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    Why Google is Still The #1 Marketing Platform For Roofing Businesses

    Most roofing contractors aren’t leveraging Google like they should be for roofing lead generation in 2021.

    That’s a shame, because Google is still a very powerful when it comes to growing your roofing company.

    Roofers are still ignoring Google despite:

    • 90% of searches are happening on Google.
    • 300+ Million people searching on
    • People searching “Roofers near me” “Contractors Near me” “Roof repairs near me” – and just optimizing your Google My Business to show up at least in the map could significantly increase your leads.
    • There are many great resources and opportunities to maximize your efficiency on Google. For example, Hook Agency is an agency that we highly recommend. They’ve been a solid partner in helping RI dominate on Google.

    While there are other search engines out there, Google is the top dog and will be for the foreseeable future. Just take a look a look at this breakdown of the current search engine market share:

    While the search engine of choice for curious web users remains the same, what or who they Google changes each year. For example, here are the top people searches in 2020:

    Don’t be like most contractors and try search engine marketing once, and then give up

    Have you had a bad SEO partner? Join the club. Like any other function of your company you outsource, finding the right SEO partner can be difficult.

    • The average contractor has been screwed at least 3 times in the last 3 years by someone claiming to offer comprehensive SEO. Instead, they just take their money and don’t do shit for it.
    • Just because you’ve been screwed, doesn’t mean you should stop with SEO. You just need the right partner.

    How to be more successful with your Google-focused partner

    1. Don’t stop just because you had 1-2-3 bad experiences.
    2. Recognize you have to get a solid partner to help with Google no matter what, or spend an hour a day learning it. (If you can, highly suggested – this is the #1 lead generation strategy for roofers in 2021!)
    3. Make your partner accountable – look for a long-term relationship, but don’t be ignorant. You know more about your business than anyone else, be diligent about helping an agency or freelancer win.
    4. Ensure that your Google partner helps you understand where you are at on keywords, positioning.
    5. Make sure you have monthly check-ins and KNOW YOUR NUMBERS.

    Pay attention to how many people are searching – hold your SEO company accountable for giving you:

    • Keywords that people are searching to find you
    • What keywords are the most popular in general and in your area.
    • Trends, year over year data, and the amount of leads that are coming from Google.

    Stop wasting all your extra energy on Netflix and Politics

    Most roofers are going to ignore this advice.

    Instead – we get wrapped up in all of the drama of the world, and opt out of responsibility and waste away on the couch, and/or on social media.

    This time all adds up – For instance, if on an average day you spend:

    • 1 hour on Netflix
    • 1 hour on Politics
    • 1 hour fighting other roofers online.

    You just wasted 1,095 hours of your year. In 10 years – that’s 456 days of wasted time!

    Are you wasting a whole year of your life, instead of diving in and learning the basics of the biggest roofing lead generation platform that exists—or finding a partner that you can trust?

    Spend 1 hour a day trying to master Google

    What can you do to get started mastering Google?

    Three of the first steps – if your just starting out, according to this article ‘2021 Roofing SEO Tips” by Roofing SEO experts Hook Agency:

    1. Do local directory listings, and get as many 5-star reviews on Google as possible.
    2. Write meta titles and descriptions for all of your top money-making service pages. (Ideally also learn the basics of keyword strategy)
    3. Create videos for your top services as well to boost the ‘dwell time’ – and ensure every page has at least 500+ words so Google knows what it’s about.

    Partner with someone who understands Google

    Start with #1 – keep trying until you find a good partner.

    Think about it like a marriage—you’re single because you haven’t found the right marketer to partner with.

    Nobody is going to do work for you—it’s your job to take responsibility

    It’s not easy to get higher on Google, but being ignorant isn’t a solution.

    Our suggested partners:

    1. Elizabeth from Business411 – Business411 offers Google My Business Audits, Local SEO Audits, which detail what keywords you’re already ranking for, and auditing what technical things you may want to change on your site.
    2. Tim from Hook Agency – For Growth-mode roofers – that want to drive leads through Google. Hook Agency builds the top 5% of retail-oriented residential roofing companies ($1M+ companies) brand with them, by getting them higher on Google, website design, and paid ads.

    You have to find the right fit for you – who’s style do you jive with, who do you have a good relationship with?

    It’s your responsibility to ‘date around.’ And when you find someone who really knows what they are doing, lock it in, and aim for a long-term relationship.

    The other top lead generation platforms for 2021

    #2 – Facebook – What’s the next best roofing lead generation platform for 2021. Facebook and Facebook Ads.

    #3 – Thumbtack – #3 Lead Generation Platform for ROOFING BUSINESS | Roofing School Learn more about google and other marketing platforms in https://roofing-school.com Also try https://directorii.com: we connect home owners with contractors!
    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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    Roofing Online Business School
    Our school will teach you everything you need
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