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    Top 10 shocking Facts About Home Advisor | Billion Dollar Fraud

    Roofing Insights team has been investigating HomeAdvisor for years.

    Below are top 10 shocking facts about HomeAdvisor:

    1. Same old Service Magic

    HomeAdvisor is just a new name for a failed company called Service Magic. Service Magic failed as a company due to service scandals and failed reputations. If you look into BBB, it shows that HomeAdvisor has been accredited since 2015 but it says that they have been in business for 20 years. When reputation goes downhill, Home Advisor keeps on changing the name.

    2. HomeAdvisor is not free

    From the moment you enter your information such as name, location, pictures of your projects, etc, HomeAdvisor starts making money by selling information to contractors. They charge an arm and leg contractors for your information. HomeAdvisor generates millions of dollars in revenue by just selling your information.

    3. Zero Refund

    HomeAdvisor NEVER refunds money. For contractors, they will sell you two or three good leads out of 10. For others, once they have your name and number they will sell it to any contractors to make instant bucks. The only way to get refunds is by getting credits which leads to more fake leads in the future.

    4. HomeAdvisor recycles leads

    HomeAdvisor does recycle leads. The moment they need to get some money, they simply send leads again. And remember they do not refund money.

    5. HomeAdvisor trains to lie

    If you look into glassdoor reviews, the most common review is “HomeAdvisor trains sales reps to lie to contractors”. They have scripts for everything. They even lie about the leads in your area.

    6. Worst Place to Work

    According to previous employees, “HomeAdvisor is one of the worst places to work for”. Drugs, alcohols as well as sexual harassments are often mentioned in reviews from current and previous employees. Some other reviews are a high turn over rate, questionable work ethics, low pay, and a hard environment to work. Less than 50% of people who wok at HomeAdvisor recommend other people to work there.

    7. Employees accuse the company of scam

    HomeAdvisor employees have been coming forward many times to shed a light on scam. Roofing insights have many of them in contact as well. Employees have always been accusing the company of fraud and scam. They state that they had to lie to hundreds of contractors to make a living.

    8. Highest Paid CEO in Colorado

    Chris Terril was highest-paid CEO in Colorado in 2018. He made 68 million dollars that year with only 2 million dollar salary. Recycling leads and sending information must have contributed a lot to the money he made last year.

    9. Reputation is declining

    HomeAdvisor’s reputation has been declining dramatically over the last few years. They have been mentioned in almost every state local media because they don’t do background checks. They have already been sued by the state of California for false advertising. But none of it seems to bother HomeAdvisor and trigger any changes.

    Their reviews are only getting worse. Scandals are everywhere and more negative reviews are coming out. What is next for HomeAdvisor?

    10. Fake BBB Reviews

    With all these things happening with HomeAdvisor, they still maintain a high rating with the Better Business Bureau. BBB Rating System rates them A+ although they have only 1 star on reviews, just like they should get. You be the judge.

    If you have been scammed by HomeAdvisor you must do all 3 steps to start the beginning of the end:

    1. Simply file a complaint with federal trade commission,
    2. File complaint with Better Business Bureau (don’t expect BBB to help, you probably not gonna get actual answer but at least it will be published where people read it).
    3. Join Class Action Law Suit

    We can make a difference!!!


    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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