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    The strategy behind RI Directory

    Here’s one reason why SEO is important for your business:

    “More people search roofers on the BBB than any other carrier. There were 6 million searches in 2019,”

    says Dmitry Lipinskiy, the owner of Roofing Insights.

    SEO is so important, one year ago Dmitry reached out Tim Brown of the Hook Agency to see how he could help optimize his performance on Google and other search platforms.

    One year later, Roofing Insights has creeped onto the first page of Google searches in a number of categories.

    This is obviously huge for the Roofing Insights brand, but there is still more to come, and with the help of Tim Brown and the Hook Agency, Dmitry has been slowly implementing new strategies to connect homeowners and contractors via the Roofing Insights Directory.

    “The directory itself is a great idea,”

    Brown tells Dmitry, and that’s because it is.

    Other platforms that connect homeowners and contractors, like the BBB and HomeAdvisor, charge contractors commissions for leads. Most of the time, those leads aren’t any good.

    With the Roofing Insights Directory, contractors are not charged a commission for leads. Instead, they pay a low monthly fee to become part of a roofing business school. During these courses, Dmitry tutors and mentors roofers, helping them up their game in the industry by tuning them into things like: hiring a receptionist, wrapping their vehicles, and investing in a CRM.

    It’s a great service, for both homeowners and contractors. The goal right now for Roofing Insights is to continue ascending the chain of Google algorithms and reach the same level as the conglomerates.

    This is no easy task, especially because entities like BBB and HomeAdvisor have grasped a stranglehold on the SEO’s by pumping millions of dollars into advertising and marketing.

    But with the help of the Hook Agency’s creative focus on targeting particular areas of the country, along with Dmitry’s dogged determination, it’s likely that the Roofing Insights Directory will soon be competing with the titans of the roofing industry for prime viewership.

    “We have adjacent content that we’re going to be putting around the more regional searches. We know how to do that in an aggressive way that will feature the roofers in the directory,”

    Hook says, highlighting specific markets in Texas, New York, and Florida instead of going for nationwide-types of campaigns.

    This goes in direct contrast with the big corporations like BBB and HomeAdvisor because they don’t focus on targeting smaller regions. Their specialty instead hones in on nationwide campaigns that don’t reach suburban and sometimes even rural parts of the country.

    “We know how to make stuff rank,”

    Brown asserts.

    Part of Brown’s strategy is cross-promotion. He says the value of content is best exploited when it is distributed on multiple platforms.

    A great example:

    Creating YouTube videos and blogs, then inserting links for both on each platform. This strategy appeals to readers and viewers alike, while also catching the attention of Google’s algorithms.

    Essentially, if Google sees traffic for the same content on multiple platforms, it’s then going to promote that content.

    “What we want is to share the authority,”

    Brown notes, also adding that

    “we believe it’s better to think small. The more specific we go, the more that they [national companies] aren’t going to try to compete with us there.”

    Continued growth is what Dmitry hopes will happen for his Roofing Insights Directory, but Dmitry still maintains that the goal of the directory is not centered around profits.

    “I don’t want to connect everybody with everyone,”

    Dmitry admits, which means he won’t accept contractors into his directory simply for the sake of adding revenue.

    This is because no matter how well-intentioned some contractors are, the Roofing Insights Directory doesn’t want contractors who are either storm chasers or exhibit shoddy workmanship.

    And even if contractors make it into the Roofing Insights Directory, their spot on the list is only guaranteed if they continue to enroll in the business school and exemplify outstanding service to customers.

    This isn’t meant to be a scare tactic.

    Contractors don’t have to be perfect, and small mistakes will happen, but any contractor who steals money from homeowners or who isn’t willing to fix their mistakes will be forever removed from the Roofing Insights Directory.

    All of this equals a smart business plan because Dmitry is sacrificing quick revenue in favor of long-term stability, which will ultimately bring in those profits that he’s seeking once the Roofing Insights Directory proves to be as good as advertised.

    Real quick: Dmitry wants to thank Tim Brown and his staff at the Hook Agency for helping Roofing Insights’ online presence grow over the last year.

    If you’re a contractor who is curious about how the Hook Agency can help your business grow, you can set up a call with them at this link.

    Thank you for reading this article, and don’t forget to subscribe to all of Roofing Insights’ social media channels!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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