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    Roofing Marketing: How much Roofers who don’t advertise can make?

    In the roofing industry, there are some contractors who think that roofing marketing is unnecessary, and that doing so is a waste of precious time and resources.

    While there are some roofing companies who have found success without marketing their business, the likelihood of that business every increasing is slim, especially in today’s landscape that is dominated by Google algorithms and reviews.

    As the owner of Roofing Business Partner, Adam Sand deals exclusively with roofing companies who, if nothing else, understand the potential value that marketing can bring to a business.

    “I don’t get exposed to a ton of companies that don’t advertise because that’s the gate to talk to me,”

    Sand says.

    It’s also why Sand is a big believer in the power of marketing, because he has seen firsthand how some companies have grown exponentially when they have creatively and effectively marketed their companies.

    Of course, marketing is not easy, and there is no true formula toward achieving success.

    This is one reason why so many roofing business owners are reticent to invest money in marketing their business.

    But Sand insists that instead of shying away from marketing due to the inherent risk, companies should be diligent and proactive about exploring solutions that may benefit their company.

    That’s because marketing ultimately boils down to trying to acquire market share, and while roofing companies can do $1-2 million in gross revenue without marketing, Sand says that operating without marketing ultimately limits everyone in the company.

    “They’re not creating an opportunity for themselves,”

    Sand says of business owners who don’t market.

    “They’re not building a business that they can sell. They’re not building a business that they can give to their kids. They just own a job, and there is nothing wrong with that.”

    Still, the reality is that roofing is very competitive, and becoming stagnant or complacent could pose a problem for some roofing companies.

    “Roofing is full, and construction is full. Trades are in demand,”

    says Sand.

    This is why some roofing companies will never have to advertise their company, simply because the demand is so great.

    “You don’t have to advertise to earn a good living. If you want to make $10,000 a month and buy a house and live comfortably, you can do that,”

    Sand notes.

    “But you have to be self-aware. You have to know what you want, so if you’re jealous, angry, or bitter at the guys who advertise, then there’s something off inside of you. You’re not self-aware. You’re jealous. You want your company to grow but you’re hating the player instead of hating the game because you don’t know how to play.”

    Fortunately, thanks to platforms like Directorii, there will always be jobs for companies who simply want to roof and not have to worry about expanding their business or marketing to consumers.

    “But if you want that bigger business, you’re going to have to invest in systems and processes,”

    Sand says.

    “You’re going to have to invest in coming up with innovative campaigns. You’re going to have to invest in mapping out how your company does business. You’re going to have to invest in leadership and payroll, but those guys are going to need to invest in marketing because the people who work for you, they’re counting on you to create expansion.”

    Again, that’s because most employees in a company want to evolve and continue to make more money, and not be stuck in the same role and salary for years on end.

    “People need to see expansion and growth. Progress and success bring unity,”

    Sand says.

    He then explains that when roofing business owners don’t invest in their companies it’s a selfish act because only the business owners are truly profiting.

    “You’re not creating opportunities for your team and you will constantly have turnover,”

    Sand warns.

    “Good people want to go somewhere where they can see the company expanding.”

    “Marketing is about expansion. You’re going for more market share and that means you have to spend more money on marketing.”

    Fortunately, the roofing industry is spoiled for choice because guys like Sand have spent years figuring out algorithms in order to determine what works.

    Yet Sand cautions that his system at Roofing Business Partner is not perfect because Facebook and other platforms are constantly changing.

    While this statement alone is why some roofers are hesitant to invest in marketing that cannot guarantee immediate results, Sand also says that marketers are not being dismissive with their claims surrounding the ever-changing Google and Facebook algorithms.

    Rather, the key to effective marketing is understanding that trends and strategies are always changing, which of course requires an adjustment period.

    Explains Sand:

    “How is some marketer like me supposed to know every little detail of an algorithm that even they [Facebook] can’t figure out, that backfires on them from time to time, that allowed things to go viral that they don’t want to go viral?”

    “They can’t control their own algorithm, but yet I’m supposed to as a guy who runs a tiny little boutique roofer marketer shop out of Canada.”

    Sand of course is being a tad facetious, but his point remains valid.


    You need marketing in order to grow, but don’t expect whomever you hire to work miracles.

    Getting better is a process.

    Simple as that.

    Are you a contractor looking to get more leads?

    Join Directorii today and become part of the only platform on the market that offers you and homeowners the safety and security of a $20,000 guarantee!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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