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    How To Sell A Roof: Interview with Ben Menchaca

    As a roofing company owner, you need to know how to sell a roof.

    If you’ve been keeping up with Roofing Insights on social media, then by now you know that Ben Menchaca is an ace salesman, capable of turning any storm-affected neighborhood into his own personal oasis.

    But Menchaca didn’t become an all-star salesman overnight. Instead, Menchaca had to be willing to open himself up to advice and criticism from others who came before him in the industry.

    Looking to follow in Menchaca’s footsteps?

    Then keep reading to discover the steps to becoming a successful storm chaser

    “Here’s the thing you need to understand,”

    Menchaca says from a stool positioned inside the Roofing Insights studio.

    “I started as a canvasser in this industry, so that’s my first love. That’s how I got to experience the abundance that it [roofing sales] brought.”

    Menchaca then describes his evolution from canvasser to salesman, a transition that he wasn’t immediately comfortable with because of his lack of experience.

    “This is how I did it in the beginning: I grabbed a stack of door hangers. I didn’t put any pressure on myself. I said `I’m going to get rid of 75 of these door hangers, and by the law of averages I’m going to talk to somebody, and out of those people I’ll definitely get one,”

    he explains.

    “If you take the focus off of selling and just do the activity, the results are going to follow. That’s why I had to knock 800 doors. I didn’t know how to overcome objections. I didn’t know what a turtle vent was, but you learn all that in repetition.”

    And as many of you know, over time Menchaca developed into one of the most fine-tuned salesmen in the country. This year, he hopes to sign over $2 million in deals.

    Menchaca will tell you that there is no secret recipe to sales. Instead, it’s incumbent upon the individual to be genuine in their approach with customers.

    “I honestly believe I’m helping people,”

    Menchaca says.

    “I don’t think you could operate at a top level in this industry if you don’t in your heart believe that `they [customers] need me [salesmen].’ And I know they need me because the insurance companies always undervalue their claims.”

    These days, Menchaca encourages others to join him in the roofing industry, citing the opportunity for financial growth and personal development.

    For those interested in entering the storm restoration world, Menchaca has a word of advice:

    “If you can leverage other people’s experiences, stick by a leader, shadow him, do what he tells you, buy him lunch, then you’ll learn. You will be a top producer if you hang around even one top producer,”

    he says, at the same time stressing how important action is during a time when others let apathy derail them.

    “Do the activity, don’t get attached to the results. There is no success without failure.”

    Have a sales question for Ben Menchaca?

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    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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    1 Comment

    1. I really like that Menchaca says that he sells with his whole heart in it. My cousin enjoys doing sales and wants to get into selling something he really believes is helping people. He’s been looking into how to sell new roofing for people and he’s gotten really into that.

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