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    Space Junk Crashes Through, Solar Installers Bankrupt & Other News

    This week, we’ve got some explosive stories you won’t want to miss. From a NASA lawsuit to the latest in solar company shutdowns, let’s dive into the headlines making waves in the roofing industry. Plus, don’t forget our 4th of July giveaway!

    Space Junk Crashes Through Roof: Family Sues NASA

    Imagine a piece of space debris crashing through your roof! That’s exactly what happened to a Florida family when a chunk of metal, ejected from the International Space Station three years ago, fell into their home. The metal was supposed to burn up in the atmosphere, but it didn’t. Now, the family is suing NASA for $80,000 to cover repairs and emotional damages.

    • NASA Lawsuit: Family seeks $80,000 for damages.
    • Space Debris: Originated from the ISS, failed to burn up.
    • Legal Uncertainty: No clear precedent for domestic space debris cases.

    This case could set a legal precedent for future incidents involving space debris. Stay tuned to see how this unfolds.

    Solar Installers Going Bankrupt: What It Means for You

    The solar industry is facing a crisis. Titan Energy, along with several other major solar installers, has gone bankrupt, leaving customers in a lurch. These bankruptcies void the 25-year warranties and service agreements many customers relied on, causing massive headaches for homeowners.

    • Solar Bankruptcies: Titan Energy and others shut down.
    • Customer Impact: Warranties and service agreements voided.
    • Industry Outlook: Analysts predict more bankruptcies.

    An equity firm, Muddy Waters, is betting against Sunrun stock, questioning the sustainability of their promises to customers. This turmoil highlights the need for better regulations in the solar industry to protect consumers.

    Unlicensed Adjusters: Iowa Cracks Down

    The Iowa Insurance Division has issued cease and desist orders to four contractors acting as public adjusters without a license. Steve Badger weighed in, criticizing these unlicensed storm-chasers for setting unrealistic expectations and delaying payouts.

    • Unlicensed Adjusters: Cease and desist orders issued.
    • Steve Badger’s Take: Blames contractors for higher insurance costs.

    This crackdown raises questions about the balance of responsibility between contractors and insurers in driving up costs.

    Political Divide Over Solar Energy

    A Pew Research Center poll reveals a growing political divide over solar energy. Republican support for expanding solar and wind farms has dropped significantly, while Democratic support remains steady. This raises the question of whether residential solar could become a political issue.

    • Political Divide: Republican support for solar drops 20 points.
    • Poll Focus: Large-scale solar and wind projects.
    • Future Implications: Potential for residential solar to become politicized.

    The results highlight the need for bipartisan support to ensure the growth and stability of the solar industry.

    South Dakota Roofing Business Raid: 125 Guns Seized

    Cory Cummings, owner of Mitchell Roofing and Siding, was arrested after the ATF raided his home and business. Authorities found 125 firearms, including machine guns and silencers, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. Cummings faces multiple felony charges and will be back in court soon.

    • Roofing Business Raid: 125 firearms seized.
    • Charges: Drug possession, stalking, and harassment.
    • Court Proceedings: Status hearing upcoming.

    This shocking discovery underscores the sometimes-hidden dangers within the industry.

    Good News: Ironclad Construction Steps Up

    Amidst all the turmoil, Ironclad Construction in South Dakota is doing some good. They’re running a roof giveaway through August 15th to help their community recover from recent storms. It’s a heartwarming reminder of the positive impact businesses can have on their communities.

    • Community Support: Ironclad Construction’s roof giveaway.
    • Deadline: August 15th.

    This initiative is a great example of businesses stepping up to support their local areas in times of need.

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