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    ​​10 Best Roofing Gloves Used By Professional Roofers

    Finding the right pair of roofing gloves can make all the difference, especially for your hands if you’re out there roofing every day. You’ll need a pair of gloves that allows you to work freely while also providing protection.

    You may also need gloves that can protect your hands from cold. Here in Minnesota, we regularly experience winter temperatures of -20F or colder. When those freezing temps hit, hopefully, you don’t need to keep roofing, but if you do, the right pair of gloves will make a huge difference.

    man drilling on roof; roofing gloves for summer

    Best Roofing Gloves for Summer

    During the summer, you’re not going to need gloves that are nearly as thick, and you definitely don’t want insulation; otherwise, you’ll be sweating all day. So here are some of the best roofing gloves for summer.

    1. NoCry Cut-Resistant Work Gloves

    no cry cut resistant roofing gloves

    NoCry cut-resistant work gloves When you’re working through those hot summer days, you need something breathable, but that also keeps your hand protected against the sharp edges of roof flashing, nails, and everything else you’ll be putting your hands through.

    2. SHOWA Atlas 300S-07 Natural Rubber Glove

    The SHOWA Atlas 300S natural rubber gloves are shaped really well to fit your hands and offer a lot of comforts while you’re on the job. Unfortunately, many roofers regard these as the glove that makes you feel like you don’t have a glove on. These gloves are versatile and durable, but they don’t offer a lot of ventilation because they’re rubber.

    3. Ironclad Heavy Utility Work Glove

    The Ironclad heavy-duty utility work glove is a great investment and can pay off in dividends if you’re someone that sees the value in wearing your gloves every day. You can even wash them when you’re done with the roofing job. These gloves are made from synthetic material, have a lot of flexibility, and offer excellent protection for your hands. You’ll get everything you need out of these gloves and more.

    Best Roofing Gloves for Spring and Fall

    During spring and fall, you’ll need gloves that offer the same amount of protection, allow your hands to move freely, and also have some insulation against the cold.

    man cleaning gutters; roofing gloves for fall

    4. CLC Custom Leathercraft 124 Flex Grip Work Glove

    CLC Custom Leathercraft 124 flex grip work gloves provide soft, comfortable protection that keeps your hands warm, safe, and ready to handle anything that the weather throws out at you. All in all, these gloves meet almost any construction worker’s needs but don’t always hold up quite as well and have been known to be a bit less sturdy than some might like.

    5. John Tillman and Co 1490 TrueFit Mechanics Glove

    The John Tillman 1490 TrueFit mechanics glove isn’t what you might think. Although it is named a mechanics glove, it’s by no means meant only to be worn by mechanics.

    Instead, this glove offers extra padding, security, and top-of-line leather that holds up well over long periods of time. No matter the job you’re facing, the breathable design is sure to keep your hands protected and comfortable.

    6. CLC Custom Leathercraft 125 Flex Grip Work Glove

    The CLC Custom Leathercraft 125 flex grip work glove is another high-quality option from the folks over at leathercraft. It’s a simple and straightforward work glove, but they’re lightweight, flexible, and will stay on your hand particularly well because of the synthetic material used. The downside to these gloves is that they don’t last quite as long as others.

    Best Roofing Gloves for Winter

    When winter finally rolls around, every roofer who’s been working for a while knows that it’s never a fun time to be out roofing. Nonetheless, these gloves can keep your hands warm in even the harshest of temperatures.

    man using roofing gloves for winter roofing

    7. Men’s DT Leather Winter Work Gloves

    These pig-skin leather work gloves from Duluth Trading Co. are insulated, breathable, and hold up 40% longer than most other gloves out on the market. In addition, they’ve been known to last several seasons, and they offer great protection for your hands.

    Another advantage you’ll find in them is that they aren’t too bulky to easily get the work done that you need to.

    8. Mechanix Wear M-Pact Driver F9-360 Gloves

    The Mechanix Wear M-Pact DriveR F9-360 is a glove that’s made from synthetic materials. The back of the gloves features rubber inlays that help to keep your hand safe from any impacts.

    The complaint that’s often received with these gloves is that they aren’t nearly as durable as a work glove.

    9. Ironclad Tundra Gloves XL

    ironclad tundra winter roofing glove on white background

    The Ironclad Tundra XL is a waterproof shell-type ski-glove that gives maximum protection against cold weather while still giving you usability. You’re able to easily grab and carry things that you need to, work with your hands, and stay warm for hours no matter the exterior temperature.

    These gloves run the risk of tearing and aren’t cut-resistant gloves.

    10. Hestra Leather Fall Line Gloves

    Hestra Leather Fall gloves are by far one of the most expensive. But they’re known as one of the premier backcountry gloves. So if you’re not worried about putting a nice pair of gloves through a little hard work, then these would work great as winter roofing gloves.

    You’ll find the biggest con to these gloves is their bulky design. But, get past that, and you won’t ever need to worry about your hands getting cold.

    We hope this list helps you find the gloves you need to keep roofing year-round. Remember, you only get one set of hands, so be sure to protect them and keep them in good shape.

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    1. I recently installed a metal roof on my house. I bought a pair of roofing gloves thinking they’d help me hold the panels in situ. These gloves clad to figure well, but they also kept me from cutting my hands on the cut ends of the panels. These protected my hands well (not one cut) and fit so well that I will be buying another pair to try to do some DIY around the house. Worked great while cutting metal roofing.

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