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    20 Productivity Hacks To Throttle Your Personal Productivity In 2022

    “I got two phones!” rapper Kevin Gates told the world in one of his highly popular songs, a track that helped bring him worldwide fame as an artist. 

    Owning two phones might seem a little extreme if you are looking for productivity hacks, but you might be surprised.

    For Gates, sharing the fact that he had two phones was about more than creating music. It was also a strategy he implemented in order to be able to handle the influx of calls and assignments he needed to complete.

    It’s no coincidence that in the last few years, many business owners have begun wielding two phones as well.

    For Roofing Insights CEO Dmitry Lipinskiy, having two phones at his disposal is crucial to running a successful business.

    He says there are 20 main reasons why he has two phones.

    Check them out in the list below and see if you agree!

    1. Doubles productivity

    “Two smartphones will literally double your productivity,”

    Lipinskiy says, citing the obvious fact that having two phones will allow people to handle twice as much work.

    2. You can use the other screen at the same time

    Being able to multitask is a great skill, and one way to accomplish this is by having two devices running at the same time.

    Doing so allows for numerous apps to be open simultaneously.

    “You can be reading emails, Facebook posts, and articles, all while you’re on different phones,”

    says Lipinskiy.

    3. You can record yourself instantly

    Being able to record conversations instantly is a benefit of living in our current society.

    But what if you’re already preoccupied with a call or email and can’t end it to record something that is taking place?

    Lipinskiy assures that having two phones is a great way to solve this problem.

    “People will call me, and what I do is turn off my camera on one phone and start recording on the other,”

    he shares.

    This is how Lipinskiy has been able to capture so much unique content even while he is driving or already on another call.

    4. Battery issues

    There is nothing worse than looking at your phone and realizing you have little battery left, especially when you don’t have time to charge your phone.

    For Lipinskiy, he plans for one of his phones to go dead each morning.

    “My phone is usually dead by 9 A.M. because I get up every day at 5 A.M. With two phones, you have two batteries, and it lasts for a long time,”

    he says.

    Having this type of flexibility means Lipinskiy is always connected, even if he can’t find time to charge his phone.

    5. Two phones, two numbers

    Many celebrities are known for having burner phones that they use to interact with fans on social media.

    Having an extra device also allows them to have a different number in case they become inundated with calls.

    Even though Lipinskiy’s phone rings all day, he prefers to have two numbers available to clients and associates, and insists that he does not own a burner phone.

    “Everyone who knows me has both of my numbers,”

    he says.

    6. Two accounts at the same time

    For a man like Lipinskiy, running five businesses means he does a lot of communicating on social media.

    If he only had one phone, keeping apps and lines of communication open could be problematic.

    Fortunately, having two phones means he can swiftly navigate his social media accounts.

    “I have a personal following on Instagram and Facebook, but I also have my business pages that I manage, so what I can do with the two phones is be on different platforms at the same time,”

    notes Lipinskiy.

    7. Connections, updates, app issues

    Says Lipinskiy:

    “Phones are smart, but they still crash.”

    If you’ve ever woken up to Apple or Samsung randomly restarting your phone or installing an update, then you know how powerless you can feel in that moment.

    But with two phones, even if one is out of commission, you still are able to manage your accounts on the other phone.

    8. Back up phone for someone else

    Say you’re on vacation and your friend loses their phone.

    That could spell disaster.

    Yet, by giving them your extra phone, your vacation can continue on as planned.

    “You always have the option to give a phone away,”

    Lipinskiy says, harkening back to a moment in an airport where he was able to give his employee his extra phone so the employee could use it as a boarding pass.

    9. Secret recording, facing glasses

    Last year, Roofing Insights and Lipinskiy received a cease-and-desist letter from the lawyers at GreenSky who claimed that Lipinskiy was lying about some of their policies.

    The issue stemmed from Lipinskiy claiming that in order for a contractor to get financing for a project, they needed to be in business for at least two years.

    GreenSky refuted this information, saying contractors only needed to be in business for one year.

    Unfortunately for GreenSky, Lipinskiy had a previously recorded conversation with a sales rep from the company who told him that two years is how long contractors need to be in business in order to receive financing.

    As you can imagine, GreenSky did not pursue further litigation.

    “Case closed. Nothing they could do about it,”

    states Lipinskiy.

    10. Share phone with someone who needs a phone

    Even in 2022, not everyone owns a smartphone.

    This is particularly true with kids, and in certain situations, not being able to communicate with your kids could prove stressful.

