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    Never lie to your clients! Joe Radcliff story

    “The moment you lie, the game is over. Dmitry Lipinskiy, Roofing Insights CEO

    Lying to roofing clients never works out in the end.

    Whether in business or personal life, it can be tempting to misrepresent the truth in order to benefit one’s individual agenda.

    And let’s face it: we’re all guilty of lying at one point or another.

    But to what extent are we all guilty?

    That question depends on those affected by the lie.

    For Dmitry Lipinskiy, his bottom line was affected when his “friend” Joe Radcliff sold him leads a few years ago.

    At the time, Radcliff assured Lipinskiy that the leads he was selling were generated by his team, and not a resale of leads Radcliff had already purchased.

    Problems arose when Lipinskiy later called his friend Jose.

    Lipinskiy was told that the leads he just bought from Radcliff were indeed already generated by Jose and his team, thus putting Lipinskiy in the precarious position of having to call out Radcliff.

    That moment was monumental for Lipinskiy and Radcliff’s relationship. It established the fact that Radcliff was willing to lie to Lipinskiy in order to generate business.

    From there, Lipinskiy terminated the friendship and now cannot do business with Radcliff anymore.

    These days, Lipinskiy still calls out injustices when he sees them, as evidenced by last week’s exposé of Cameron Rigsby and Austin Rodhouse, two crooks who had previously been stealing from subcontractors.

    To learn more about that story, click here.

    As for Radcliff, Lipinskiy says that

    “he’s just not a very honest business owner, and people like that will never reach the top or be successful.”

    Instead of scamming or lying to clients, Lipinskiy instructs other owners to do things the right way and focus on a customer service approach.

    Here’s what Lipinskiy told potential clients when he was first starting out:

    “I’m a small company, just getting started. Yes, I’m new, but I’m also hungry, and I will take care of you like no other established company in town will.”

    Lipinskiy followed through on those claims, as over the course of the last six years, Storm Group Roofing in Minneapolis has developed into a $4-5 million per year company and currently boasts a 4.8-star review on Google (based on 160 reviews).

    Take note:

    The opportunity for success in the roofing industry exists, and you don’t have to lie to achieve it.

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    No problem.

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    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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