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    Roofs for teachers: Sheila Ford Story

    Roofs for Teachers is a program designed to help teachers throughout the United States get the roofs they sometimes desperately need.

    Since many teachers are undercompensated and underappreciated, Roofing Insights CEO Dmitry Lipinskiy wanted to find a way to give back to teachers.

    As a former aspiring teacher himself, Lipinskiy came up with Roofs for Teachers, a program that, with the help of sponsors, gives teachers new roofs, at no cost to them.

    The first beneficiary of this program was Molly Keenan in St. Paul, Minnesota. You can read about her story in the new Roofing Insights Magazine.

    For the second recipient, Roofing Insights and their co-host Brent Simmons selected Sheila Ford, an elementary school teacher at Scenic Hills Elementary in Memphis, Tennessee.

    That project was backed with the help of Atlas and also ABC Supply Co., plus Brent Simmons and his team at Restoration Roofing provided the labor.

    During installation, Simmons took a few moments to speak with Ford about not only her new roof, but also her positive effect on the local community.Adults come back, call me, come by the house and visit,

    Ford told Simmons in her lovely southern accent.

    Some of my favorite children come back, and they’re forever my children. I keep up with them as much as they want me to keep up with them.One of my teachers allowed me to teach the class a math lesson in middle school,

    she recounted.

    My peers understood what I was saying when they didn’t get it from the teacher. I later asked the lord, `what is it that I need to be doing,’ and that’s what I’ve been doing since I went to college.

    Dmitry Lipinskiy and Roofing Insights would again like to thank Sheila Ford and every other teacher for their tireless efforts to educate and improve the lives of so many young people.

    If you’re a good teacher, you’ll probably never be compensated for everything you do,

    Lipinskiy said during a recent promotional video that explained more about why he founded Roofs for Teachers.

    If you’re a contractor and want to become part of the Roofs for Teachers movement, become a member of the Roofing Insights Directory today!

    Then, nominate a teacher within your community by reaching out to Roofing Insights on any of their social media channels, with a message detailing why your nominated teacher is deserving of a new roof!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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    Roofing Online Business School
    Our school will teach you everything you need
    to know about the roofing business
    Roofing process conference
    December 3rd - 4th, 2020
    The Rosen Centre Hotel
    9840 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

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