    “My kids don’t have phones, so if I have to go to the store, I can leave one phone behind,”

    says Lipinskiy.

    “Or sometimes a phone dies or crashes. If you’re generous, you can borrow one because you can survive without two.”

    11. You can show passes or use the GPS while actively on a phone

    This is another handy feature of having two phones.

    If you’re on an important call while going through airport check-in, you do not need to pause or end your call because you can show your ticket on your other phone.

    This is also super useful when driving and you need to use your GPS while taking a call.

    “A lot of times when I’m driving, I’ll be on the phone and give my wife a phone so she can help me use the GPS,”

    shares Lipinskiy.

    12. You can type while watching

    For the creative types out there, making notes while watching videos can be tough, namely if you don’t use the age-old pen and paper to transcribe your thoughts.

    “When we make videos for YouTube, a lot of times I’m using Notes [Apple’s notes app] to make edits and corrections on the other phone,”

    says Lipinskiy.

    This method of editing works for Lipinskiy because he loves Notes, but it may not work for you.

    What do you think about typing on your phone? Is it useful?

    Leave a comment below!

    Now let’s move on to #13!

    13. Great conversation starter</h3

    When meeting new people, it can be hard to find common points of interest, but Lipinskiy has found that having two phones gives people an easy opportunity to break the ice.

    “People always need a reason to talk to you,”

    says Lipinskiy.

    “I’m an introvert. It’s very hard for me to start talking to people, and when people ask me a question about what I do, the two phones makes for a great conversation starter.”

    14. You can go live on two different platforms

    As many content creators know, going live on multiple platforms is not possible without multiple streaming devices.

    Having two phones makes this problem more manageable and enables you to reach a wider audience.

    “If you have a big following on two platforms, the easiest way to go live on both is to have two devices,”

    Lipinskiy says, and as a man with over 35,000 YouTube subscribers, plus an additional 15,000 followers on the Roofing Insights Facebook page, he knows how important it is to be able to find ways to communicate with mass amounts of people.

    15. You can call two different numbers

    “Sometimes your phone will fail you when merging calls. It’s not always easy, but if you’re on the phone with someone, you can try to get two separate phones connected. They’ll still hear each other and hear you,”

    explains Lipinskiy.

    16. You have an extra camera for video/photography needs

    During Roofing Insights interviews, Lipinskiy and his team have an array of cameras and microphones active to ensure that every piece of dialogue is captured.

    This is a good safety measure to prevent losing content in case a microphone or camera suddenly stops working.

    Incorporating a phone into the mix as another camera also is a great strategy.

    “If I see that we only have two working cameras, and I would like a third, I’ll just take my phone, put it somewhere on a shelf, and I will have a 4k video of the entire interview,”

    says Lipinskiy.

    17. Internet access HOTSPOT

    Sometimes Wi-Fi is not available.

    In that case, a second phone can serve as a mobile hotspot for both you or a friend.

    “Because you have two cellphones, you have two hotspots,”

    notes Lipinskiy.

    “If my employee needs an extra phone to connect to the internet, I can give them a hotspot.”

    18. It’s cheap

    These days, the price of a phone has gone down drastically from even a few years ago, thanks to providers now offering payment plans for phones.

    This allows people to own new iPhones without having to pay the entire cost of the phone at the time of purchase.

    “The value is definitely there,”

    says Lipinskiy.

    What do you think? Are phones more affordable today than they were years ago?

    Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

    19. Entertainment/work combination

    At the end of a long day, many times we simply want to kick back and relax, but that doesn’t mean business will stop and wait until the morning.

    With two phones, you can still listen to your favorite podcasts, all while going through emails on one phone and text messages on the other.

    For Lipinskiy, his hectic schedule benefits from the relief two phones provide each night.

    “You can play music or watch a movie while working and being productive, whether you’re answering emails or doing other tasks,”

    he mentions.

    This is the sign of a true entrepreneur.

    20. You can use Notes, email, etc. when live

    Lipinskiy has been accused of not paying attention to his guests during interviews because he sometimes can be seen looking at his phone.

    While this tactic may seem rude, in fact Lipinskiy is simply checking his notes so he can prepare for the next question.

    “A lot of you think that I’m not respectful to the people I interview when I have my phone out, but if you see me looking down during an interview, it’s because I’m reading questions on my notes,”

    he says with a smile.

    Do you agree with Lipinskiy and his 20 reasons for having two phones?

    Leave us a comment below, and don’t forget to subscribe to all of Roofing Insights’ social media channels today!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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