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    Haaga: Expensive But a Great Sweeper for Your Roofing Warehouse

    These reputable cleaning machines can be a huge time-saver

    By Ethen Kim Lieser

    For Dmitry, there is always work to be done — even early in the morning. So, here at the IRE in Dallas, Texas, Dmitry said no to sleeping in and headed over to take a look at Haaga’s sweepers. Here’s what he found out.

    Perfect for the warehouse

    Haaga’s representative said that these highly durable sweepers are perfect for roofing warehouses. He was adamant that using these indoor/outdoor sweepers would eventually save on time and costs, as one doesn’t have to keep going over a particular area to get it fully clean.

    Motorcycle battery

    The larger sweeper, which retails for $2,000, boasts a motorcycle battery that can keep the machine running smoothly for two hours. The representative said it’s just a regular motorcycle battery, so replacing it is a breeze and the batteries can be found nearly everywhere. If the larger sweeper isn’t your thing, the battery-less smaller one is much more budget conscious, as it retails for $499.

    All about the brushes

    These sweepers come with three amazing brushes. Two of the brushes can easily pick up bigger debris, which the representative showed by using the sweeper to pick up soda cans and wooden pieces. The third brush will take care of smaller debris, such as metal shavings and screws. It also has two extra filters to pick up the ever-present fine dirt and dust — helping everyone breathe easier.

    Broom on steroids

    Dmitry insightfully called this “a broom on steroids.” The representative didn’t dismiss that idea, as he got into the fact that this sweeper is gear-driven and not belt-driven, which enables it to pick up debris just fine even when the battery is off.

    Bursting with convenience

    As it can be used both indoor and outdoor, the sweeper’s height can be adjusted to best fit your cleaning needs. There are no bags to replace and cords to be tangled. It picks up both wet and dry debris. Charging the battery is a snap, as it is much like connecting an adapter to a microphone.

    Out-of-this-world warranty

    Sure, it’s understandable that as a consumer, spending $2K on a sweeper does seem like a pretty big investment. To calm your nerves a bit, the brushes on these sweepers come with an unheard of four-year warranty, which includes basic wear and tear. If you want to get your hands on these sweepers, head over to Haaga’s website at www.haagasweeper.com.

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    Dmitry Lipinskiy
    Host of Roofing Insights YouTube channel, Founder of Roofing Business School

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