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    Satisfying Immediacy Trumps Loyalty

    Take full advantage of Google’s report that says consumer behavior is quickly changing

    By Ethen Kim Lieser

    It is indeed shocking, but here is what one can take away from a recent Google report: We are all becoming like goldfish. Why? It all has to do with our attention spans, which are getting shorter and shorter by the day. Research has shown that most humans can stay focused on an idea or task for an average of 9 seconds. This figure is about the longest time that a goldfish has ever looked at underwater vegetation before something else captures its attention.

    That’s just one part of Google’s eye-opening report. And let’s not take this tech behemoth lightly. Take a quick look around and you will see nearly everyone on his or her smartphone, which is akin to a modern computer, consuming and analyzing data and information. Google is a big part of that, and as a contractor or business owner, really try to dig into what the report is saying about consumer behaviors. Then create a game plan to take full advantage of that information.

    Numbers don’t lie

    Like other successful tech companies, Google relies on heaps of data and information to gauge consumer behaviors and business trends. For your own business, utilize these numbers, such as quantifying how customers select roofing contractors, to grow and scale in the future. In short, make the technology work for you.

    Right here, right now

    Always focus on satisfying immediacy and not placing so much emphasis on loyalty. In today’s world, patience is rare, and people want their products or services right now, as if waiting is some kind of life-threatening disease. Your job isn’t about changing that newfound consumer behavior. It’s about adapting yourself and your company to really take advantage of the modern consumer. One great example is the door-knocker who usually comes around after a major hail storm. Yes, the consumer is skeptical at first, but this is his or her chance to solve the issue right here, right now and not have to think about it anymore. Many consumers do choose this route, and you as the business owner will suffer because of it.

    Loyalty is a thing of the past

    The fact that many consumers are relying on services of out-of-town contractors shows that loyalty has gone out the window. Today’s consumers only want convenience and no-hassle completion of the job. They don’t want to make that extra phone call or fill out that extra document. On average, people only stay in their current homes for five years. After they move, they’ve already probably gone on to the next contractor. If you can quickly do the job right without all the sideshows, the consumer will hire you. It has nothing to do with loyalty, and all about satisfying immediacy.

    Your first employee should be a receptionist

    Some knowledgeable folks out there might advise you to hire sales reps first, but don’t for a second believe that. Yes, it is true that sales can bring in much-needed cash, but by not having that all-important receptionist, you’re not going to be available 24/7, which is a definite must-have in today’s business world. People aren’t going to wait half a day for you to call back. That’s potentially losing a lifelong customer right there, and you’ve wasted all your time-consuming efforts in branding and marketing. If you’re always taking that phone call and replying to that email, your leads will naturally flourish. That only means more business for you.

    Be responsive in everything you do

    Like the receptionist, you must also be on your toes 24/7, because potential leads are coming in on all fronts. Maybe it’s late at night or really early in the morning, but if you get that text message or email, get to your smartphone and reply. Create a daily routine where you set aside time and energy to engage with your potential clients, as this will only set you up for long-term success. Also, be aware of hashtags and what’s being posted on all of the social media platforms. If you see yourself or your company being mentioned on there, quickly take the appropriate action. It’s no surprise that whoever can reply to the potential client first will in all likelihood win that contract.

    Attention spans are getting shorter

    We as human beings are getting busier and busier. All round the clock, we are being inundated with data and information. Because of this, we have to quickly filter through all of that information, and as time is finite, we can only allot so much time to a certain task. Dmitry remembers back in the day how on any given night, there might be at the most five movies that he could pick to watch. Today, there are five different streaming services! There are so many choices that you have to go through 20 different trailers to just pick what you want to watch. As for your business, remember that this is the behavior of the modern consumer. If you do understand this, you will effectively create better content, calls to action and video hooks that will cater to these future clients.

    Don’t forget about your competition

    Each year, the roofing business becomes increasingly congested. New contractors are constantly entering this field, and what you have to do is better understand your competition. Using Google or Facebook ads is no longer a secret. In fact, if you want to scale your business, you have to use these platforms. As a business owner, you have to learn how to take a step back and maneuver your way through all the noise. Learn how to set yourself apart from others, because not differentiating yourself will only camouflage your business to your potential clients. Obviously, that’s not the recipe for success. It does indeed take a lot of self-reflection and brainstorming on your part. If you put in the effort to stand out from the crowd, you will surely reap the rewards.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel CEO of Storm Group Roofing Founder of Roofing Business School

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    Roofing Online Business School
    Our school will teach you everything you need
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