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    Interview with Dos and Richie Rossouw

    While in Texas for a roofing conference, Dmitry had a chance to sit down with Dos and Richie Rossouw, the father-son combo who owns Clean Cut Roofing.

    The trio ran through a number of topics. To watch the full video, click here. Otherwise, keep reading for a recap of their 18-minute conversation.

    I’m the most blessed man on Earth, Dos Rossouw tells Dmitry right away.

    Dos, a native of South Africa, came to America with nothing more than a backpack and a dream. Much like Dmitry, Dos kept grinding until he eventually became successful. Now he is one of the biggest roofers in the Dallas area.

    Clean Cut Roofing now has so many employees that they pay out nearly $55,000 in WEEKLY salary. Yet impressively, Clean Cut Roofing has paid very little in worker’s compensation over the years. Last year alone they only paid $75,000, a very low number in the roofing industry.
    This fact astonishes Dmitry, who says that he pays almost $600 a year in compensation insurance just for his secretary. The number for his entire operation is much higher.

    Dos and his son have also been able to effectively train employees by having them learn on the job with a lead foreman and other experienced roofers. They don’t run them through simulations or off-site tests.

    The system has clearly worked, and also been a nice way to keep talented employees in-house.

    This goes into a conversation about the EE (Excellent Employees) model vs Sales/Sub (SS) model.

    Paying employees, a salary or hourly rate is a good way to maintain quality workers, but it doesn’t grant as much flexibility as the SS model does during slower times of the year.

    Clean Cut Roofing prefers to pay their employees a fixed salary or hourly, finding that model to work better for their business.

    Of course, the better model is completely circumstantial. It depends on a company’s revenue stream, overhead, and multiple other factors.
    When deciding what’s best for your business, take into account what you hope to achieve in a fiscal year and plan accordingly.

    For example, if you’re just starting out, hiring full-time employees might be too much of a commitment, but as you grow, it may become better for the overall health of the business to have consistent employees in place.

    But what about safety at Clean Cut Roofing?

    Dos says that safety is important to us, but to say we follow every rule out there, that would not be honest.

    He’s referring to OSHA regulations that sometimes are broken to better complete a job. Anyone in the roofing industry will tell you this is a necessity at times, but even in bending these rules, safety should still be prioritized.

    As for new roofing companies coming into the industry, Dos has one key piece of advice:

    “Figure out why you want to do it. The why.”

    Discovering your purpose. That’s what we at Roofing Insights try to capture every day.

    We help roofers become successful business owners

    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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    QuickBooks For Dummies
    This class shows you how to set up and run Quickbooks for your business
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