cited its durability or strength as the reason for choosing it. When a metal roof is installed correctly, it can last around 50 years. That’s a long time. If you live in an area with a lot of wind, you can be confident that your metal roof is there to stay.

    Metal roofs can help you limit your carbon footprint – For homeowners concerned about their carbon footprint and want an environmentally-friendly home, metal roofing is a smart choice. Asphalt shingles are dependent on fossil fuels and need to be replaced often, leading to an increase in waste. Metal roofs, on the other hand, can be recycled and will last a lifetime. In addition, they are energy efficient and can reduce cooling costs by as much as 25%, according to the Metal Roofing Alliance.

    Metal roofs look great! – As previously mentioned, not every home is the perfect candidate for metal roofs. For example, modern homes tend to pull it off a little bit better than more classic homes. That’s not to say it can’t look good on older homes! When it comes to making the right choice from an aesthetic perspective, it’s all about your style preferences.

    Metal Roofing Cons

    Metal roofs aren’t perfect. So, when deciding on your roofing material, you have to carefully weigh the pros and cons and your individual needs. Take these cons into consideration when making your final decision.

    Metal roofs are expensive – As mentioned, metal roofs tend to be more expensive. But, you also have to consider that they will last longer. So, there is give and take there.

    Metal roofs can be dented – You have to be careful about which type of metal roof you go with. Some brands may be more susceptible to dents than others. So, make sure to research and look for which brands get good marks within their reviews.

    Asphalt Roofing Pros

    Now let’s break down the pros and cons of asphalt roofing. First up, the pros.

    Asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive – Obviously, prices vary depending on the brand, but you can find some really good asphalt shingles that are very cost-effective.

    Asphalt shingles will work with any style – Regardless of the style of your home, it’s a pretty safe bet that asphalt shingles will look pretty darn good on them. They also come in a wide variety of styles. So, if one option might not work, there is bound to be another one that will!

    Asphalt shingles are really easy to install – Some homeowners will appreciate the ease in which asphalt shingles can be installed. Others are willing to be more patient with a metal roofing installation for a more durable finished product (which won’t take that much longer).

    They are easy to replace – If you do ever need to replace your asphalt shingles, doing so is relatively easy.

    Asphalt Roofing Cons

    Asphalt shingles are vulnerable to wind uplift – While metal roofs are extremely durable against wind, if you live in a climate that experiences heavy winds, you can expect that repairs will be necessary on your asphalt roof. Simply put, they just can’t handle harsh winds nearly as well.

    They are susceptible to cracking – If you live in a climate where the weather fluctuates back and forth to extremes, cracking will also be possible.

    Asphalt shingles simply don’t last as long – As we’ve documented, asphalt shingles don’t last nearly as long as metal roofing, or just in general. Paying for higher quality shingles will help you get more years out of them.

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    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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    1. It’s great to know that metal roofs now have options that can improve the looks of your house. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them before, but I was always afraid of how they would make my house look. If I can find a roofing expert that has these nicely designed metal options, I’ll hire them right away.

    2. I just finished reading your blog post discussing the comparison between tilcor metal roofing and asphalt shingles, and I must say, your insights really got me thinking. You’ve tackled an aspect of home improvement that’s often overlooked, and your analysis sheds light on the complexities of roofing choices.

      It’s true that many homeowners, including myself, often lean towards asphalt shingles due to their affordability and easy installation. Your acknowledgment of this common preference is a relatable starting point.

      However, I was really intrigued by your exploration of the metal roofing option. The way you presented it as a new and innovative choice for homeowners who are seeking the next best thing is exciting. And while metal roofing has a reputation for being a top-notch system, the discussion about its initial cost being a deterrent was quite thought-provoking.

      You’ve given me a lot to consider, and I appreciate the balanced approach you’ve taken in weighing the pros and cons of both options. Your post certainly broadened my perspective and has me reconsidering the possibilities for my own roofing project.

      Thanks for sharing this insightful content in a way that’s relatable and easy to understand. I’m looking forward to more of your informative posts in the future!

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