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    Roofing Scam: Roofer Charged With Grand Theft

    When you’re hiring a contractor, you’re putting trust in a professional, right? You would assume they’d safeguard your hard-earned money as though it were their own.

    But what happens when the roofer uses your money to line his own pockets, and when the media talks to him about it, all he can come up with is a sob story.

    Beware the Common, Yet Often Overlooked, Roofing Scams

    While most of us would be quick to dial 911 if someone grabbed a wad of cash from our wallets, what happens when your roofer steals your deposit, and the crime is cleverly disguised under ‘business dealings’? Tragically, the police may not always race to the rescue, especially when these cases are often mistaken for ‘civil matters’.

    Quick Takeaways:

    • The roofing scam problem is bigger than you think.
    • Not all heroes wear capes – some reach out to media outlets!
    • Online exposure might be the modern-day kryptonite for scamming business owners.

    Interestingly enough – The Media might be more important than court system for situations like this

    Today’s media often carries more clout than the court system itself. A recent story unraveled a roofing contractor’s scam that came to light due to diligent reporting by Stacey Keys, a media professional. This savvy lady used the power of the media to pressure authorities to revisit and ultimately reopen a closed case. Three felonies later, the rogue roofer found himself facing the tune.

    Key Learnings:

    • When homeowners and media join forces, it’s bad news for scam artists.
    • Some scammy contractors have a weirdly charming delusion of being the ‘good guy’.
    • “If I were a criminal, I’d be in jail” isn’t a valid excuse. Well, guess where you’re headed now?

    Bills, Bills, Bills: The Roofer’s Lament

    When your roofer tells you, “Hey, I can’t even pay my own bills!” – you might want to grab your checkbook and run. Why? Because if someone is mismanaging their own money, what makes you think they’ll be any good with yours?


    • If a roofer can’t manage his finances, he’s probably not gonna be great with yours.
    • Taking money and doing zilch is fraud, plain and simple.
    • If you think licensing bodies or city authorities are your knights in shining armor, think again. It’s the wild west out here!

    Directorii.com to the Rescue!

    Feeling a little jaded? Fear not! For every villain, there’s a hero. Enter Directorii.com – the solution that screens contractors like an eagle-eyed grandma checking out her grandkid’s new date.

    Directorii.com Highlights:

    • Every listing goes through a rigorous background and credit check.
    • All contractors maintain a stellar 4.5-star rating or higher.
    • Worried about scams? There’s a guarantee against theft and bankruptcies, up to a whopping $20,000.

    In a world where you might feel a little lost and vulnerable, remember you have power – the power of information, community, and resources like Directorii.com. Before you hire your next contractor, make sure you’re protected. Because in this modern world, while you’re aiming for dreamy home improvements, you definitely don’t want your hard-earned money vanishing into thin air!

    Other Common Roofing Scams Every Homeowner Should Be Wary Of

    The home improvement world is, unfortunately, rife with pitfalls and scams. When it comes to roofing, the situation can get a bit “slippery when wet”. So, before you take that leap of faith and hand over your cash, let’s delve into some of the most common roofing scams you should be aware of!

    1. The “Storm Chaser” Scam

    How it Works: Contractors (often without proper credentials) will knock on your door right after a storm, claiming to have noticed damage on your roof. They’ll stress the urgency of repairs due to the recent bad weather.

    Avoiding the Trap: Always get a second opinion. And, remember, a legitimate local roofer will have high reviews on Google, and have evidence to their reputation in the community.

    2. The Unfinished Job

    How it Works: You pay for the job upfront, and then, poof! The contractor disappears faster than you can say “leaky roof.”

    Avoiding the Trap: Only pay a small deposit upfront. Any trustworthy roofer will agree to payment terms where the majority is paid after the job is completed.

    3. The “Mystery Damage” Scam

    How it Works: Some crafty contractors might “find” additional damages once they start work. Suddenly, your bill is soaring higher than your newly fixed roof.

    Avoiding the Trap: Always ask for photographic evidence of any “unexpected” damages. And get that second opinion if something feels fishy!

    4. Overcharging for Materials

    How it Works: The contractor may claim they’re using premium materials but instead use lower quality ones. Or they might overstate the amount of material required.

    Avoiding the Trap: Do your own research on material costs and quantities. If your 2-bedroom bungalow suddenly needs enough shingles to cover a mansion, you might be getting scammed.

    5. The Exaggerated Warranty

    How it Works: Your contractor might promise an unrealistically long warranty period. But if you read the fine print, you’ll find it’s full of loopholes.

    Avoiding the Trap: Always read the fine print! And do your research on standard warranty periods for the work and materials in question.

    Your roof is, quite literally, the shelter over your head. Protect it, and your wallet, by being vigilant. Do your homework, trust your gut, and always be wary of deals that seem too good to be true.

    So, got an opinion about this roofer-gone-rogue story?

    Drop it in the comments below!

    Until next time, stay savvy and scam-free!

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