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    New Service Alert: “The Window Pro” for Roofers who don’t know how to install windows

    The Window Pro is a Lafayette, Louisiana-based company that helps roofing companies maximize their profits by assisting contractors with the window installation process.

    “We want to help roofing contractors because most of them don’t want to install windows and deal with everything that comes along with offering that service,” says David Summerly, who is the owner of The Window Pro and also a talented window installer himself.

    According to Summerly, the experts at The Window Pro make life easier for roofing contractors because they provide a service most contractors are not equipped to handle.

    The Window Pro installs

    “We go in and take care of the windows by installing a quality product that is backed up by a warranty,” says Summerly.

    “We give roofing contractors peace of mind because we handle everything related to the window warranty, and that also makes homeowners happy because then they’re protected if the roofing company ever goes out of business.”

    Summerly then explains that while The Window Pro takes care of a trade that few roofing contractors offer, that doesn’t mean The Window Pro is merely a glorified subcontractor.

    Instead, Summerly insists that The Window Pro should be seen as the partner many roofing companies currently lack.

    At the same time, Summerly is adamant that even though developing partnerships with roofing contractors is essential to his business, he also devotes just as much time and effort to helping homeowners get the windows they deserve.

    “Our biggest thing at The Window Pro is helping roofing contractors get happy homeowners by installing a quality product,”

    Summerly asserts.

    In terms of pay structure, roofing contractors won’t have to pay extra for Summerly’s services because The Window Pro works directly with insurance companies to get compensated for the window installation.

    This ultimately means that roofing contractors are able to keep their initial overhead and profit from the job.

    “With The Window Pro, roofers still get their overhead and profit from the job, and even if they don’t already have that profit, we help them get that with a letter to the insurance company that explains the complexity of the window trade and all the different things that come with getting a window installed correctly,” Summerly says.

    Some roofing contractors have expressed concerns over the validity of Summerly’s claims that The Window Pro doesn’t take a cut of their profits for a window installation, which is why Summerly again stresses that the relationship between roofing contractors and The Window Pro is a partnership that intends to serve both parties involved.

    “We would rather work with roofing contractors instead of against them. We want to take care of their homeowners by giving them a quality window installation. The nice thing is that the roofing contractor still gets to keep their overhead and profit, and then we get the RCV (Replacement Cost Value) money,” Summerly explains.

    The Window Pro partners

    The RCV Summerly is referring to means that insurance companies are covering the window installations that take place, but it should be noted that insurance companies only cover window installations if the windows are irreparably damaged or in need of repair.

    In some markets, insurance companies will cover full window replacements for an entire home even if only one window is damaged.

    Summerly says this isn’t crafty maneuvering on the part of the roofing contractor or installer, but rather that full window replacements are required by law in some states.

    “Homeowners pay for insurance because they want to keep the value of their home. They don’t want to lose that value,”

    Summerly says.

    “That’s why if the homeowner has a discontinued window and it’s ruined, they can’t only have one window replaced if it doesn’t match the other ones. That would result in the value of their house going down, so what The Window Pro does is we want to make sure that the insurance company does the right thing, and that the homeowner is taken care of.”

    The Window Pro does this by negotiating directly with the insurance company, saving roofing contractors time and money by handling the entire process.

    “We know what insurance companies are willing to pay for certain window replacements and installs,” Summerly says.

    This window expertise is crucial because some roofing contractors don’t know how to adequately write estimates for window installations, which can have severe financial repercussions.

    “What ends up happening most of the time is that roofing contractors don’t know how to quote windows correctly, so they come in below market price,”

    Summerly explains.

    “Then once the roofers figure out that they’re losing money, their profits take a hit. That’s why roofing companies bring us in because we shore up a lot of those errors and inconsistencies.”

    For roofing contractors interested in partnering with The Window Pro, Summerly reiterates that, unless a particular company is well-versed in performing window installations, The Window Pro can make life exponentially easier for roofers who have homeowners interested in new windows.

    “Like I said, we aren’t window subcontractors because we take care of everything from start to finish. We handle the inspections, measurements, estimates, ordering, installs, and even the warranties,” Summerly says.

    “All of that is of huge value to a roofing contractor because they don’t have to go out of their way to deal with a window install that falls outside their area of expertise.”

    To learn more about The Window Pro, visit their website today or give them a call at 337-485-4165!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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