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    Protect Elders from $9000 Deals

    Protecting your gutters is a great way to maintain their long-term quality and durability

    There are many good gutter companies out there, but there are also many companies who will try to swindle people out of money.

    One of the companies to avoid is LeafFilter

    While LeafFilter makes decent gutter guards, they also are reputed to be extremely unethical in their sales tactics, having been known to target elderly people and try to sell them on gutter guards that are TRIPLE their market value.

    To give you an idea of what that looks like, most gutter guards are sold at $12-15 per foot.

    LeafFilter asks for as much as $34 per foot.

    Roofing Insights wants to put a stop to this travesty.

    “Something has to be done about it, and that’s what we do at Roofing Insights,”

    Dmitry Lipinskiy, the owner of YouTube’s fastest-growing channel, says in the video up above.

    He’s right.

    It’s absolutely necessary to call out the deplorable tactics being used every day by LeafFilter salesmen.

    Dmitry has a soft spot for gutter companies, having successfully run Gutter King in Minneapolis before being forced to close the business on account of continued theft by the company’s employees.

    This is why Dmitry understands the value of gutter companies, and it is why he is taking to task a company who many feel has gone too far in its pursuit of financial rewards.

    Thanks to social media and the power of the internet, LeafFilter’s behavior doesn’t go unnoticed.

    “I love the internet. It’s a great equalizer,”

    Dmitry says.

    “I will not stop making these videos until I see those companies go out of business,”

    or at the very least, begin to operate honorably by respecting customers and not trying to gouge their bank accounts for all they can.

    Roofing Insights has talked in the past about the need for businesses to have a set price. That price should never fluctuate because not only will your business then consistently generate healthy profit margins, but then businesses never have to answer questions about why they charge some people more than others.

    The demise of LeafFilter is coming. One doesn’t have to visit too many webpages to understand that the company’s actions are disgraceful.

    As one reviewer wrote online, “don’t waste your time with LeafFilter.”

    But this begs the question:

    Which gutter companies can you trust?

    Dmitry recommends two companies, and please note that neither of these businesses are paying Dmitry a commission to endorse them.

    1. Englert Leaf Guard

    Englert is great because:

    • No gimmicks
    • They don’t take advantage of people
    • Will leave house after sales pitch, something LeafFilter has been known to NOT do until they either get a sale or are thrown out
    • No pressure to complete sale

    For a free estimate, call Englert today at 1-800-775-5416

    2. Leaf Solution

    As one of the premier gutter guard companies, Leaf Solution has been in business since 2001.

    According to their website, they are “experienced in virtually every variety of gutter guard… mesh and perforated – for every application and budget.”

    To get in touch with Leaf Solution, send them an email today!

    Also, Dmitry has created the Roofing Insights Directory, which puts homeowners in touch with great contractors in their area.

    Visit our page so you don’t have to look far for help with your next home improvement project.

    And don’t forget to subscribe to all of Roofing Insights’ social media pages so that you never miss any of our upcoming content!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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