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    Roof Hustlers: Roofing Sales Mastery by Dashaun Bryant

    Dashaun Bryant is an ace roof salesman who is also the owner of Roof Hustlers, a consulting company that teaches roofing businesses how to land more jobs through door-to-door sales.

    It’s been a meteoric rise to success for Bryant, who just a few short years ago had no connections to the roofing industry.

    In fact, Bryant’s entry into the roofing industry was pure happenstance.

    “Becoming a part of the roofing industry was actually a complete mistake,” Bryant admits. “I never even applied for the job.”

    Bryant says the reason he got involved in roofing sales was because one of his friends was impressed with his ability to strike up conversations with people from all different walks of life.

    As a result, Bryant’s friend asked him if he wanted a job.

    “I didn’t ask my friend what kind of job it was. I just said I was down to do it because we had a baby on the way, and we didn’t want to do daycare,” Bryant says.

    Bryant eventually learned that he would be going door-to-door selling roofs to homeowners. From there, he flourished, slowly becoming one of the most sought-after roof salesmen in the country.

    While Bryant enjoys roof sales, he also says that his motivation to exit his former career was centered around the fact that his family would soon add another member.

    “Because of roof sales, I was able to stay home with my kids during the day while I worked during the evenings. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me, but again, it was a complete mistake,” he emphasizes.

    This is in part due to the fact that for years Bryant worked at Sam’s Club, hoping that he would eventually climb the corporate ladder.

    “I always thought I was going to make it in retail and become a manager, but I got into roofing sales and made $800 my first week,”

    Bryant says.

    For context, Bryant says it usually took two weeks for him to make $600 while working at Sam’s Club.

    “Working at Sam’s Club no longer made sense,” he adds.

    Still, there were many people who assumed that Bryant wouldn’t bet on himself and leave his position at Sam’s Club.

    But those people were wrong.

    “People laughed at me, but I made more money selling roofs, so I put my two weeks in and quit,” Bryant says.

    As mentioned, Bryant quickly asserted himself as a force to be reckoned with on the doors, working tirelessly to secure roofing jobs and generate more income for his family.

    At first, the money Bryant made as a roof salesman trumped his salary as a Sam’s Club employee, but little did Bryant know, he was actually being deprived of even larger earnings.

    “I got paid a bit different than most people,” Bryant says of the first sales structure he worked under.

    “I got into the roofing industry making only $200 per claim.”

    Considering that most roofing sales reps make around ten percent of the total of a roofing job, Bryant was being massively underpaid.

    This continued for over three years as Bryant remained blissfully unaware of the money that was eluding him.

    Even after Bryant inked nearly 200 deals during his first year in the roofing industry, his earnings did not skyrocket.

    Dashaun Bryant owner of Roof Hustlers

    “I was a hustler, so I averaged anywhere from eight to twelve claims per week. I was killing it, but I wasn’t making the money that I should have been making,” he explains, then sharing that during his third year in roofing sales he earned $75,000, despite the underwhelming sales pay structure that he worked under.

    Fortunately, Bryant eventually learned what other sales reps were making and capitalized on his impressive sales numbers, making a change that would forever alter his family’s financial trajectory.

    “I’ve sold over $1 million every year I’ve been in the roofing business, except for 2020. I only sold $750,000 that year because I was on the road doing training for other roofing companies,” he says.

    This training that Bryant talks about is the aforementioned Roof Hustlers, a roofing consultation company that focuses on helping other roofing businesses generate business by becoming skilled in door-to-door sales.

    “With Roof Hustlers, we go around the country and coach other roofing companies on how to do door-to-door sales at a high-level,” Bryant says.

    During this stretch, Bryant has learned a lot about how other roofing companies operate.

    “One thing I’ve discovered is that a lot of roofing companies create zoo lions, which are salesmen who are dependent upon leads to land jobs,” Bryant says.

    “I go into these roofing companies and try to dismantle that perspective. I want to turn roof salesmen into African lions, which are salesmen who will wake up and go hunt for leads every day.”

    One way that Bryant helps roofing companies is through his proven training program that shows sales reps how to implement the same strategies and tactics that Bryant himself uses.

    “I teach fourteen key points and give sales reps a whole new outlook on the roofing industry because most salesmen look at roof sales as a job, and not as a vehicle that can change their life,” Bryant explains.

    “We teach these guys how to do door-to-door sales at a high level, which is big because some roofing companies don’t even do insurance work, which is why I’ll also break down the entire insurance process for them as well.”

    All of this is crucial for roofing companies, especially those whose sales reps are reliant upon business owners to generate leads for them.

    As a door-to-door savant, Bryant helps apathetic sales reps tap into their sales potential and become comfortable generating their own leads so that both the sales rep and the roofing business win.

    “I show sales guys how to go out and knock and canvas their environment. I bring my script, objection manual, and the book that I wrote. We do office training, and we do field training. By the time I’m done, the Roof Hustlers program has given these guys a whole new mindset,” Bryant shares.

    “For example, I trained StormROOF Systems in Marietta, Georgia. Before I got there, for their best month they made around $300,000-$400,000. After I left, their best month was $600,000.”

    But the exponential growth didn’t stop there for StormROOF Systems.

    “They called me back for this year, and after a storm came through, they did $1 million in just a month. They credit this to all the principles that I have taught them,”

    Bryant says.

    It then comes as no surprise that other roofing companies around the United States are looking to hire Bryant, a man who throughout the years has left his mark on countless roofing sales reps.

    “I impact the heart of a roofing company. A lot of people try to teach the business owner, but just because the owner knows something, that does not mean that he can relay that information to his guys in the same way that he learned it,” Bryant says.

    “That’s why I work with the sales guys because once I boost their morale, then all the owner has to do is maintain the momentum that I have created.”

    To learn more about Dashaun Bryant and Roof Hustlers, visit their website today!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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