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    Michael Feazel, Roof Maxx: Roofing Rejuvination technology and dealership opportunity

    Michael Feazel is the CEO of Roof Maxx, a company that offers homeowners an alternative to asphalt shingles or metal roofs.

    Roof Maxx is unique in that it is able to restore existing shingles by applying a plant-based bio-oil that has the potential to add years to the life expectancy of a roof, in turn delaying when homeowners have to undergo a full roof replacement for their home.

    The 55-year-old Feazel is excited about Roof Maxx and all the benefits his product can give to homeowners.

    Yet, as a former roofing business owner, arriving at this point in his career wasn’t always guaranteed, considering the roofing business can be exceptionally challenging.

    In fact, Feazel very easily could have chosen a different career path had things played out differently in his younger, more formative years.

    “After I graduated high school in 1985, I started roofing with a friend of our family. I did that for six months at $6.50 per hour before briefly getting out of the roofing business,” Feazel says.

    It wasn’t until three years later that the Columbus, Ohio-born Feazel returned to the roofing industry and started Feazel Roofing with his brother.

    Feazel says his roofing company initially focused on new construction projects, but soon his business was headed in a different direction.

    “We then started to get into remodeling and the company grew, but things changed. Over the years we had our struggles being on the entrepreneur rollercoaster,”

    Feazel admits.

    In the last forty years, Feazel and his brother have persevered through a litany of obstacles that would have forced other roofers to adopt a new vocation, but Feazel insists that overcoming adversity is simply a necessary component of being a roofer.

    This is also why he now has a deeper appreciation for the roofing industry as a whole.

    “My brother and I have been contractors for a long time, and the industry has changed dramatically. It’s not the same as it was when we started. There are a lot of positives and negatives that have occurred in that time span,” Feazel explains.

    While there are many issues still plaguing the roofing industry, Feazel hopes that Roof Maxx can be a beacon of hope, namely when it comes to helping homeowners avoid undergoing a full roof replacement by instead rejuvenating their current roofing system.

    Right now, Roof Maxx has not been fully accepted by the roofing community or homeowners, but Feazel hopes that will soon change, especially since the plant-based bio-oils his company applies to roofs has already been on the market for years.

    “In 2004, I was down in Florida because of the hurricanes. Our company had offices up and down the East Coast between Cape Canaveral and Miami, and at that time, I had come across a product that was being applied to shingles,” Feazel says, describing a coating product that was similar to the one Roof Maxx now uses.

    As Feazel investigated and learned more about the product, it wasn’t long before he became aware of the potential this roof coating had for homeowners, as well as someone who was looking to branch into this sector of the industry.

    “I loved the concept. Some of the roofs that had been treated prior to the hurricane actually made it through that storm season,”

    Feazel adds.

    He says that what made the coating down in Florida unique was that it sealed shingle tabs together, fortifying the materials and making the shingles more resistant to inclement weather.

    Following his stint in Florida, Feazel and his brother toyed with the idea of starting their own roof coating company, but they were also still running their roofing business, which commanded much of their time and effort.

    But then things changed.

    By 2013, Feazel and his brother decided to sell their roofing business.

    At that point, still wanting to offer homeowners an alternative to full roof replacements, the brothers decided to pursue bringing a coating product to the market.

    In the years since, Feazel says Roof Maxx has endured various setbacks, including: name changes to the brand, skepticism from homeowners, and finding companies who want to become licensed dealers for Roof Maxx.

    “Getting a new concept or product like Roof Maxx into the market takes time,” Feazel says, at the same time mentioning that the company has seen tremendous growth because as their product has proven to be more effective at extending the life of a roof, consequently homeowners have become more privy to delaying a full roof replacement.

    “We have started to see a trend. People like the repairs that Roof Maxx offers. Even people who think that they need a new roof will have us come out because our product has the potential to extend the life of the roof another three or four years. It comes down to the simple fact that homeowners would rather pay for the cost of a repair than a full roof replacement.”

    Currently, Roof Maxx operates on a national level, and while various entities have become dealers, roofing companies make for the ideal partner because they already understand the mechanics of a roof and how crucial it is to the integrity of a home.

    But it should be noted that becoming a licensed dealer of Roof Maxx does require a significant financial investment.

    “You have to buy one tote of coating product up front,”

    Feazel says.

    “That alone costs $17,600, but it will allow you to do about twenty roofs.”

    Feazel then says that one tote has the potential to generate as much as $54,000 in revenue, depending on which roofing market a contractor is in. Feazel also notes that the top third of Roof Maxx dealers do reach this benchmark.

    There are other benefits that are included when a roofing company chooses to partner with Roof Maxx.

    For example, each licensed dealer won’t have to compete against other local contractors.

    “When you buy one tote, you get a guaranteed population territory of 100,000 people,” Feazel says, adding that if a roofing contractor wanted to expand their operation to cover more of the population, they would simply have to buy more totes from Roof Maxx.

    Feazel then explains that there are no licensing fees that come with being a dealer for Roof Maxx because roofing contractors are not becoming franchisees.

    Instead, Feazel encourages roofing contractors to look at Roof Maxx as a partnership opportunity that can help boost their preexisting roofing business.

    And unlike some partnerships, Roof Maxx is serious about making sure their dealers are kept busy by consistently trying to funnel them to potential clients.

    At present, Roof Maxx sells leads to their dealers for $45 per lead, but contractors can also purchase appointments from the company for $135.

    Also, being a dealer does require that a contractor has a wrapped vehicle displaying Roof Maxx insignia.

    Feazel says that if a contractor does not want to wrap their own vehicle, Roof Maxx leases pre-wrapped vehicles for around $900 per month, depending on the individual contractor’s credit score.

    Ultimately, despite the hefty price tags that are associated with a Roof Maxx partnership, Feazel insists that roofing contractors can generate immense profits by working with his company.

    “Partnering with Roof Maxx has good earning potential. For example, a dealer who is going to sell the product, spray it, and collect will maybe do a couple hundred thousand dollars in business. At that rate, he can easily make six figures,”

    Feazel says.

    “The margins with our product are around 65%, but a lot of what goes into it is how good a dealer is at marketing, plus their closing ratios.”

    To learn more about Roof Maxx products, services, and partnership opportunities, visit their website today or give them a call at 1-855-ROOFMAXX!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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