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    How to sue home Insurance company if they deny your claim

    Need to learn how to sue an insurance company? You’re in the right place.

    Brittany Alexander is an attorney in Florida, and she helps homeowners fight back against the ruthless insurance companies who all too often refuse to properly compensate their clients during times of need.

    As a former attorney for a big insurance company, Alexander has seen firsthand how harsh the insurance companies can be.

    That’s why she made a switch and is now representing homeowners during their legal claims against their insurers.

    In most cases, people request Alexander’s services after they’ve already gone to battle with their insurance company, or if it seems like litigation is the only way to receive fair treatment.

    You may be wondering, why is it so hard to receive fair treatment from insurance companies?

    Well, that answer is complex.

    There are many reasons why insurance companies may forgo paying a client, and they all delay the process of the homeowner receiving a check that would allow them to repair their home.

    This is where Alexander comes in.

    “In Florida, where I practice, the insurance company has 90 days to pay, deny, or underpay a claim. If there is an underpayment or denial, then after those 90 days we can sue them,”

    Alexander says, also noting that these timeframes only apply to Florida, so it is important to check the statute laws in different states.

    As a homeowner, even if you have a lawyer on your side, it doesn’t mean that your insurance company will be more amenable toward swiftly reaching a settlement.

    But this shouldn’t cause concern.

    “Litigation isn’t quick, but it’s very effective,”

    notes Alexander.

    “The process looks like this: you file a complaint and do your discovery, which is the most important part because you get information from the insurance company. Also, you depose their witness, you get all their documents, and then you prepare to go to a trial.”

    This might sound exhausting, but Alexander mentions that the process actually gets insurance companies to respond faster because they then have a legal obligation to get the claim completed.

    “Most cases settle somewhere in that process,”

    Alexander says, adding that it’s cheaper for insurance companies to settle (i.e. pay what they owe) than go to trial.

    “It’s a business decision,”

    Alexander deadpans.

    Knowing this, finding a resolution may then seem simple, but Alexander also warns that homeowners shouldn’t immediately pursue litigation. In fact, the timing of hiring a lawyer varies for most policyholders.

    “It depends,”

    Alexander says in regards to when an attorney should be hired.

    “I know that’s a common lawyer answer, but it depends because only the policyholder can sue the insurance company, unless there’s an assignment. If you get an assignment from the insured, meaning that the policyholder has given you part of their claim, you can then go sue the insurance company. But if that hasn’t happened, then you as the contractor would not be able to do that, and the homeowner would have to hire me to sue the insurance company.”

    Want to learn more about Brittany Alexander? Or are you a Florida resident who needs an attorney for your property claim dispute?

    Then check out Alexander’s popular Instagram account!

    Her channel offers valuable information to homeowners and also is the best way to contact her with any additional questions you may have.

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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