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    How to grow a Youtube Channel with Roger Wakefield

    YouTube is a great platform for any small business looking to brand itself in its respective marketplace

    But learning how to grow a YouTube channel can be extremely difficult. You have to triumph over not only your competition but also the tricky YouTube algorithms that need to be appeased with each video you create.

    For many, the challenge can be daunting, and for others, it’s merely another obstacle in the path toward success.

    Roger Wakefield is a man who sees YouTube as just that: a part of his job that he has to learn and master in order to become more successful. That’s why Wakefield created an online presence.

    One thing you’ll notice about Wakefield when you watch his videos is that he doesn’t fit the demographic of a typical YouTuber.

    He’s a plumber by trade, and his graying hair and calm demeanor belie a part of his disposition that is hyper-focused on doing whatever it takes to achieve success.

    A few years ago, Wakefield didn’t know much about YouTube, but after learning the game and outsourcing his weaknesses, years later Wakefield has shot up the YouTube charts.

    He currently has over 51,000 subscribers and has established himself as America’s preeminent plumber.

    “We’re growing,”

    Wakefield says from inside his cozy studio in Dallas, Texas.

    “We have aspirations to be number one worldwide, but right now we do have the fastest growing plumbing channel in the U.S.”

    Wakefield heartily chuckles as he shares this information with Dmitry Lipinskiy, another tradesman who knows a thing or two about YouTube success.

    “Are you famous?”

    Lipinskiy asks Wakefield.


    replies Wakefield, unable to contain his infectious laugh.

    “I don’t see it that way. I can still walk into any restaurant in town and nobody knows who I am.”

    Wakefield says he never anticipated to receive any notoriety from his YouTube videos. In fact, he only entered the domain after watching a video from legendary entrepreneur Gary Vee.

    Wakefield tells the story of how one day he was on a treadmill listening to Gary Vee, then was taken aback when Gary Vee said anyone could do social media, regardless of age.

    Gary Vee’s words left such an impression, Wakefield watched the segment again, and soon after began what has turned out to be one of the best business decisions of his career.

    “YouTube makes my phone ring,”

    Wakefield confidently states.

    It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter if you’re a roofer, plumber, or tour guide for the White House. If your videos offer education and value, people feel much more comfortable buying from you.

    Read this article from roofing sensations Josh and Tawnya Bigger as they go more in-depth on the value of having a YouTube channel.

    Wakefield supplements his YouTube by being active on LinkedIn. Engaging with people on that platform has not only brought him more business, it’s also spurred a side career that has allowed him to travel around the country and speak at different events.

    For a guy who didn’t know much about the internet even a decade ago, Wakefield has certainly maximized his LinkedIn optimization.

    “I love it. If you use LinkedIn right, you can literally build the community you want to build,”

    he says, which is exactly what he has done.

    And within this community, Wakefield says it’s important to be mindful of the world we live in. Wakefield has no plans to use his platform to delve into his thoughts on the issues that take place in today’s society.


    Because it’s not his area of expertise.

    “Do I think that I should push politics?”

    Wakefield rhetorically asks. “No,” going on to say he felt a guy like Colin Kaepernick missed an opportunity for people to truly understand his message when he disrespected the American flag.

    For a guy like Wakefield, mixing his political beliefs with his vocation doesn’t appeal because his plumbing business doesn’t thrive off his thoughts regarding Donald Trump or COVID-19.

    Instead, Wakefield’s success comes from the quality of work he performs, and also the quality of YouTube content he produces.

    For a man who seemingly has no business being a content creator, Wakefield sure knows a lot about what it takes to succeed in our technology-based society.

    His advice to anyone looking to make the jump into YouTube:

    “There’s two big ones. Number one: study what content you’re going to put out. Make sure you’re giving people something of value,”

    he implores, and then,

    “don’t ever quit.”

    Wakefield is right.

    You never know what can happen when you move outside your comfort zone.

    Thank you for reading this post from Roofing Insights! Don’t forget to smash the subscribe button on all our social media channels so you never miss any of our upcoming content!

    Quentin Super
    Senior Copywriter at Roofing Insights, author of the internationally-selling book The Long Road North, founder of quentinsuper.com

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