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    HomeAdvisor Ex top sales rep shares his story

    Last week, Roofing Insights hosted the Roofing Process Conference down in beautiful Orlando, Florida, and had an interview with a HomeAdvisor sales rep.

    The event drew over 600 people, and thanks to the staff at the Rosen Plaza, Roofing Insights was able to do so both safely and responsibly.

    Of course, keynote speakers like Mike Michalowicz, Rodney Webb, and Matt Risinger generated the most buzz, but so too did the fantastic lineup of breakout speakers who were all extremely thankful for the opportunity to share their respective stories.

    Yet, it was one man in the audience, Corey Casper, who later captured eyeballs when he and Roofing Insights CEO Dmitry Lipinskiy sat down to discuss the plights of working for HomeAdvisor.

    The two also discussed how Lipinskiy’s new company, Directorii, looks primed to become the next great online platform to connect homeowners with contractors.

    “Did you enjoy the conference?”

    Lipinskiy asked Casper as the two sat six feet apart while the conference wrapped up.

    “It was amazing,”

    Casper answered.

    “I learned a ton. It was an awesome experience. I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of people who were there. There were people with a lot of different areas of expertise, and you could kind of pick and choose what was best suited for you and how to grow.”

    For context, Casper used to be a top-5 salesman at HomeAdvisor, but now he is currently working in Indianapolis for EADS Roofing as a sales rep.

    Casper and Lipinskiy connected after Casper found Roofing Insights content related to HomeAdvisor.

    Casper admits that when he first saw videos related to his then-employer, he was discouraged.

    “When you work for a business, you want to be good at what you do,”

    Casper explained.

    “You try to take ownership, and it becomes your baby, even if you’re not the owner. When you’re a part of something, you believe in it and you care.”

    But after watching Roofing Insights’ videos, Casper was left feeling that HomeAdvisor was not as great as he originally thought, and that the rumors that had been circulating around the office were indeed valid.

    Recalled Casper:

    “It’s crazy the way that they [HomeAdvisor] train their sales staff because you’re taught just to sell and kind of abandon them [clients]. That goes completely against who I am as a person. I want to take care of the customers and their needs.”

    “What videos did you see?”

    asked Lipinskiy, in reference to the Roofing Insights content that Casper consumed.

    There was one where you were putting HomeAdvisor on blast. You exposed them and tore everything up. I couldn’t believe all that was happening. You went into how they use your own business against you by dominating SEO searches. I never knew that,”

    Casper said.

    Ironically, after viewing Roofing Insights content, Casper then began to hear more complaints from customers who were not having success with HomeAdvisor.

    “With the things that you explained, it made sense with the stories that I was hearing from contractors, and that’s a big deal,”

    said Casper.

    “If you’re investing thousands of dollars into something and you’re hoping for a return, you should get that. It’s a partnership.”

    Little did Casper know that this point in time also marked the beginning of the downward slide he would experience with HomeAdvisor.

    “I worked my way up through the company and became a manager. Typically, as a manager, you don’t get on the phones much, but there was an older gentleman who was in the roofing industry and he wanted to pass his business down to his son, but he wanted to also make sure that he was putting his name out there,”

    said Casper.

    Casper said he explained to the man the importance of having an online presence, after which the client signed up for HomeAdvisor’s services.

    Unfortunately, soon after, the client discovered that what HomeAdvisor offered was not going to work for his business.

    “My thought was that I was setting people up for success,”

    Casper said, but after the man filed a complaint with HomeAdvisor, Casper was called before his superiors and mercilessly fired.

    “I was floored. I was let go for trying to help my customer,”

    a mystified Casper explained.

    At that point in their conversation, Lipinskiy shifted the direction of the conversation toward Directorii, and how his new platform has the potential to help millions of homeowners.

    “How do you feel about my team and I bringing Directorii to the marketplace? What are your initial thoughts?”

    Lipinskiy asked.

    “When I saw the announcement, I had a feeling that it was coming because of your passion and your drive for helping people. You’re truly one of the most selfless people when it comes to helping people in this industry. I think there are a lot of people out there who have you to thank for helping educate them,”

    Casper told Dmitry.

    “As far as Directorii is concerned, it’s an awesome thing. It’s going to be exciting. I know that you’re a man of your word. You’ve always been that. You might not like the truth, but you always give it. People might not like to hear that, but you’re going to be fair. And if anyone can do this and have it be fair, it has to be someone like you; someone who is in the industry who knows what people in the construction world go through,”

    Casper added.

    Want to learn more about Directorii?

    Visit their website today, and if you’re a contractor, you can apply to become a member by clicking on this link!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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