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    Roofing Insights Magazine

    Covering everything you need to know about roofing, from the biggest players in the industry to which tools and CRM your company needs to grow to the next level.

    Issue 4

    Issue #4

    Cover story: Lee Haight

    Few roofing contractors are as relentless as Lee Haight when it comes to scaling their business.

    Read about what drives this industry leader to constantly pursue greatness!

    Issue #3

    Cover story: Roofing Process Conference

    The Roofing Process Conference is finally here, this December 3-4 in Orlando, Florida!

    In this issue, we highlight 7 reasons to attend the conference, plus Roofing Insights exposes another scammer, and so much more!

    RI Magazine October 2020

    Issue #2

    Cover story: AVCO Roofing

    Heath Hicks has brought integrity to the industry, all while running a $25 million company.

    Also, read about the rise of Dreamworx Exteriors, plus All-American fool Cameron Rigsby!

    RI Magazine September 2020

    Issue #1

    Cover story: Apple Roofing

    Learn how the experts at Apple Roofing have turned their process into a $34 million per year business.

    You will also find the latest products and tools reviews, tips and advice, interviews and much more in our brand-new September issue.

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    Win the Storm: Tim Grover Speaking and Other Roofing Stories

    Innovation and Insight: The Win The Storm 2024 Revolution This week on the Roofing Report, we're diving headfirst...

    Roofing Robots, Legal Battles and Other Developments Revolutionizing Roofing

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