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    Our Roofing Contractor in Rapid City – Pro Exteriors Roofer: Nate Schweppe

    Nate Schweppe is the owner of Pro Exteriors in Rapid City, South Dakota

    He is also a member of Directorii, the only homeowner-contractor connection platform on the market that offers homeowners the safety and security of a $20,000 guarantee for every job they register through the Directorii platform.

    For Schweppe, roofing has always been ingrained in his mind, ever since he was a young boy. That background helped him begin his own roofing company when the time was right.

    I went and started my own construction and roofing company. We do primarily roofing exterior related jobs like siding and windows. I’ve been in business for twelve years and I actually got into roofing because of my father. He started up a roofing company and I just started working for him. I first was on roofs when I was 10 or 12 years old,

    he says.

    Schweppe, like many contractors on the Directorii platform, is passionate about roofing, citing the constant challenges both him and his business encounter.

    I love roofing as a trade,

    Schweppe says.

    Everybody always asks if I would continue doing this if I won the lottery, and I would. I probably would do it to help out people who can’t afford roofs because I really enjoy roofing. I like the challenge of it. I like that it’s constantly changing. You’re always learning some new aspect of the business and being challenged as you are growing in the business.

    As a seasoned vet in the roofing industry, Schweppe is proud to serve the Rapid City area. He loves the city and both him and his wife have no plans on ever leaving. Schweppe also says that his goal is to continue to hone and refine his roofing business so that he can best serve his local customer base.

    I’ve lived in Rapid City for close to 30 years and it’s something that my wife and I had talked about before we got married, in that neither of us ever wanted to live anywhere else. It’s a beautiful area. You’ve got the Black Hills and the plains,

    he says.

    We have a storefront for customers to stop in. They can look at samples on the wall. We’ve got stuff that we can store in here. We have a legitimate office. The mental aspect of all this is huge because it allows us to mentally separate work from home life.

    And luckily for Schweppe, the demand for Pro Exterior’s services appears primed to increase, considering the massive growth that the Rapid City area is experiencing.

    The demands for roofing and construction in this area are big and they’re continuing to grow all the time,

    Schweppe says.

    They’re bringing in some new airplanes to the Ellsworth Air Force Base in the next couple years. The housing market is going crazy. They can’t build houses fast enough.

    In this area we get a fair number of hailstorms. Last year we had three hailstorms in just one season. There are years where we won’t get a hailstorm, but pretty frequently we will get a good hailstorm. It keeps a lot of the local contractors really busy,

    adds Schweppe.

    Part of what has made Schweppe successful is his continued dedication to servicing his customers. While other roofing companies will do anything to secure a new sale, Schweppe is not as aggressive, mainly because he knows how much homeowners value their properties.

    This is also why Schweppe encourages homeowners to be diligent when choosing a contractor.

    Do your research and take your time,

    he advises homeowners.

    There are a lot of contractors out there and a lot of them are new. You really want to look at reviews. Look at their Facebook and Google reviews and consult your family and friends.

    This mentality has been huge for Pro Exteriors, to the extent that over the years they have been able to generate repeat business because of the customer service philosophies they have adopted and abided by.

    Specifically, Schweppe makes mention to a past customer who again called Pro Exteriors after their home was battered in a recent hailstorm.

    We did their roof when it got hailed out seven or eight years ago. When they got hail again this last year, naturally they called us again,

    Schweppe says.

    The hail was worse this time. The hailstorm took out two sides of their house with the vinyl siding. They wanted to upgrade to something nicer and something that was going to withstand hail better, so we put some LP SmartSide on the entire home.

    As for the future, Schweppe has no immediate plans to expand Pro Exteriors into a statewide entity. As mentioned earlier, his main focus is on his family and ensuring that the residents of Rapid City, South Dakota and their homes are adequately taken care of. That alone is enough to make him happy.

    Explains Schweppe:

    I’m living my dream. I really enjoy what I do. Owning this type of business allows my wife to be a stay-at-home mom. Two of my kids are homeschooled. There are several people who work for me that are also single-income families. It’s great to be able to own and operate a business that can not only support my single-income family, but also the single-income families of several other people as well.

    Of course, none of this is meant to suggest that Schweppe is done evolving, or that he has found the sweet spot for his business. It simply means he is happy with how his career as a roofer is progressing.

    It’s exciting,

    Schweppe says of the roofing industry.

    It’s also scary, but I really love it.

    Homeowners, please note that Roofing Insights and Directorii fully endorse Nate Schweppe and Pro Exteriors as our preferred contractor in Rapid City, South Dakota.

    We also fully endorse every other contractor listed in Directorii, which is why we back up each one with a $20,000 guarantee for every job that is registered through the Directorii website.

    If you’re a homeowner and are looking for a reliable contractor to help with your next roofing, siding, gutters, or remodeling project, visit Directorii today and choose from any of the certified contractors in your area.

    And if you’re a contractor who wants to become part of Directorii, apply to become a member by clicking on this link!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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    Roofing Online Business School
    Our school will teach you everything you need
    to know about the roofing business
    Roofing Process Conference
    December 9th - 10th, 2021
    Rosen Centre
    9840 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

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