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    Reputable Directories Are The Future of the Roofing Business

    In the world of home improvement, trust is everything. The homeowner must trust that the company they hire is going to get the job done right. The homeowner must also trust that the company’s employees—the ones who will be hammering everything into place—have the skills and professionalism needed to complete an honest job with quality craftsmanship. 

    But trust is a hard thing to gauge, especially when it comes to roofers. Yes, there are a lot of great roofing companies out there that take pride in every job they complete. But, there are also a lot of lackluster roofing contractors in the world today. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) receives over 6 million complaints about roofers every year—many of whom the homeowners found through the BBB. 

    Sure, homeowners can do some investigating on their own to find the right roofer. They can ask all the right questions (are you licensed, do you have the proper permits, etc.), check out reviews, and make sure they have a professional appearance via their website. But, that never really tells the whole story.

    A roofing contractor might have a history of bad projects and other skeletons in their closet, but they may be adept at hiding these mistakes. 

    Enter reputable roofing directories—the future of the roofing business.

    Quality roofing directories are going to change the roofing landscape—and for the better. Here’s how. 

    The Future of Roofing Directories

    You can fairly easily find directories of roofers in your area. If you typed into Google, “best roofers in (your state),” you’d probably find some seemingly compelling lists. However, many of these lists don’t do their due diligence when it comes to approving contractors. They let anyone on the list and, in many cases, act as a referral partner for the roofing companies. The latter part isn’t the issue, but just letting anyone and everyone on their directory create substantial issues. 

    First, they are putting profit over ensuring that the homeowners that come to their directory get a quality service in return. This means they are also potentially propping up roofers that don’t deserve it by creating referral partnerships with any and all roofing companies. 

    The solution to this problem is simple. We need more directories to be created that actually vet those that want to be on them. The directories themselves should want to be known as one you can trust because they use a heavy filtration process when deciding which roofers make it on the list; directories like the new Roofing Insights Directory. We created this directory because we knew that homeowners didn’t have the resources they needed to confidently say they have found a trusted roofer. 

    About the Roofing Insights Directory

    So, how does the Roofing Insights Directory separate itself from other lower-quality directories? We have strict requirements for who can and who can’t be listed on our directory. This includes ensuring that every single roofer is fully licensed and has an excellent reputation with a history of strong reviews. We’re not afraid to dive into the history of roofers that come to us asking to be on our directory. If there is an excusable lawsuit from a client or any other shady or illegal behavior in their past, we’ll find it and make sure that we aren’t promoting them. 

    While we receive plenty of applications to be on our directory, we don’t accept just anyone. Only those that pass our in-depth filtration process will be highlighted. That means that when you’re looking for a roofer, and you use the Roofing Insights Direcrotyy to find them, you can rest assured that they are highly reputable and will get the job done right and on time. 

    We’re so confident in our directory that we back-up all projects by $20,000. So, if for whatever reason you use a roofer from our list and if the project goes awry, we’ll cover the cost. That’s our $20,000 guarantee. 

    So what are you waiting for?? Check out the Roofing Insights Directory now to find the perfect roofer in your area! 

    The Roofing Insights Directory

    • Backed by our $20,000 guarantee
    • Always adding more roofers that meet our strict criteria, so keep checking back often!
    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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